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The Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multi-purpose Cooperative has empowered 50 cooperatives in Shiwangandu district

Rural News The Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multi-purpose Cooperative has empowered 50 cooperatives in Shiwangandu...

The Edgar Changwa Lungu Multi-purpose Cooperative has empowered 50 cooperatives in Shiwangandu district in Muchinga Province with assorted empowerment packages.

The ECL empowerment packages include pockets of cement, iron sheets, farming inputs, incubators, and sewing machines, among other goods.

Speaking during the handover of assorted empowerment packages yesterday, Shiwang`andu District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa said President Edgar Lungu desires to see cooperatives progress in their businesses, hence the empowerment.

ZANIS reports that Ms Kangwa has since urged beneficiary cooperatives to ensure that they function as business entities so that they can supplement on job creation in the country.

The District Commissioner pointed out that cooperatives have no excuse for failure to excel in their businesses, adding that they have received empowerment packages requested by themselves.

She charged that the ECL empowerment packages received have not been imposed on any cooperative, adding that, there is hope that all the cooperatives will be successful in their business.

Ms Kangwa said she is optimistic that the ECL empowerment given to cooperatives in Shiwangandu district will not go in vain.

“I will ensure that my officer monitors beneficiary cooperatives, in order to realise the anticipated success among cooperatives,” said Ms Kangwa.

And speaking earlier, Muchinga Province Coordinator for the ECL- Multi-purpose empowerment Cooperative Isaac Nsoneka, said the ECL Multi-purpose empowerment is being done in phases, saying the assorted items and equipment received are part of the first phase for Muchinga province.

Mr Nsoneka said the second phase will be done after elections to give an opportunity to cooperatives who have not benefited now to also benefit from the ECL Multi-purpose empowerment when applications open again.

He has encouraged the 50 beneficiary cooperatives to work hard and develop their respective businesses with the empowerment packages they have received.

Meanwhile, ECL-Multi-purpose empowerment beneficiaries have thanked President Edgar Lungu for granting them assorted empowerment packages as starter capital.


  1. LT please correct the error on the name of the president. It is not changwa but chagwa. Learn to proof read especially article that relate to the high office of the president. It can be taken as an insult, just ask chilufya tayali. Whichever way this is marvellous development. Only hateful tribal Tonga above will not see anything good in this because to them only their fellow Tonga can do right

  2. Imagine that “empowerment” in Zambia now means to give someone a bundle of toilet paper, sugar, juice, maybe some crisps or noodles, a pack of water, and toothpaste. Job creation and cooperative development. Sure? Why not just give cash and let each individual decide what things they want or need most? At least their teeth will be clean and they can stay hydrated for a few days, but if a co-op really wants to make blocks or sew, or even run a shop, there should be a way to help them do that – not just drop manna from heaven once every five years. Serious, this is what government calls “empowerment”?

  3. KCM money at work, If you did not know why PF was in a rush to take over KCM, Here is the reason. Zambia has gone to the d,ogs.

  4. Here is that famous catch phrase again “empowerment”. Even the blind now are beginning to see what it means.

  5. It must be true KCM sold 14000 tons in the 1st Quarter …these thieves have too much money to splash about!!

  6. God abandoned Zambia long time ago. Zambian Christian’s will have to meet Jesus at a designated place when the time comes.

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