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Poor performance in science subjects worry ZANEC


The Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) has noted with sadness at the reduction in the pass rate of candidates who obtained school certificates in 2020 estimated at 63.93 percent (%) compared to 65.32% in 2019.

ZANEC Executive Director, George Hamusunga says it is further saddening that the last performance in the 2020 examinations was in Science which recorded a mean score of 24.19%.

Mr. Hamusunga notes that despite the country’s emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the low performance in Science has been a common trend.

He says to this effect there is need to invest more in Science related education inputs including the recruitment of more teachers for STEM subjects, procurement of teaching and learning materials as well as providing science laboratory equipment.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

And Mr. Hamusunga noted that the Coalition is however pleased that the performance of examination candidates in practical subjects has remained high at 64.22% for subjects such as Design and Technology, Fashion and Fabrics, Food and Nutrition, Home Management, Musical Arts Education and Physical Education.

“This shows that the vocational career path is also viable and of great interest to our learners. This is very important especially as we seek to provide opportunities for both white collar jobs and self-employment,” he observed.

The ZANEC Executive Director, on the other hand, further expressed sadness that the absenteeism rate for 2020 Grade 12 examination candidates remained the same from 2019 at 1.95%.

“ZANEC is worried that the school system is now recording more boys absent from exams at 2.09% compared to 1.80% girls. This issue needs to be addressed by identifying and addressing bottlenecks that are leading to this growing trend,” he advised.

Mr. Hamusunga added “Our interest is to see an equal gender parity rate that will provide equal education opportunities for both girls and boys,”

He has however commended the Ministry of General Education and the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) for having reduced examination malpractices from 179 cases in 2019 to 11 cases in 2020.


  1. As a qualified scientific lab technician and now successful business man, senior civil servant, husband, father, this worries me. Science and technical skills are needed in our country.i will submit a recommendation to cabinet for more funding in this area.

  2. All metrics are falling under PF/Lungu…students grades,the Kwacha,forex reserves and quality of Zambian politics.

  3. Ba Teacher passed only two subjects English and History but enrolled and accepted at a teachers college to teach STEM subjects….Improve the uptake of quality students for purposes of competition both in school and at home.


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