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Dr. Chilufya applies for re-adoption


Mansa Central PF Member of Parliament Chitalu Chilufya has applied for re-adoption as Member of Parliament in the coming August 12, 2021 General Elections.

Addressing his supporters that accompanied him when he handing over the application papers Dr Chilufya said he is applying for re – adoption because he wants to continue with the development that President Edgar Lungu has begun in the constituency.

Dr Chilufya who said this amid jubilations from the people said President Lungu has an agenda to development the country and that he together with the people of Mansa want to be part of development agenda.

He cited the many developments that are happening in the constituency as reason enough that the people of Mansa Central Constituency should give him and President Lungu another chance in office to continue with the development.


  1. This man should be ashamed of himself to even consider re adoption, any way ECL tends to like corrupt people.

  2. The people are the problem. The president fired this crooked man for a reason. The people of Mansa should request for a different more stable person to represent them and Zambia at the National Assembly. In fact the ACC and DEC need to re-investigate dr chilufya. Zambia loses because the people don’t question everything.

  3. And he will win as well because we are docile and gullible even someone who steals from us and then brings in expires drugs will treat them like heroes.

  4. If the development has been brought to Mansa by the President as he says, then whether he is there or not the development will continue

  5. Ati ”he wants to continue with the development that President Edgar Lungu has begun in the constituency”. He himself has had no vision for the constituency. Fyonse ni Lungu. Government yalyaluka kalilo nomba. it is either you are in government or are in good books to make it. Dr. Chilufya, if he had any shred of morals he would have not re-applied to stand let alone contest as an MP. there NO shame in this crop of politicians in the PF government. Dr Chilufya knows that outside politics he is unable to finish his houses he is constructing, so he will fight tooth and nail to get adopted. Kaya mwandi, JAIL AWAITS Many after 12 August 2021

  6. He shouldn’t have been allowed to apply for re-adoption, politics should not be for personal but national development.

    This man has proven to be untrustworthy and unfit for any government position. In a normal country, he should have been in prison as we speak.

    Are we being punished by God?

  7. After “distributing” the the integrity of Ministry of Health and the medical fraternity he still has the guts to stand as MP. How can the public stop hom, the Honeybee issue is genocide.

  8. Have you ever thought of farming?
    What do you want from us Boss your time is up….we don’t want you sir…..GO Away…:(

  9. Chitalu Chilufya hasn’t any problem and he isn’t a problem. He’s just been sacrificed but he’ll be back with a bang! Just go for the PF Presidency we see how the ineligible candidate will panic. Umuntu ni Chitalu Chilufya, he’s the only one who can defeat Edgar at the PF convention not bena KBF

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