President Lungu to address parliament with restricted invitation

President Edgar Lungu delivering the State of Nation Address on progress made in the Application of National Values and Principles at Parliament on Friday, 15th March, 2019. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House
File:President Edgar Lungu delivering the State of Nation Address on progress made in the Application of National Values and Principles at Parliament on Friday, 15th March, 2019. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House

President Edgar Lungu’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Friday, 12, February 2021, will be restricted to only a number of officials and dignitaries in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines in the fight against COVID-19.

Clerk of the National assembly, Cecilia Mbewe, in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, said the arrangement is aimed at safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the Zambian public.

“Live proceedings of the SONA would be observed on Parliament radio, Parliament TV the National Assembly of Zambia Facebook page and Parliament of Zambia Website, “Ms. Mbewe stated.

She has since called on members of the public to remotely follow the proceedings on the said channels.

President Edgar Lungu is this Friday, February 12, 2021 expected to address the nation on the progress made in the application of national values and principles.


  1. Kwacha down 51% ,inflation up 21% ,Covid cases up,debt default …so what’s the current state of the nation again Bwana Lungu?

  2. State of the Nation Address. Acrynoms are used all ove the world. eg National Executive Council (NEC) what else can you call it. Member of Parliament (MP) so really there is no point to raise here except some weired negative sentiment about the current Govt.

  3. Useless as they come, the ka worst president on earth, as dull as they come 0IQ, sometimes wonder if he does have any brain in that tin can he curries on his shoulders

  4. Men at work. Risking his life for the sake of the nation. This is what we call true public service . As a civil servant,I applaud you boss

  5. If you are voting pf in the next election can you show this by down voting this comment. If you are voting upnd, show this by upvoting.

    Talk time will be sent to a lucky blogger who takes part.

  6. This is a contradiction in PF Govt Policy. Last week we saw the President attending a Funeral was not wearing a mask and was not socially distanced. During his numerous “working visits” was seen mingling with huge crowds. ECL stop or regulate Superspreaders Activities such as Funerals, Church Services, Political Rallies/working visiting etc. Covid-19 is real and knows no boundaries, race, tribe,status, religion,Political Orientation etc. Politicians are not immune from Covid-19 so the PF Govt should follow Covid-19 Guidelines religiously.

  7. Gayzar Zulu, you and your gay friends will be the only ones voting PF – the rest of us will vote something else. And put you in JAIL after the election. And no I’m not diaspora, just a Zambian sick and tired of Lungu’s corruption

  8. Hamiles hamulenga we know the party you support and why you support it. We won the last election without your ka 1 vote. So why should we care about you. Hahaha. Arrest me for what?

  9. No ,

    I retract my previous comment to KZ.

    My apologies KZ , you know I don’t usually go that low…
    If I could delete I could.

  10. Akaps we already knew even before that comment that you were a disgusting uncivilized moron. So you don’t need to worry about being found out.

  11. We hope this is ECL’s last SONA to Parliament.Stealing a Third Term and the August 12, 2021 Elections will be disaterous 4 Zambia and ECL. If ECL imposes himself on Zambians thru an illegal Third Term and rigs Elections will Zambia will become ungovernable. A violent and disputed Election will produce an illegitimate outcome. The new US Biden Administration,EU, the British Govt etc stand for Constitutional Democracy and respect for Human rights. If ECL violates these values and rigs the Elections he will become an illegitimate President. Illegitimacy will attract International Sanctions which Zambia with an Economy in Crisis cannot afford. We hope ECL is watching what is happening in Uganda after his Godfather M7 rigged recent Elections and killed more than 59 people. The writing…

  12. If this dull useless worst president on earth wins the election this year say good bye the ur currency, u will be the second country with no currency like Zim…. The chap is too dull

  13. @akapS Stand up for your rights !!!!!!!! KZ should have had the good manners to accept …..
    I will speak to him about his total lack of forgiveness

  14. Gayzar… Nice one!!!
    I always tell that fuuul and his short-d!cked Lusambo that PF discrimated us in diaspora from voting. Balemikanda ba PF this August.

  15. Yes, we have to hear from the top peoples’ servant on what solutions his team has put in place to tackle the man problems the nation is aced with. Some of these failure to pay due amount on Euro Bond, Purchase of MCM by ZCCM-IH, KCM, Inflation, depreciation of local currency, expired drugs, honeybee, corruption, covid-19 relief and many other problems. We expect HE ECL to provide solutions and growing popularity of PF having won most of the ward by elections countrywide and aspiring PF MPS starting campaigns in certain constituencies yet parliament is still on . I will make sure to follow the proceedings. Have a good day.

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