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Rename ZAMISE in honour of KK – Ngwale


Goodwill Ambassador for Persons with Disabilities Elijah Ngwale, has called on President Edgar Lungu to rename the Zambia Institute of Special Education (ZAMISE) after First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda in honour of his 97th birthday which falls today.

Mr Ngwale has suggested that the name of the institution should instead be changed to Kenneth Kaunda Education College for Persons with Disabilities.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS on the sidelines of a birthday celebration in Lusaka for persons with disabilities which was held on the eve of Dr Kaunda’s birthday in Lusaka yesterday, noted with concern that there is no institution with a bias towards special education and the plight of the disabled that has been named after the first republican president.

Mr Ngwale said Dr Kaunda contributed immensely to the wellbeing of people living with disabilities during his time as republican president.

He said under Dr Kaunda’s tenure, his government’s philosophy of humanism favoured the disabled more than even democracy.

Mr Ngwale said renaming the institution after Dr Kaunda would be fitting considering that the former president is also a goodwill ambassador for persons with disabilities.

He enlisted numerous success stories the first republican president scored for people living with disabilities.

“It was also during the time of Dr Kaunda that he built National Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Persons with Disabilities in Ndola. It was also during the time of Dr Kaunda that the government took over education for persons with disabilities because previously it was under missionaries,” Mr Ngwale said.

He said President Lungu has a listening ear expressing confidence that he will act upon the call.

“President Lungu is a consulting President. On 5 March, 2015 His Excellency called me to State House, asked me what he can do for him, I asked him to reinstate 300 people who were declared redundant by the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities in 2013. The people were reinstated,” Mr Ngwale said.

Dr Kenneth Kaunda is celebrating his 97th birthday today 28th April, 2021.


  1. We need a new metropolis called Kaunda Square with a huge bronze statue of the man himself. Make it a pedestrian precinct with areas for children entertainment.

  2. I think we have enough building, airports, roads, schools, compounds, Komboni, etc named after the beloved father.

  3. Too many things are named after the great man. Leave him alone now. Call it after other citizens. Call it the Joseph Kuluneta or Frank Mutubila something something.

  4. WHAT NEXT ????????????? ARE WE GETTING CARRIED AWAY ??????????
    HE IS ZAMBIA’S first republican president FULL STOP

  5. Zambia should be thinking of the next car factory,a semiconductor facility or medical breakthough.That;s what big nations do and not these small minded matters.

  6. I dont know why KK family is allowing these politicians like Lazy Lungu and Sampa who are virus spreaders to go and visit the old man …I mean Lazy has been to DRC, Chipata touring everywhere in the last 7 days

  7. I totally agree with this proposal. Do not worry I will table this before my boss. Remember the cyber bill? Who do you think tabled that? Because I started talking about it here when I complained about diasporans abusing the internet. I get things done.

  8. He was our first president full stop. Please let’s leave existing institutions with their names which are more national in nature. The country already blundered by building him an institutional retirement home and making it personal to him. All official accommodation there meant for govt staff for the office of a past president has been occupied by his family; that’s because the premises have been transferred to him. It’s not his fault, but ours these are supposed to be institutional homes to be used by any ex-president still living as they should have access to govt services for the their use. When they pass on, they revert to govt for the next ex-President to use if they are still alive.

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