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President Lungu verifies his G12 certificate, ECZ confirms it is valid


President Edgar Lungu has verified his Grade 12 Certificate at Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ).

The Head of State said he was happy with the record-keeping by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

President Lungu has since urged all aspiring candidates to verify their Grade 12 Certificates with the ECZ.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) guided that all aspiring candidates will be required to have their grade twelve certificates or equivalent as validated by the Examinations Council of Zambia or the Zambia Qualifications Authority.

ECZ further stated that qualifications from tertiary institutions such as trade certificates, diplomas, or university degrees are not equivalent to a grade twelve certificate and will not be separately accepted without a grade twelve certificate.

ECZ further indicated that aspiring candidates should ensure they obtain supporting letters from institutions validating their certificates which should be presented together with the nomination papers and verified certificates on the Nomination day.

Speaking when President Lungu visited Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) today, Examinations Council of Zambia Director Michael Chilala confirmed that the Head of State has a valid document verified by his institution.

Dr. Chilala said the decision by President Lungu to personally visit ECZ at Longacres in Lusaka is a sign of humility as others would have simply sent the documents through other means.

He said several ECZ Service Centres have been opened across the country to offer all Council Services such as Verification of results, Replacement of lost/damaged certificates, Equating of foreign qualifications to the local standard, Accumulation of GCE Certificates and Combination of G9 Results among other services


You can access verification services and other services from the following Service Centres:

Lusaka, Kitwe, Mpika, Kasama, Mongu, Chipata, Livingstone, Solwezi and Mansa.

Note: All Council Services can be accessed from these Service Centres. Therefore, individuals are advised not to travel to Lusaka to access services.


Plot 10934, Msuzi Road
P.O. Box 50432
Contact No.: +260 211 264091

Provincial Resource Centre (PRC)
Hillside High School Premises
Along Umodzi Highway,
Contact No.:+260 974 815 551
+260 764 273 290

House No. 43A
Independence Avenue
P.O. Box 910202, Mongu
Contact No.: +260 973 597 776, +260 960 597 776, +260 953 597 779

District Education Board Secretary (DEBS)
Next to the High Court of Zambia
Along Akapelwa Street
Contact No.: +260 963 707 007, +260 777 077 618

Plot No. 6508, Four C Road, o Jambo Drive,
P.O. Box 21075,
Contact No.: +260 955 491615, +260 961 491615

Farmers Training Centre (FTC)
Along Mpika Chinsali Road
P.O. Box 450271,
Contact No.: +260 950 222 445, +260 960 428486,
+260 976 699 058

Ituna Secondary School
Opposite Kasama Radio Station
Along Kasama-Mungwi Road
Contact No.: +260 794 692 393, +260 973 166 942

Provincial Education Office
Off Independence Avenue, along Mushindamo Street,
Contact: +26 0954 701 933,
+260 962 159 433,
+260 973 573 301

Provincial Resource Centre
Mutende Day Secondary School
Along Mansa-Samfya Road
Contacts: +260 776 315 727, +260 950 578 910


  1. ….leader of the opposition, hazaluza hagain has been rushed to Victoria Hospital after receiving this news and that of Charles Kakoma’s defection to the ruling PF. Sources site bp and shiki polomya as the main reason he was rushed to hospital…. kwekwekwekwekwekwe….

  2. Lungu cannot have a grade 12 certificate. He wrote Cambridge school certificate. What are they verifying? Can they verify results of someone who completed high school in USA or UK?

  3. Kaizar COVID Zulu should ask Lungu where he got his good fake G12 certificate so that he can get one for himself otherwise njala izamunyokola kawalala


  5. Why verify your form 5 or grade 12 certificate when you have the original?? Maybe the certificate he has does not belong to him.

  6. ECL needs to clear his Eligibility with Concourt. He told Election Observers that these Elections will be conducted in line with the Republican Constitution. When ECL’s Eligibility for a Third Term is Petitioned we expect Zambia Concourt to hear and determine those Petitions in an Objective and Professional manner. Concourt is not above the Republican Constitution and should respect, obey and defend the Constitution. We want to know why ECL should contest the 2021 Elections when he has held Office, been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016. In 2015 ECL was elected for an 18 months Term of Office. In 2016 he stood for a 5 Term of Office.We want a smooth and peaceful transfer of Power in 2021 in Zambia just like we witnessed in Tanzania recently.

  7. Eagle one has landed. Verified and now officially ready for re-election. We are ready. Meanwhile utupuba tuletalika.

    Some are even asking me to verify mine as if I am standing for any election. I choose to be in civil service out of personal choice. As long as pf remain in power I will serve the government until I die. Good thing pf will rule forever in Zambia

  8. “ECZ further stated that qualifications from tertiary institutions such as trade certificates, diplomas, or university degrees are not equivalent to a grade twelve certificate and will not be separately accepted without a grade twelve certificate.”

    Honestly, what nonsense! If someone has earned a full degree from an accredited university why bother showing a mere G12 certificate? ?Of course, honorary degrees are a another matter… “Dr.” Lungu.

