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UPND Decided to Sideline Me and the People of North Western Province-Kakoma

Headlines UPND Decided to Sideline Me and the People of North Western Province-Kakoma

Former United Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson Charles Kakoma said that he left UPND because he felt betrayed for choosing to sideline him and the people of North Western Province.

Speaking at a PF Mobilisation rally in Chavuma District of North-Western Province where more than 600 people defected from UPND to PF, Mr. Kakoma wondered what UPND would do to North-Western Province if they were to form Government.

“You saw me leaving the UPND to join the PF just a few days ago. That move was necessitated by you people who felt betrayed by the UPND for choosing to sideline me and you in the party. God forbid but imagine what they could do if they were in government,” Mr. Kakoma said.

Mr Kakoma assured the people of Chavuma and North-Western Province that President Lungu and the PF means well for them as could be seen from the development that he has rolled out in the area, adding that joined the ruling party because he wants to continue serving the people by lobbying for more development to come to North-Western Province hence the need for the locals to support President Lungu and the PF.

He has assured the residents that more development is guaranteed to come to Chavuma Distrcit and the entire Western Province and urged the residents to remain committed to their pledge to support President Lungu and the PF in the August polls and also called on everyone who wishes to join the party not to hold themselves back.

Speaking at the same event Minister of Foreigh Affairs Joseph Malanji said he was impressed with the overwhelming response by the residents in the area who have resolved to work with the government of President Lungu to take development to all parts of the country.

“It is good to see that the people of Chavuma District and North-Western Province as a whole are beginning to realize that President Edgar Lungu and the PF government has their best interests at heart despite the malicious accusations levelled against him by some people who want to sow confusion everywhere,” Hon. Malanji said.

Hon. Malanji has assured them that more development is poised to come to the area soon because President Lungu has vowed to transform the area into a hub of economic activity to uplift the standards of living for the residents.


  1. GBM felt betrayed, Kakoma felt betrayed, Kapita felt betrayed too, so should we say UPND got a big problem? I think so too.

  2. The fall of North Western province in full swing. It’s a deadly blow for hh and his upnd. For 5 years, hh and his propaganda team have shown their supporters that Edgar Lungu is the worst, yet he has outmanouvered them politically again. M’membe lived through KK to Sata, but found his match in Lungu. Prospects of a PF victory grow ever larger while a upnd defeat looks ever real with N/Western now very shaky.

  3. Malanji and kakoma that is a very powerful team right there. These are men.

    We already knew about this. Hh is a very divisive crook. He can only flourish where he rules by divisive elements. Before we knew about hh, the word tribalism was unheard of Zambia. Since he came on political scene, tribalism has become prevalent among many.

  4. Kakoma welcome to the home of: “Uubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala ” where there is plenty of Money and People are “living well”.Who doesn’t know that Charles Kakoma was heavily bribed by PF to defect. We didn’t know that during Easter Charles Kakoma would betray his friend HH for 3 pieces of silver. Who knew that Charles Kakoma is another Judas Iscariot? Corruption in PF is Rampant and we can all see it.

  5. Kudos to HH for remaining principled and steadfast. Zambian politics are littered with opportunists. HH has been in opposition for a long time standing up against mediocrity. Our Country has huge potential, but first we should get rid of the toxic politics peddled by PF and other mediocre elements like Tayali etal. I will tell my kids in future, “be like HH, that is a man.” Kakoma should renounce his citizenship, I am ashamed to be country-mates with such cowards.

  6. It’s unfortunate that Charles Kakoma is justifying his defection to PF on tribal and regional lines. He has joined PF to further divide the People rather than unite them. Charles Koma was obviously bought to bring the North Western Province vote to PF. We hope People in NWP not be woodwinked into supporting PF blindly by their prodigal son. Another 5 years under ECL and PF will spell disaster for Zambians. Voting for ECL is as bad as committing suicide. The writing is on the wall.

