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Opposition Parties missed the chance to change laws when they sabotaged Bill 10-Inonge Wina


Vice President Inonge Wina has said that opposition political parties missed the chance to change laws when they sabotaged well-intended bills such as the constitutional Amendment Bill number Ten of 2019.

Mrs. Wina wondered why some opposition parliamentarians are now calling on the government to consider bringing the Public Order Act to Parliament for amendment, noting with concern that some opposition MPs had continuously refused requests from the government to repeal the Act.

The vice president said that the opposition had many opportunities to repeal certain laws but decided not to do so for political expediency.

Mrs. Wina said that because elections are nearing the opposition has now seen the need and importance of repealing the Public Order Act, adding that Justice Minister Given Lubinda requested the opposition to consider repealing the Public Order Act, but they refused.

Mrs. Wina was responding to a question from Livingstone Member of Parliament Mathews Jere who wanted to find out if the government would consider taking the public Order Act to parliament for amendment, during the Vice President’s question time in Parliament today.

Meanwhile, Mrs. WINA has said that the country will soon be informed on the operationalization of the economic recovery plan.

Mrs. WINA said after the launch of the program on December 17th, 2020 by President Edgar Lungu, work has started, and Ministries of Finance and National Development Planning are developing a detailed implementation plan.

This was in response to a question raised by Chimwemwe Member of Parliament Elias Mwila who wanted an update on the implementation of the economic recovery plan.


  1. The guys in opposition don’t even know what they want… I can assure you, if government decided to bring the public order act to parliament, those same opposition MP and their imperialist surrogate leader will still question that decision and walk out of parley…

    • Emmalito Lias I ready the whole document for myself including the report by the commit and the recommendations by the committee were very progressive but as always they walked out when it was time to debate…. What makes you think they won’t walk out. By the way even the idea of bill10 was there but at the end they made it look like they were being forced about…playing politics of something very important… We have been following all issues in this country that’s why we can’t be swayed by political propaganda

  2. Its more like you PF missed your chance to manipulate the constitution through bill 10 due to a vigilant opposition and the zambian people at large.

  3. Aba Bo Ma I think enjoys being insulted.
    The bill 10 with 6 months left before voting, that’s costing PF down to 30% votes.

  4. Mother, you have hit the nail on the head. MamamA I have been saying this all along. The childish opposition only know how to cry and criticize because they lack any solid solutions or policies. They say empty tins make a lot of noise. Try asking a upnd diasporan what they will do different to pf and all you will get is the likes of “I don’t talk to imp0sters” or some silly excuses. Come August I will make sure it is the end of upnd

  5. Madam keep quiet please. It’s your party and leadership that missed the chance to enact whatever laws you considered progressive in BILL 10 during the constitution making process that gave birth to the amended constitution of 2016.
    One day you will be victim of your cheap politics. You wont be in government forever.
    Ask those who were in government before. If you have been given a rare opportunity to govern do your best, not worst.

  6. Puleeze, MOVE ON!
    Should we also be telling you over and over again how you did not listen to us about indiscriminate borrowing? We could because we were right, but on bill 10 we were also right to kick it offside. We have moved on.

  7. Bill 10 is dead & buried. Move on please, just strategize on how you will handle article 52 issues and the impending implosion during/after the adoption of candidates for members of parliament. We are all alive to the tension brewing amongst aspiring candidates.

  8. That’s like a grandmother telling her grandson who chewed the reserved mangos that

    ” you should have owned up to Eating the mangos and got forgiven but still got a beating….”

    The overall bill was poison to Zambia….you silly old woman.

  9. Opposition parties in Zambia keep becoming more and more irrelevant because they like to behave like children playing hide and seek(cidunu) …they want to appear every time they see that they can try to crook their way into something and disappear all the time they see that government is doing something good for the good of everyone

  10. We are still on bill 10, how about talking about the covid 19 pandemic, or expired drugs or even jus mentioning the latest about rigging the elections. I know some us are still perplexed about gassing and the killing of innocent citizens etc, wh just the bill 10 all time

  11. There was a time whn I used to hv political ambitions. Not anymore because Zambian politics as currently practised is part of the problem. Too few people recognize this so there’s no hope of a solution anytime soon. If time could be turned back again, we would be slaves again.

  12. I cannot see the link ine mwe. Am I reading differently? MPs are there to amend and craft laws. I don’t believe bill 10 had any hindrance or enabler in any way. I hope this VP can take a break next term mwe.

  13. Just look at the debt cancellation of the early 2000. We’re back in debt again after learning no lessons from that bitter and shameful experience. Many reasonable people tried to sound a warning against rapid debt contraction but they were arrogantly told off. Where are we now? Back to endless debt sustainability analyses that lead to no change of behaviour.

  14. They had invested heavily in Bill 10. Bill 10 is long dead Madam Wina. Think of something new to rig the 2021 Elections. Madam Wina should think of her Retirement from Politics. At that advanced Age Madam Wina should leave Politics to the younger generation.