  9. @ttt_1980-freedom of speech, nigga. It’s a satirical comment, I am not insulting anyone. If you are offended because of hh, LIVE WITH IT!!! kwekwekwekwekwekwe…..

  10. Now that ECL has verified his G12 Certificate with ECZ he needs to verify his Eligibility with ECZ and Concourt. After Nominations are closed Citizens should Petition Lungu’s Eligibility to contest the 2021 Elections. The Eligibility Criteria requires ECL to prove among other issues that he has not held Office,been elected and sworn in twice and he is legible for a Third Term in accordance with the Republican Constitution. Concourt is between a Hard Rock and the Deep Blue Sea. Will Concourt Judges respect,obey and defend the Constitution or pay allegiance to the Appointing Authority?Time will tell

  11. Kaizar COVID Zulu should ask Lungu where he got his good fake G12 certificate so that he can get one for himself otherwise njala izamunyokola kawalala pompwe

  12. ECZ should outline its Eligibility Criteria for the Nomination of Presidential Candidates. G12 Certificate is just one aspect of the Eligibility Criteria. As a seating President ECL must satisfy 106(3) of the Republican Constitution which says ECL is ineligible becoz he held Office, been elected and sworn in twice and is therefore prohibited to stand for an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. We shall see if Concourt is Courageous, Objective and Professional to declare ECL ineligible. Concourt is at a Cross Road and the whole World is watching. The writing is on the wall.

  13. We are in no dount Lungu has a grade 12, because Edgar Lungu is actually a very clever man, problem fye is he allows corruption.

  14. This convict should also reveal how much assets/ wealth he owns both domestic and off shore.

    How has he become a billionaire in 5 years knowing what salary a Zambia president earns.

    Don’t tell me as a failed lawyer he use to earns millions from his clients unless he stole thier funds as what he did with one of his clients who was a widow.

  15. The Real Hurdle is with Concourt. Can he verify his Eligibility with Concourt to stand for a Third Term? Can a Presidential Candidate with a Criminal Conviction stand as a Presidential Candidate? Only in Zambia this is allowed!

  16. The Law Association of Zambia is investigating the fingerprints on the original Lawyer License and the fingerprints for ECL. They have found that there’s an outright discrepancy and would like an explanation from UNZA and from ECL how his license does not bear his fingerprints. This is going on and it has come out that there are threats being thrown around to take care of those in the forefront to bring this out to the public or protection of ECL. Mukuba Secondary School in Kitwe seem to be in doubt too, but the board is trying to force the school administration to state that they have his records. You will soon here this in the media. PF senior officials are quiet in fear of the cadres and secret police.

  17. The World has witnessed few political leaders who are selfless, kind and forgiving. Nelson Mandela has been globally respected for his leadership qualities has has won the hearts of whites for having forgiven perpetrators of apartheid in South Africa. This trait for being kind and forgiving has been noted in former President Kaunda in Zambia; it can be seen as a feature of life in President Ramaphosa; it can be noted precipitating out of Joe Biden’s Presidency in the USA. In Zambia a trait of being kind and forgiving is being demonstrated by President Edgar C. Lungu. In this regard, I have advised my children and friends that Zambia needs another FIVE YEARS of Dr. Edgar C. Lungu’s Presidency to achieve fruitful developments in all requisite aspects of human life. God bless ECL.

  18. The ECZ verifying the G12 certificate of the president. That is like asking the local butcher to test his own meat; they will never dare to say this is an illegitimate document! Not worth the paper it is printed on! Corruption at the source!

  19. The Eligibility Certificate is ECL’s Passport to contesting the 2021 Election. Concourt can only grant ECL the Eligibility Certificate after hearing Petitions challenging his Third Term Eligibility. The Republican Constitution is very clear 106 (3) that A person who has held Offic?e twice is not eligible to be elected as President. ECL’s lawyers will need to prove that their Client didn’t hold office and was not elected and sworn in for an 18 months of Office. If indeed ECL completed Sata’s Term why then was he elected in 2015 and why did he dissolve Parliament and himself in 2016? In dealing with this ECL Eligibility issue Concourt must respect,obey,defend and enforce the Zambian Constitution. Concourt will be committing Treason if they breach the Constitution. The writing is on…

  20. With due respect to the UNDP leader, the Father of the Nation Zambia Dr. ECL has since verified his G12 equivalent.

    May I humbly ask the UPND Leader to do likewise to allay fears of some of us, the doubting Thomases
    I rest my case

  21. ECL was convicted in a Court of Law for stealing a Widow’s Pension and LAZ cancelled his Legal Practice Licence. Doesn’t such a Criminal record prohibit ECL from Standing as a Presidential Candidate?What Criteria does ECZ use in certifying those being elected to Elective Office? Surely a Presidential Candidate with a thieving Record should be disqualified from contesting the 2021 Elections. Isn’t that the reason why Corruption is rampant in the ECL/PF Govt. The writing is on the wall.

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