Saturday, April 20, 2024

LCC intensifies disinfecting public places


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has intensified its exercise of disinfecting public places around the city.

A team of LCC public health inspectors has been going around Lusaka to disinfect public places such as markets in order to reduce chances of the spread of Covid-19.

Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba said a team of health inspectors was in Northmead area where they were carrying out health disinfections yesterday.

Mr. Sichimba said the council has also embarked on the massive Covid-19 sensitization exercise in public cemeteries.

He indicated that the exercise was started after an observation by the council that most mourners are not abiding by the public health guidelines.

He added that the observation also showed that the compliance levels among Lusaka residents has gone down making the work of the council difficult when enforcing public health measures.

The LCC Public Relations Manager explained that enforcing public health guidelines has been difficult because public cemeteries are not fenced. This makes mourners access the facilities from all corners at will.

“We are trying to change the methodology by speaking to mourners directly so that people realize that the prevention of Covid-19 is at individual level. So people should take individual responsibilities rather than waiting for people to go and remind them,” said Mr. Sichimba.

He disclosed that a group of public health inspectors was at Chingwere cemeteries over the weekend carrying out sensitizations.


  1. Why cant ZNS run councils, they have trucks, they can pick garbage, they have graders they can do roads, funding to them is not as erratic as to councils, they work with chains of commands, so even the lazy and incompetent members of staff will be forced to work. It is military type so a lot of initiatives will be available with less excuses

  2. Work consistently; keep maintenance high on your Public Health agenda a mambala imwe! Also, inculcate higher standards of personal hygiene in the population. This behavior of just reacting to stuff you have even foreseen from a distance is not funny any more.

  3. Tarino we hear some public facing institutions in the country you sought asylum from will start steam spraying. So do they also have cholera there? You are dangerously ignorant

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