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Politicians urged to observe electoral code of conduct


A political scientist has called on political players in the country to observe the electoral code of conduct in totality as the country prepares for the general elections slated for August 12, 2021.

Dr. Alex Ng’oma, who is a lecturer, researcher and political analyst in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zambia, said the observance of the electoral code of conduct is key in ensuring that the country conducts free and fair elections.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS, Dr. Ng’oma also called on politicians to conduct issue-based campaigns when the campaign period starts.

“Let us observe all the laws and rules pertaining to elections. Even when campaigns start, let us ensure that we avoid political violence that is number one. Secondly, let us stick to issue based campaigns,” he said.

He said how politicians react to the eventual outcome of the polls will influence their supporters hence the need for them to observe high levels of tolerance.

“There will be only one person declared winner. So all the losing candidates must be prepared to immediately concede defeat to allow the winner to begin to put their programmes in place. That will also guide the followers,” Dr. Ng’oma said.

And Dr. Ng’oma said democracy in Zambia is growing noting that this is evidenced by the recent holding of intra-party polls in various political parties.

“Democracy in Zambia is actually growing and slowly becoming consolidated. You can see the political players are playing the political game according to rules. Rule number one among the political parties is that it is a constitutional requirement for all of them to hold their party conventions in the run up to the major national election and this is what we have seen. We have seen the PF, we have seen the UPND and the MMD holding their conventions. That in itself may be taken as an indicator that democracy is growing,” he said.

Asked if he felt that holding of internal elections in political parties is in line with international democratic best practices, he responded to the affirmative.

“We are deepening our tenets of democracy. Those have worked very well for the mature democracies of the world,” he said.


  1. What electoral code of conduct ? Politicians are irresponsible and self centered they’d rather see the country burn like Syria,Rwanda and even recently the great USA .

  2. In Tanzania we recently witnessed a smooth and peaceful transfer of Power from the late John Magufuli to President Samia Hassan. The transfer of Power was guided by the Tanzanian Constitution and Good Governance. As we approach the August 12 Elections Zambia should emulate Tanzania in this regard. In conducting the 2021 ECL should respect the Republican Constitution. ECL is trying to breach the Constitution by insisting on an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. ECL must be stopped or else Zambia will return to a One Party State Dictatorship under ECL.
    The Constitution is very clear: “A person who has held Office twice is not eligible for Election as President”. ECL has held office, been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016 and therefore is ineligible to stand for a…

  3. Tell president Lungu to support the electoral code of conduct. He shuts down news papers, tells state owned media to just report PF favourable news, arrests opposition party leaders, kills innocent citizens etc. Let Lungu go first! But everybody knows that will never happen!

  4. I do not hear anything new from this publicity seeking don! Let him say in his view if he knows differently who is breaching the electoral laws and why he thinks so or that the code is being followed. Everybody by now has seen these violations and cannot be put better than what the Bishop of Chipata said already …

  5. The Electoral Act is a Product of the Constitution which is Supreme law of the Land. ECL’s Third Term Eligibility is a Constitutional matter. After Nominations are closed in May 2021 we expect right thinking Zambians to Petition Lungu’s Eligibility at Concourt. The Law is very clear that ECL is not eligible to contest the 2021 Elections becoz he has held Office twice and has been elected and sworn in twice and therefore cannot qualify for a Third Term. An Objective and Professional Concourt should declare ECL ineligible. PF to avoid this prospect should elect another Candidate as President of PF and Presidential Candidate. The writing is on the wall.

  6. The police are ready and well equipped to firmly deal with any baboon from upnd found breaking the rules. For myself will do my national duties and effect citizen arrest and punch those found wanting. I am a black belt

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