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MISA Zambia welcomes Journalists minimum wage proposal


The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia has applauded the move by government to protect the media personnel through the proposed improved conditions of service.

MISA Chairperson, Hellen Mwale said the proposal by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to implement the introduction of minimum wage for journalists in the country, is step is in the right direction as many scribes have poor conditions of service.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Ms Mwale said MISA Zambia is elated that the profession has been recognized as one of the key occupations that need to be protected and motivated.

Ms. Mwale explained that the move taken by the ministry will ensure and improve staff retention as journalists will not leave the profession for more lucrative positions in the corporate world such as Public Relations.

She added that this will guarantee the media to retain a high number of seasoned journalists who in turn promote media excellence through their experience.

Ms. Mwale noted that the media is a major stakeholder in the country but their remuneration has been poor over the years.

“As a fourth estate, the work that is carried out by the media cannot be overemphasized and this move will only motivate them to work harder,” she added.

Ms. Mwale also called on media houses in the country to enhance the fight against COVID-19 and continue to protect their journalists.

She further urged sources of news to use electronic means to disseminate information to the press to avoid physical contact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MISA Zambia State of the Media report in 2020 highlighted the poor conditions of service for journalists as one of the key issues that affect journalists as they carry out their work and maintain professionalism.


  1. At many radio stations we have many announcers and newscasters that have never been to a journalism class. Some have done better than trained journalists. Help by organization of journalism clinics and improve their skills then qualify them to be your members. Many people in this sector scrounge for almost everything. They’re the chaps jostle for food at functions because they’re poorly paid.

  2. This doesn’t make sense. What about a minimum wage for Accountants? Gardeners, Teachers? doctors? I thought journalists were among the broader thinkers in society and as such They just shouldn’t swallow things from government officials without scrutinizing. You cant have a govt endorsed minimum wage for one profession Stop being narrowminded!

  3. Journalism is a dying career like secretarial jobs, office messegers and post man. Because of techology we are all journalists and can post our news items anytime .

    • Unlike technology, A journalist can be sued for reporting wrongly. It may take over certain chores but reporting is very social, machines would miss plenty of stuff unless they get very developed.
      Do you think technology is able to go to the Police Station when UPND are protesting and report about the rioting and ensuing shootings and deaths? Can technology tell you who choked on the teargas and who were shot by rubber bullets? Can technology cover a football game and tell you why the coach quarreled with his own players? When technology does that it will be more expensive than a reporter.

  4. Government wants the media personnel to show them in positive light this being an election year so these are politics of appeasement. Where way they the last five years.

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