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NAQEZ calls for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools


The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has called for concerted efforts in promoting Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools.

NAQEZ Executive Director, Aaron Chansa said issues of sexual education are very important among young people, especially school going children.

Mr Chansa explained that teaching pupils on such issues will help to prevent cases of early pregnancies and other negative vices adding that pupils will be well informed on sexuality.

He said this during a capacity building workshop on Comprehensive Sexuality Education for teachers from across Northern Province held in Kasama district.

Mr Chansa further disclosed that NAQEZ has entered into a partnership with the Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia(PPAZ) to help empower teachers with knowledge on Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

“We are happy that we have a new partner on board who will help make implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education a success. We need to teach our pupils on sexuality because these are things that are happening in society hence the need to find best ways of tackling them,” he said.

Mr Chansa has also dispelled misconceptions surrounding the promotion of sexuality education as espoused by some quarters in communities.

“Comprehensive Sexuality Education is not encouraging pupils to indulge in sex, but it educates them on ways of preventing themselves from engaging in vices that can lead to unplanned pregnancies,” Mr Chansa said.

And PPAZ Programmes Officer In-Charge of Youth and Governance, Sitabiso Moyo said the partnership is aimed at equipping teachers with skills and knowledge on how they can counsel pupils on sexuality education.

Mr Moyo added that having a generation of youths who have accurate information on issues concerning sexuality is key in having a well-informed generation.

“We want young people to have information that will help them leave a healthy life,” he noted

Mr Moyo has since called on participants of the workshop to share the acquired knowledge so that the community can have a good understanding on Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Meanwhile, Amanda Banda who spoke on behalf of the teachers has emphasized the need to teach pupils about sexuality education.

“Pupils need to be taught how to make informed decision of matters relating to sexuality,” said Ms Banda

She explained that educating young people on sexuality will greatly help to reduce vices that lead to teenage pregnancies and early marriages.


  1. Somebody NGO’s will sell their own mother to the devil for a few dollars from donors. Why should this program teach children that it’s normal to be a homosexual transgender or intersex? The LGBTQ movement has infiltrated these well intended programs including the one against violence against women with gay propaganda. This is the reason that even countries like Turkey have withdrawn from these. Which Zambian has a child that they hope will adopt this lifestyle? It’s satanic

  2. Will NOT happen before the election – if at all – because all political parties will want to be seen as prudent, or should I say prudish?

  3. I agree that sexual education is essential. However it is vital for us to also ensure that what we teach is not morally bankrupting our children. We don’t want them ending up as sexual predators like those upnd diasporans

  4. These NGO’s are wearing chains of money while support this rubbish to deceive us that its a good idea.

  5. There is a day when these NGO^s will stand before a Holy God and that is when they will see the destruction and the chaos they caused to humanity and the souls they have destroyed…..but for now enjoy the money funded by your funders

  6. This is very much disturbing information because in our time we had less information about sexuality and we had few unplanned pregnancies. Now you have brought security in public domain, early pregnancies are a lot because everyone wants to try it. You will kill the next generation with this information

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