Saturday, June 22, 2024

Mushimba requests Japan to increase scholarships


Minister of Higher Education Brian Mushimba has called for more education sector collaboration between Japan and Zambia. Dr. Mushimba says Zambia can learn a lot from Japan especially in the area of science and technology.

He has said science and technology are key in helping Zambia attain its developmental aspirations.

The Minister has also requested the Japanese government to increase the number of scholarships being offered to Zambian students to study in Japan.

He says having more Zambians taking up Japanese scholarships will further boost the cordial bilateral relations existing between the two nations.

Dr. Mushimba was speaking in Lusaka when Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Mizuuchi Ryuta called on him.

And the Japanese Ambassador has encouraged prospective beneficiaries of Japanese scholarships to develop an interest in mathematics and science.

Mr. Ryuta revealed that most scholarships offered by the Japanese government require students to be proficient in mathematics and science, adding that most Zambian applicants fall short of this requirement.

He however commended the University of Zambia department of veterinary that the Japanese government is currently sponsoring for the outstanding performance of the students.


  1. Scholarships should be for specific descpline if we are to develop as a country.why send pipo to study business admistration

  2. U need to understand Japanese foreign policy b4 making a statement like that. Wht are the Japanese looking for in the world?

  3. This moron has no shame indeed yet he was happy to give Ethiopian Airlines $30 million just like that!!

  4. We can’t develop a country with such retrogressive chaps…who are getting very rich through inflated tenders and expect foreigners to educate the future generations. Just the money looted straight into their pockets can pay for all those scholarships in Japan.
    Absolutely no shame or pride…then you will find that even those scholarships they try to squeeze their relatives on them.

  5. This silly man Mushimba was happy to be sent to a prestigious hospital in RSA for one month by GRZ for a mere bruised arm after a drink driving accident …here this rat is begging for funding. I detest these corrupt ministers …paying for scholarship is true empowerment not handing out coins to cadres.

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