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Serenje man kills barman for refusing to serve him


A 35-year-old man of Serenje district in Central Province has been murdered after he refused to sell beer to a customer. Richard Shupa, a farmer and barman of Fitebo area, was murdered on Monday by a client he declined to sell beer to.

Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga confirmed the incident to ZANIS in an interview.

Mr. Katanga said the deceased was murdered by Gift Mwape aged 32, also of Fitebo area.

He explained that on Sunday around 21:00hrs, Mwape went to a bar where Shupa was a barman and demanded that the latter sells some beer to him even after the place had been closed.

Mr. Katanga said since the bar had closed, Shupa declined to sell beer to his client and on Monday morning, Mwape returned to the bar to ask why Shupa could not attend to his demands the previous night.

The Central Province Police Commissioner explained that in the process of asking, Mwape pushed Shupa who fell to the ground and died.

“I can confirm the death of Richard Shupa 35, a farmer of Fitebo. He was pushed, fell to the ground and died by Gift Mwape 32, of the same area,” Mr. Katanga said.

He added that Mwape is in police custody while Shupa’s body is laying in Serenje district hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Mr. Katanga has since advised members of the public to learn to resolve issues amicably by either seeking help from police or other people.


  1. “He was pushed, fell to the ground and died by Gift Mwape 32, of the same area,” Mr. Katanga said

    Where is your editor ba LT?

  2. This is all because of the PF and its poor administration! People have nothing to do and are very angry that they end up resorting to such vices…if the right people are empowered,such things would not find their way in this once beautiful nation.The president and his ministers have become bosses and not servants,they are now richer than Zambia and that they have now become philanthropist! Shame!

  3. Very unfortunate. So he carried the chikonko the whole night and even in the morning he was still bemoaning not being sold beer? Thats why its important to have a stash of booze at home. The bar is just for socialising.

  4. KCI, a 100% fit can die by a simple push. it all depends on how the body lands and how hard the surface where the heads hits is. he probably fell backwards and the back of the head hit hard on a hard ground

  5. What a shame!! You land in prison due to vengeance???? How sad!! Mat the deceased rest in perfect peace. Serves as a lesson to those in the habit of getting involved in fights as adults.

  6. So this nigga died after being pushed to the ground? Looks like the dude was a moving coffin. These are the kinds of deaths you see in the chocholis movies. He was probably a full blown AIDS patient. This is why you have to stay away from most of these people. Just a push and you have murder in your hands. Mxxxm.

  7. It is very sad to see how people have become so insensitive to death. Someone has been roughly pushed and has died then a foolish man comments by saying “he was a moving coffin.” It’s a pity

  8. It’s important to be able to control one’s temper. This ***** was going to murder someone sooner or later even if he did not murder this innocent man. I have read about murders fuelled by rage but in most of them there a big reason that pushed someone to the brink of snapping. Someone refusing to sell you beers, thst should not ignite some anger so hot it pushes you to murder. Now let him taste Third world jail, he will ALWAYS remember that date he pushed the man.

  9. This is terrible – a man died over a issue. But the facts don’t translate to this being a ‘murder’. Manslaughter perhaps.

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