  7. It is common sense to ridicule your ex every time you divorce them, there is nobody who will leave their grouping and adorn with good deeds. Kakoma is simply being human and that does not mean that what he is saying is the truth. Equally some folks who have left PF they have said such nonsense to justify their leaving and to look like they are the victims. Most of these are just unprincipled men and women who are selfish and betrayed their party just because they felt they should have gotten a certain position in the ranking. GBM said all sorts of rubbish about president Edgar Lungu and was traveling the country praising HH until he realised he was being squeezed too much by the ruling party and made a U turn. I wish our politicians would grow up and base issue on real issues not the…

  8. This Charles Kakoma is one man who has under estimated the people of NW…these are not our gullible brothers and sisters of the East who standfest with the ruling Party of the day. Any way I can not wait for the people to rid us of all these old politicians of yesterday without no principles.

  9. An old man like Kakoma trying to secure his pocket (position) forgetting the poor majority suffering…Its a shame.How much did they pay you sir?You have lost your integrity.

  10. The response to the defection of Charles Kakoma from HH was most mature BUT the words of Kakoma of UPND are most hurting.Can we believe him just a few months back he was spewing bad words about PF? What has changed?Who can we trust in Zambia?
    The country is hit with the highest inflation in 30 years,with university Education Kakoma is blind that something is wrong with the management of our economy?Is it by coincidence that the inflation started after the dismissal of Danny Kalyalya?
    The best thing in our country is to be just neutral, never believe any politician
    On the other side is Kambwili saying all is well,now he can see…

  11. Was Charles Kakoma elected by People of NWP to join UPND? It was Kakoma’ s personal choice to join and associate with the UPND Family. Kakoma has exercised his Right to defect to PF and join the Corruption, Plumber and looting. Kakoma has been bribed to join PF as an individual and so he shouldn’t associate his defection with NWP. This prodigal Son of NWP has finally accepted a PF Bribe 4 his personal benefit. This Judas Iscariot has betrayed HH his Friend in exchange for three pieces of silver. Not everybody reached Canaan. Some like Charles Kakoma fell by the wayside. Good luck Mr Kakoma.

  12. I really do not like when people have masks but wear them on their chins, leaving their nose and mouth wide open.
    And no social distance either.
    As the observer has observed above, defections, whichever way, show lack of principal. If you have to, resign and stay independent.

  13. No wonder UPND leaders are quitting the party in large numbers. You took a good decision Charles Kakoma. All the best to you for future.

  14. You are not alone. There are several others who are suffocating in UPND. They are also looking for way out. Your decision will give them strength.

  15. Only a Tonga from Southern Province can grow in UPND. Others are treated like slaves and have to face unimaginable humiliation.

  16. HH is so vindictive that he can’t tolerate anyone other than his tribe progressing in life. He won’t hesitate to destroy his rivals. This side of HH needs to come out. I hope you will now do that.

  17. The way people are quitting UPND and opening up on the atrocities, the day is not far away when there would be hardly anyone left in the party.

  18. One thing we should know is that North-Western Province never pulls together. All Lundas who once supported PF will defect to UPND just because a Luvale has joined PF. That is how it works there. No one person can claim ownership of North-Western Province. The Kasondes do not even know Kakoma. Even among the Lundas, there are two camps: those in Zambezi will not walk on the same path as those from Kabompo/Mwinilunga. So, on this one, Kakoma better tread carefully on using the tribal card because he will only end up building numbers for UPND by default

  19. Can Kakoma tell us of any North Westerners Lungu has appointed to higher offices other than easterners and northerners. Masumbwa did the same thing you did and today he ran back to UPND because PF sidelined him. You haven’t been given any position yet you are talking about those that gave you one, tell us about sidelining when you have been given a higher office than the one you had. DR Canacious Banda is there languishing now he is begging to be adopted as an MP in Lusaka, soon you too will be sidelined and forgotten.

