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It was very irresponsible for President Lungu to go to Mtendere amidst a covid crisis


Dear Editor

Please allow me to air my views. I was very disappointed in our President’s decision to visit markets (campaigning) in Mtendere yesterday thereby attracting huge crowds in Lusaka where people are dying everyday in numbers.

Schools,colleges have been closed and all events including seminars and weddings were stopped. Those weddings taking place a day after the announcement were not even give notice or allowed to hold their event.All political rallies and road shows were stopped because they were Super-spreader events.

We have lost too many people in Lusaka and there was the leader who is supposed to lead by example, breaking the Public Health rules in the midst of the pandemic by orchestrating a Super-spreader event!It is obvious that a win in this years election is more important than the lives or health of ordinary Zambians.

Police have been harassing bar owners with just 10 people in the bars. Minibuses are also restricted with the number of passengers they can carry.Ordinary Zambians are trying everything to stop the spread of covid -19 and there he was! What example was he showing to us Zambians yesterday?

By Bana Mulenga
Disappointed Lusaka resident


  1. You are wasting your time with one Lazy Lungu even when his colleagues are dying at Maina Soko Hospital. The man is reckless myopic individual…just give him another 5 years Zambia will be reduced to Zimbabwe where they use mobile money to pay for groceries as the currency is worthless.

  2. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the video. It is true when the Bible says “You shall know them by their fruits”
    PF is destroying Zambia !

  3. Bana Mulenga has brains.
    Edgar just got the second shot of vaccines, and he feels safe now to go out and play.

  4. This is just dyonko by the President just to show the doubting Thomases that PF is actually more popular than any other party in Lusaka. Mwiliimwena mwe bene ka? Ifintu ni Lungu pa ground not social media.

  5. Sending conflicting messages…..is this COVID real or just using it to stop opposition…why did he even go and gather people breaking all the COVID guidelines and assuring them that he is not closing markets….,??,??? Edward Chagwa Lungu is a thief

  6. Thank you Bana Mulenga for your post. The President’s conduct in Bauleni and Mtendere was shocking. In the midst of the worst pandemic the country has faced, which has killed more people in this country than all the natural calamities Zambia has faced put together, the President is in the forefront behaving criminally careless. How do the thousands of Zambians all over the country mourning loved ones feel about this? How do those many ones currently nursing loved ones feel? This conduct by the President negates all the selfless efforts being made by health workers and many other people devoting and sacrificing their lives to save others. It is shameful. On the other hand he is in the forefront preventing opposition politicians from doing even modest campaigns on account of COVID. What…

  7. Just send the expendables and get rid off these thieving thugs.

    In decades ministers and ex presidents have been found wanting in corruption and proceeds of crime. Have these lot been prosecuted and jailed. The answer is no.

    Look at zuma going to prison, and now crying like a bitch same thing will happen with convict lungu and his minions including that baboon KZ

  8. ECZ has banned all campaigns except doot to door. So what is happening here is a sign of a leader who doesn’t strive to protect his subjects but would rather kill them in order maintain his topmost public office.
    Lungu has deliberately violated the Zambian costitution on several occasions, so why shuold he obey the rules of an organisation that are under his control?


  9. Maria – The bible says a lot of things that even you would be ashamed of if you are a woman …so bare in mind that its the last thing you should be using as a moral guide given that its been revised a thousand times and written by a people with their own agenda like politicians.

  10. Marketeers are tired of being fleeced and repressed by PF Cadres on a daily basis. All Marketeers would celebrate the day PF Cadres,Militias,Commanders and Generals are disbanded. The only way to disband the marauding PF Cadres is to vote out of Power ECL who is their Commander in Chief. Another 5 years of ECL and PF Misrule means that Zambia will become a Police-PF Cadre State. God forbid this should never be allowed. On August 12 Zambians will usher into Power HH and UPND Alliance and the Zambia we want. The writing is on the wall.

  11. This is what happens when you elect drunkards and people that stole from widows.

    He has stopped the opposition from campaigning. This man is a total joke.

    Lungu has probably had both doses of vaccine, so he does not care if ordinary citizens get covid and die. And many from that crowd will die, or pass it on to relatives who will then die.

    Vote wisely.

  12. Meanwhile his Health PS is on the phone everyday begging for vaccines from donors without shame!!

  13. Do what you must to help you cause to defeat EC… we have your clip saying you going ahead covid or not… good luck

  14. ECL and PF is immune from Covid-19 and above the Law? PF is a lawless Party. Just imagine what will happen if Violence,Corrupt,incompetent and Visionless ECL stole his way back to power. Zambia will be turned into a Police-PF Cadre State and People will be persecuted and endure more suffering. Our Rights and Freedoms will be taken away by these PF marauding Cadres. The writing is on the wall.

  15. Shame on ECZ. They are incapable of providing a level playing field. There are the ones in the dock! Candidates can behave in whichever manner but as custodians of electoral laws, they must enforce them for the benefit of all not few.
    What can Zambia do to free them?

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