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59 year old man murdered by unknown people


Police in Solwezi are investigating a case in which a 59 year old man was allegedly killed by unknown people.

North-western province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase has confirmed the incident in Solwezi and identified the deceased as Moses Sebuloni of Muzabula compound in Solwezi.

Mr Njase said the incident is believed to have happened between July 8, at 18:00 hours and July 9 2021 at 06:00 hours.

Mr Njase said Sebuloni’s body was discovered near the road that goes to Mulenga compound by passersby.

“The body was discovered by members of the public near the road which goes to Mulenga area about 50 metres from his house,

Police visited the crime scene and processed the crime scene,” he said.

Mr Njase said police found the body facing upwards with a cut on the right side of the head, blood on the face and yellowish fluids coming out of the wound and mouth.

He said a blunt object is suspected to have been used to inflict injuries, but that the body has been deposited in Solwezi general hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

“Preliminary investigation on scene of crime indicates the victim was dumped at this point after being killed somewhere else,” Mr Njase said.

He has warned suspects involved in the matter that police will ensure that they are brought to book.

The provincial police chief also advised members of the public to avoid moving alone at night in order to enhance their personal security.


  1. I dont think our Police have the capability to investigate such crimes especially in Solwezi apart from relying on witnesses coming forward then beating the evidence out of any suspects!

  2. Our Police is specialized in just stifling democracy, just squeezing opposition leaders, restricting their movements unnecessarily, very shameful, the lowest ebb ever for Zambia.

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