  20. If one divorces a wife of so many years u don’t monitor who your former wife sleeps with every night. U must move On! Kakoma has personal grievances with UPND. Kakoma is complaining about being overlooked for promotion. Isn’t it that in life u look for a better job and once u have a New Job u forget about your old Employer. So why is Kakoma telling his tribesmen b
    about how UPND treated him? Kakoma should tell us what his New Party, PF, is offering to the Voters. Tell Voters about PF Corruption, Mismanagement of the Economy, misrule etc. How will Kakoma change all this? Will Kakoma change ECL’s Moto: “Uubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala”. Kakoma shouldn’t forget that he is as good as people around him. Now that Kakoma is associating with thieves,thugs,liars etc he must become one…

  21. Kakoma, Lungu’s government does not represent Zambia. Thd reason you gave in Lusaka was that Hakainde did not appoint Luvales, but Kaondes and Lundas. How can you talk about Noerht Western now?

  22. Mr Kapita who was UPND vice president defected, did that change voting pattern in Mwinilunga, What makes the big man Mr Kakoma think that NW will listen to him. Any way he has an adult, he knows what he is doing.

  23. ? My General statement:
    “Self Centeredness has taken control of many Zambian Politicians of today who are seeking to serve humanity.”
    It’s hard for our young children, the future leaders to find good leaders of integrity to emulate. Many current politicians tell us what is half true or not true at all as long as they achieve at getting what they want, and next time come back to people with other stories, perform a little and go in silence till a year or few months remaining before next elections, they get back to people, perform the usual drama, people clap hands, vote for them thereafter they begin to complain !!
    Some Citizens need to blame themselves in their areas because they don’t give proper guidance to their MPs, Councilors etc. Some of you even worship them, and…

  24. You even lift them up, praising them for what they are not doing, for repeatedly good promises they do not fulfil. I would like to encourage you as an individual, as a community to take note of selfish, greedy, self centeredness Individuals/Politicians who may be aiming to stand and serve you through public offices, you know them. Deny them of your vote. That is a way of guiding them to seek or go back to the work that is suitable for them, than pretending to serve you. Rev. J. N. Yikon’a

  25. Charles Kakoma is singing for his Super. He was given a huge Bribe by ECL to defect from UPND to PF. Kakoma should stop telling us about his personal grievances with UPND. He should tell us what his New Party,PF is offering to the Voters. PF is Corrupt and has ruined the Economy and our lives. What is Charles Kakoma going to change? Kakoma has been given “kasaka kandalama” by ECL and he must enjoy it while it lasts. Charles Kakoma needs to get used to a Corrupt way of life in PF. As they say in PF: “Uubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala”. Welcome to the Panga Family Charles Kakoma. Pse note that when u are in Rome behave like the Romans otherwise u will not survive among these looters.

  26. There you have it.
    These are signs of an undemocratic divisive camp.
    Just read the the commentaries from them.
    Upndead cannot unite Zambians.
    Zambia needs are unifier.
    They replaced a non tonga for a tonga.
    In the upndead it’s like senior members bulldoze themselves to top leadership. Kakoma got hit because Mweetwa felt he needed his job. Now Kakoma feels sidelined on account of tribe.
    One Zambia, one Nation.

  27. Kakoma thinks he is North Western Province. He was sidelined because UPND intelligence got wind that he was double dealing. He was a green snake in green grass. He will cry when UPBD make government in August. In America we say Adios Amigo or in the hood they say “Bye Felicia”. He is gone. As long as he is not Malawi or Bemba team, he is basically a coffee boy. Chakufumya apatalele, chakutwala apakabile Kakoma.

  28. Kakoma is alright if he decides to defect but to inject North westerners the way he veiledly puts it in reasoning out his defection is playing a dirty and dangerous game wanting to bring to the fore and political center the the tribal differences and fights of the province! Best he avoids some utterances and campaigns cleanly for his new leanings being that he claims friends in both camps for he needs them both!

  29. Kakoma has no shame Lol. Why didn’t Kakoma hold a rally in Zambezi, Mwinilunga or Solwezi? Of course nobody would attend……so he decided to go to Chavuma a district with 300 people.


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