    • Tukafililamunsenga Kambwili I listened to parliament radio. UPND MP asked her honour the VP of the government would consider bring the PO act for amendment. She responded that the chance was given. What she meant was that the certain articles in the PO can’t be amended without amending the supreme law. It will could conflict with the constitution. Since Bill 10 (which included the Republican constitution, electoral process and the Public order act itself) was rejected the issue of bring back PO was gone .

  15. Bill 10 ikali kubaba ka. yayaya.
    You don’t need bill 10 to change laws and make laws that will protect and improve the livelihood of the Zambian people. PF said that Bill 10 would provide equal opportunities and safe seats for MPs, you can do that without Bill 10. For example deselect Bootlicker Bowman and replace him with a youthful person (man or woman) or disabled. It is just simple Not vama Bill 10.

  16. Jonny wanna bet? I am willing to bet my house in the UK that pf will win. I will give you my house if they lose? What are you willing to bet

  17. Inonge Mutukwa Wina either the wig is too tight or you need the right colour. The one you have on does not reflect your capabilities. Time to resign. Too many cobwebs! Nobody sabotaged anything except seeing through incompetent leadership. Your corrupt Patriotic Front – PF that needs to go. Too many people have suffered too long especially during COVID-19. No one is calling on the government to consider bringing the Public Order Act to Parliament for amendment and stop putting words in Zambian’s mouths. STOP lying saying, the opposition has now seen the need and importance of repealing the Public Order Act. This is deceit and lies! Stop this nonsense! This is part of voter rigging trying to brainwash citizens. PF has no economic recovery plan. Its thieves stealing and looting at every chance they get. MaMa Wina, you are a thief!! You have disgraced yourself enough. Go Away!

  18. Clearly, Veep PF has does not mean well over the Public Order Act except to use it to disadvantage the opposition political parties. But time will come after PF is voted out of power when a well-meaning party will relook at the POA to the benefit of all citizens.

  19. I don’t care who votes me down or did so before on this subject. The fact still remains: The late Bill 10 was NOT above the constitution. Like any other law-making process, the Public Order Act CAN BE subjected to parliamentary process. STOP playing politics with EVERYTHING. This is now disgusting!

  20. Bill10 was the biggest opportunity for the political parties to show how they cared for the people of Zambia. But by sabotaging it, the biggest opposition party has proved that it is only concerned about the foreigners who are ready with cash to buy out the country.

  21. Isn’t it strange that the opposition MPs are more worried about their own safety and wellbeing, than that of common man of Zambia? They opposed and killed Bill10 because it didn’t suit their scheme of action and now want Public Order Act amended because it could be a major hurdle in implementing their sinister plans!

  22. The opposition parties, especially UPND, are only interested in politicising every issue. They won’t even hesitate to jeopardise sovereignty of the country too!

  23. Why forget Bill10? Wasn’t it for the youth, women and differently abled persons of Zambia? Wouldn’t it been a great help to bring them in main stream? And as far as enacting other laws is concerned, even for that, opposition has to cooperate with the government. They are only interested in the issues and Acts affecting their own wellbeing.

  24. This is the right advice at wrong place. More than the ruling party, the opposition and especially UPND need it. They are the ones who ruined the prospects of women, youth and disabled person getting into administration and governance. It was no less than a barbaric and dictatorial act to confine MPs who wanted to support Bill10 in Parliament. And now, shamelessly asking for amendment in Public Order Act, because it will restrain them from taking law in their hands during the elections?

  25. The opposition has no moral right to ask for such amendments now. They have lost the credibility when they put personal gains before the nation and society. If they don’t care about the needy and underprivileged people, why should they get the liberties?

  26. Bill10 is so sentimental issue that it is difficult to let it go like that. It hurts every time one thinks about how it was dumped. The conduct of UPND leader during the entire period was no different than a powerful dictator who would not hesitate even for a moment to chop off head of people who go against him.

  27. This is an eye opener for the nation. These are the self proclaimed saviours of our democracy who opposed the government when it proposed to repeal the Act. Now, they want amendment because they know the repercussions if they do something wrong during the election campaign.

  28. Instead of this issue, MPs should be discussing the ERP, how it would be implemented and what would be the outcome. But the opposition won’t touch the issues which are close to hearts of people. They don’t want to discuss the ERP because even they know it will transform Zambia. In fact the results are already started showing. The fantastic agreement with KCM workers is just the beginning.

  29. Instead of churning such miniscule issues in Parliament, the opposition MPs should discuss important issues like development and welfare of public. They don’t even mention it in Parliament, because they don’t have anything to talk about. There is hardly anything that is left to be done by them.

  30. Retire the old lady she is tired, time to enjoy your life. So government can move forward because of Bill Ten. Make other laws, don’t cry over bill 10 PF, prepare to leave because a new government is taking over in August, the end of PF and the end of Bill 10.

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