Thursday, April 18, 2024

FRA to buy 30,400 mt of maize in Mbala


The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) is projecting to buy over 30,400 metric tonnes of maize in Mbala district this year.

Mbala District Commissioner, Maybin Chibalange disclosed this when he officiated at the FRA crop marketing training workshop for the 2021 crop marketing season.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chibalange has since challenged depot clerks who will be engaged in the exercise to encourage farmers to sell their maize to the FRA.

He said the officers should employ best marketing practices that would convince people to sell their maize to the agency and help the district to achieve the set target.

“You need to be humble and be welcoming when serving the members of the community without discrimination,” he said.

Mr. Chibalange has also advised depot clerks to avoid any form of corruption and other bad vices in their work.

“Ensure that the principle of ‘first come, first serve is applied at all the times,” he advised.

The Mbala District Commissioner further encouraged the trainees to have a good dress code as they will be attending to the general public.

Mr. Chibalange noted that after training, the depot clerks will be like public officers who will be representing the interest of the government.


  1. Please govt look into the price of soya beans. Some traders especially indians are exporting it. The price locally is too expensive .It means beef will be up by 30%,chicken also by 40-50% and cooking oil. Zambians won’t afford. Please stop these foreigners from exporting the products.BA PF careful elections are now and any price increase in food prices will be bad to you .There is curtail to make sure people vote PF out despite bumper harvest.Don’t sleep ba PF and ministry of agriculture.

  2. The agriculture sector is growing beautifully… Most of the farmers including small-scale farmers earning well through this. Their standard of living is improving, and happily feeding their families.

  3. The PF administration is committed to providing knowledge and training camps for the farmers to give them more knowledge about the sector and to make them export-oriented.

  4. Let us show the world, the potential of Zambians. Soon, the nation would be famous in the international market. Amen!

  5. We are going to witness bumper harvest this year, next year, and every year because of President Lungu’s administration.

  6. Our agriculture sector was so underrated earlier. President Lungu made people believe in its potential, and today it plays an important role in the economic development of this nation.

  7. We must appreciate President Lungu for initiating several projects to uplift the sectors and to improve Zambian’s lives.

  8. We are seeing people especially farmers living meaningful lives in Zambia. The country was missing such positive and motivational energy. Thank you, ECL

  9. HH will keep repeating and giving false promises that he will bring change in Zambia, Whereas, President Lungu already brought many changes in Zambia. Then why take the risk by voting unexperienced Bally.

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