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PF and UPND refutes responsibility over the death of a cadre


The Patriotic Front (PF) in Ndola District has condemned the alleged murder of a PF cadre James Banda by suspected UPND cadres in Twapia Township yesterday.

PF Ndola District Chairperson Benjamin Chitondo said this during a press briefing at the PF Ndola district office this afternoon.

Mr Chitondo explained that as the PF were carrying out their road show in Twapia Township, James Banda one of the PF youths disembarked from the vehicle to buy some water and was attacked there and then by suspected UPND cadres who stabbed him and that he was pronounced dead upon arrival at Ndola Teaching Hospital.

Meanwhile Mr Chitondo further revealed that six other PF cadres are nursing serious injuries from weekend attacks by suspected UPND sympathizers.

Mr Chitondo has since warned the UPND in the district that the PF remaining peaceful even under massive provocation is not a sign of weakness but rather an adherence to President Edgar Lungu’s directive not to react no matter the provocation.

Mr Chitondo has further appealed to the PF in the district to remain peaceful and mourn James Banda in peace.

And when reached for a comment UPND Ndola District spokesperson David Zimba explained that the UPND had problems with accusations of such a nature and that at no point was there a fracas between the UPND and PF supporters in Ndola district.

Mr Zimba stressed that the UPND had a procession of over 10, 000 people and that if an occurrence of such magnitude happened there was no way it could have been missed by the UPND themselves.

Mr Zimba claimed that such tactics are aimed at blocking the UPND from holding door to door campaigns and road shows.

Mr Zimba has since sent messages of condolences to the PF over the death of the said party cadre.

The electoral code of conduct advocates for peaceful and violence free political campaigns ahead of the August 12, 2021 general elections.


  1. We have all seen videos and heard audio clips of PF cader thugs fighing and threatening each other with violence and death………

    PF caders are killing and maiming each other for free handouts…….

  2. This was a fight for influence and free handouts between PF cader thugs……

    We have all seen them eating each other……..

  3. After beating up their ministers , PF cader thugs are now eating each other out there………

    As we have said ,……..

    The only regreat we have of lungus brutality against HH is the loss of innocent lives of civilians, like in the gassing and the executions of 2 people at cabinet office……

    But now karma is bitting lungu…….

    his thugs are now at war with each other.

  4. UPND too much excitement as if they have already won the elections. I wonder how it shall be when Chela Tukuta with his demons becomes presidential spokesperson for HH. God help us before Zambia becomes animal farm.

  5. We are busy fighting and killing each other meanwhile the people causing it are in their homes wining and dining and making themselves fat.

  6. These upnd motherfakas are murderers. Hh led to the death of 2 people now they become 3. He needs blood of innocent people to feed his desperation to become president. RIP our soldiers. This election victory will be dedicated to you .

  7. I have just been on the phone with the poor family of James and have assured them that we know who did this and trust me we will deal with him. Enough is enough. The old kaizar is back. I am on the ground

  8. The old KZ is a stup!d troll based in the UK, and of course is not doing anything. Still waiting for OP to show up KZ! Useless id!ot. Your former boss is so happy that you are no longer involved, otherwise the loss on August 12 would be even bigger!

  9. The death of any citizen due to politics is not acceptable.

    To cadres from both sides, your NRC does not say whether you are PF or UPND. It says you are Zambian.

    Today we have PF in power, in August we will have UPND. In 5 years time, we might have another beast in power.

    Let us all campaign safely.

    Vote wisely.

  10. Have the suspects been reported to the Police? How do PF Cadres know the suspects were UPND Members? Where is the evidence? Last Month Rival PF Groups fought each other at the PF Secretariat. How do we know this was not a repeat of that fracas? PF is a violent and lawless Party so PF Cardres should leave UPND out of PF Violence.

  11. Do PF now have membership cards? For all I know the founder had declared that his party required no cards for membership. I think I am being swayed to believe Seer 1 for saying confusion during this campaign period will engulf PF now that cadres have started preying on themselves mainly over what they can also “eat” as time is running out to get benefits being shared by some within the PF party!

  12. It is not worthy it dying for either ECL or H² or any other candidate.
    Cadres need to wake up. Singing or dancing for an individual is appalling. Picking up a fight for a politician is sick behaviour.
    For God’s sake when campaigning for these guys, kindly think of them as job seekers not dying for or fighting for. Who does that.
    ECL told you that he doesn’t fight with H², why should you?
    In any case, the fine gentleman, ECL is winning this elections.
    Stop dying for these niggaz please. Why would you?

  13. When UPND cadres misbehaves, there is always a video or pictures to back it up. Just show us the pics then it will settle everything. You killed each other for a coin then you want blame others.
    Imbwa Galu Kaizer mwana satana iwe

  14. Let peace prevail. We know that each side has bad characters. PF and UPND both have individuals that deserve to be called honorable and dishonorable. Both PF and UPND are just passing through time. Sooner or later they will both go into an irresistible embrace of things past. Yet Zambia shall remain to exist for our children and there children. Let peace prevail once again.

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