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COVID-19 cases are rising in Zambia, Mask Up, President Lungu encourages citizens


President Edgar Lunch has urged people of Eastern Province to ensure that they mask up, to lessen the further spread of COVID-19 in the region.

President Lungu said COVID-19 cases are rising in Zambia hence the need for people to wear face masks every time they gather.

He said Eastern Province, like all other regions in Zambia, has recorded and continues to record cases of COVID-19.

He said this when he arrived in Nyimba district today.

President Lungu emphasised that everyone must play a role to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by masking up and following all other prevention guidelines.

“The number of COVID-19 cases is rising so mask up. Do not listen to people saying there is no COVID,” he said.

And President Lungu has reiterated that his call to all politicians to avoid holding rallies was not made out of malice but to protect citizens from contracting the coronavirus.

Zambia is now experiencing a third wave of COVID-19, which is said to be presenting sophisticated symptoms and is more severe.

The number of COVID-19 cases has since gone beyond the 100,000 mark, while at least 1,300 died of the disease since the pandemic broke out in Zambia in March 2020.

And President Lungu has urged contractors, resident engineers and beneficiaries of projects such as hospitals, to ensure high quality works from the onset of construction works.

Speaking after touring Nyimba District Hospital, where he inspected the progress of works on the second phase of the project, Mr Lungu urged those responsible for putting up projects not to wait until he notices pitfalls on the structures.

He added that he was happy with service delivery at the hospital, which is a fulfilment of his government’s policy to provide health services to Zambians.

President Lungu also toured Nyimba main market and held a meeting with Patriotic Front party officials in the district.


  1. Wise president who cares for our people, unlike that bush hyena hh who is willing to defy covid rules for his own political mileage and yet he is going to lose anyway

  2. Lungu ,Inonge Wina and Dr Luo are in campaign mode with lots of followers so why won’t Covid cases rise ?

  3. CARING PRESIDENT ?????????????????????
    WHEN COVID 19 becomes critical he eventually comes to the forward
    Not my idea of a caring president

  4. The numbers that are portrayed is all lies under the pretext of denying opposition parties to campaign.

    This thief has been campaigning for months with impunity attracting mass crowds. Where was Covid guidelines regarding social distancing and masking up.

    This convict will use Covid as an excuse to deny the opposition to campaign with the help of this personal ZP OFFICE.

    What had the convict done to bring vaccines Instead he was busy donating cash and gifts.

  5. Mask up, great idea! Only the picture says it all. The President is not observing social distancing and the cadre immediately behind him is wearing his mask below the chin doing nothing at all. I guess if you are in the shadow of greatness and wearing PF regalia it doesn’t matter.

    Else… I’m just noticing the first sentence now – “President Edgar Lunch”. Perfect – out to lunch, boss?

  6. I felt sorry for those thousands of police escorting HH from Chingola to Lusaka. There will be covid outbreak among the ZP force for sure…. those vehicles were packed.

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