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PF is still very intact in Kabushi and across the Copperbelt-Lusambo


Patriotic Front Kabushi Constituency Parliamentary candidate Bowman Lusambo has declared that the party is very intact going into the August general elections.

Mr Lusambo who is also PF Copperbelt Province Mobilisation Coordinator said the party is going into this year’s election without any serious competition from the opposition.

Mr Lusambo said he personally enjoys huge popularity in Kabushi and across the province which is equally the case with the party in general.

He was reacting to some videos posted on social media depicting pockets of opposition supporters flashing their party symbols as his campaign team approached.

The incident happened this week when Mr Lusambo was leading a team of PF supporters escorting Kaloko Ward candidate Florence Mwambazi who successfully filed in her nomination papers for the local government seat.

In the process, the PF supporters bumped into some opposition cadres who flashed their party symbols at the PF convoy in a true sign of coexistence among the two parties.

“The narrative being created that our convoy was booed is totally false. There is no way our people in Kabushi can even think of doing such a thing because of the love and support they always extend to us. The videos and pictures are being manipulated to show that we are losing support which is contrary to the true,” Mr Lusambo said in an interview.

Mr Lusambo said the people of the Copperbelt have immense trust in the leadership of President Edgar Lungu going by the way he has handled the mining situation.

“Mining still remains our mainstay and we have seen long periods of mining fiscal and policy stability during President Lungu’s administration which has cheered a lot of our people in the Province.

He added, “For us, Copperbelt is sealed. We will deliver the entire 22 constituencies across the Province and President Lungu and the running mate will receive over 80 percent of the votes from here.”

Mr Lusambo warned the opposition against deceiving itself and its supporters by creating popularity illusions.

“Copperbelt remains a no-go area for the opposition, the few we have are just wasting time. The people of Kabushi and the Copperbelt have no business with some of these opposition leaders because they know what they did when they had a chance to the privatize national mining assets.”

“With what they are now creating on social media, I can imagine confirm Wyatt they will forever remain Facebook politicians with no ground support, I am now inviting their propaganda journalists to accompany my team on one of our roads shows across the province so that they can have a true test of our popularity.


  1. Meanwhile PF is talking about covid-19 yet this big pile of cow dung is busy gathering crowds…really laughable….if people of Kabushi vote for this clown again then they need prayers!!

  2. Clearly said and written for unthinking reader! So PF goes round buying votes by giving the faint hearted Zambians ZK1 200 and a cheap phone. What I do not know is what purpose is served by collecting details of the national card and voter card?!

    The fear of a clean and issue based campaign suggests PF is not as popular as you say sir!

  3. Upnd live in a bubble. They create their own lies and then begin to believe them. For instance they are now paying people to target ruling party officials and boo them or shout that they want change. They are doing this to lie to themselves that they are now more popular. But come August, they will again run to courts because me I already have the election results in front of me

  4. Bowman Lusambo was booed yesterday in constituency, what is talking about?.

    The problem with PF live in denial, they don’t know how articulate what they intend to do after elections. They have simply run out of ideas.

    They behave as if they are in opposition. Your popularity is finished and just wait for the day of elections and we shall see hypertension in many of these thieves.

    Immediately Bally wins the country will be on high alert and close our borders for these culprits to be detained should they attempt to jump the borders or fly out of the country.

    We shall if your stolen money will serve you.

    PF must go!

  5. That image does not reflect the words being said by Lusambo, of course he would never admit it that the support has dwindle. Otherwise that would be admitting failure and conceding defeat. But pictures d not lie, in this era were anyone and anybody can take pictures and videos and share them, we have seen that Lusambo is not receiving the support he usually got back in the day. Tables are turning and he and his camp have every reason to start worrying.

  6. Upnd are cheating themselves that they are popular, just like they did in 2015 and 2016! After losing they run to the courts! ECL and PF are on the way to victory again because Hichilema cannot win and will never win. Reasons: main and biggest reason is the way he ascended to power, “only a Tonga can lead UPNDead”! Hounding out Patrick Chisanga and Bob Sichinga etc! So forget my dear Tongas you are terrible tribalists! Your tribalism is worse than any other tribe in Zambia!

  7. That said but Mwisho should treat the opposition with much respect and stop behaving as if he owns people of Kabushi. People can change at the eleventh how and leave him in tears. Whho knows they could be flocking to him and PF because that is the only side of the political field where there is honey and milk. Please ba Mwisho don’t overate yourself until the final day votes counted. Don’t behave like Golliath against liitle known David. Sometimes over confidence can be self defeating. We saw how the UPND cadr3es or people behaved and should not be dismissed as mere small pocket of resistance. This is timely warning to all candidates who are vying for various positions to have respect their opponents. Don’t say I never warned you.

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