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PF land policy will benefit the church-Kapata


Patriotic Front presidential running-mate deputy campaign manager, Jean Kapata says the ruling party has developed a robust land policy to empower Zambians, including churches to easily acquire land and obtain title deeds for their property.

Ms. Kapata says through the PF initiated land policy, churches will be able to obtain title deeds which they can use as collateral to access finance to venture into various income generating activities.

She said this will help churches to improve the lives of congregants and the needy people in society.

She was speaking when she met members of the clergy in Kapiri Mposhi today.

Ms. Kapata said the national land titling programme will empower churches to obtain loan facilities from financial institutions against their church buildings because the PF government and President Edgar Lungu regard land as a prerequisite to national economic development and wealth creation for citizens.

The former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources said from 1964, Zambia has never had a land policy to alienate land and systematically empower citizens with title deeds.

“When I was Minister of Lands, President Lungu tasked me to develop a National Land Policy and to commence the systematic National Land Titling Programme through which over 53,000 title deeds were issued by the end of 2020,” Ms. Kapata said.

Ms Kapata explained that in its 2021-2026 manifesto, the PF intends to produce and issue over four million certificates of title to public and private land owners.

“The National Land Titling Programme is empowerment for all of us … for those who want to do business, churches inclusive, they can borrow using their property,” Ms. Kapata said.

And Ms. Kapata has challenged the church to educate their congregants on the importance of voting in order to reduce voter apathy in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

Ms. Kapata also urged the clergy to guide their congregants on how to vote and ticking on the ballot for their votes to count.

“The problem that we have in this country is that people don’t come out to vote so you as the clergy you have the power to stand on the pulpit and tell people to go and vote on the 12th of August,” Ms. Kapata said.

She further urged the church to continue praying for the country and providing guidance for Zambia to hold peaceful elections.

“President Lungu is building a house according to the Bible. He went further to building a national place of worship and as the clergy, we need to pray and provide guidance for the country and its leadership as we head for elections,” she said.

And PF presidential running-mate campaign team member, Sensio Banda has implored the church to guard against the removal of the clause on the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

Mr. Banda charged that some leaders of certain political parties contesting the August polls were planning to remove the Christian Nation declaration from the constitution and declare Zambia as a secular state if elected to form government.

The former Kasenengwa Member of Parliament urged the church to support President Lungu as he had vowed to maintain the declaration.

“President Lungu reaffirmed the Christian nation values and principles by enshrining them in the constitution cognisant of the fact that nothing happens unless God says so, meaning that God should be at the centre of our lives,” Mr. Banda said.

And Kapiri Mposhi District Ministers’ Fellowship Chairman Japheth Msoni has re-affirmed the church’s commitment to preach peace, unity and love ahead of the 2021 general elections.

“The Church in Kapiri Mposhi condemns violence, hate speech and tribal remarks that may plunge the country into chaos. Political parties should conduct peaceful campaigns,” Bishop Msoni said.

He has since called on the government to provide a peaceful platform during campaigns and elections for the August 12 polls.


  1. Bamama Kapata ala muletina Lesa. Also remember using God’s name in vain is blasphemy and a sin. You guys have very short memories, just last week we buried our first Republican President in KK who never ever declared Zambia as a Christian nation, yet we lived in unity as one Zambia one nation. KK always believed in the Bible and God but never used the church as a platform to advance his political agenda. Fimo muleumfwako ne nsoni. If I were to be elected as president, I would separate the church from government FINITO. We got all these stupid clergy men and women worshiping Lungu day and night because they get kickbacks. Do not use God’s name in vain, you are warned.

  2. Why can’t you just say she is Luo’s Campaign Manager instead of that mouthful….this is why she is always following around old hen Bo Inonge with Luo. For an entity like the church that pay the least taxes its shocking the benefits they are entitled to …no wonder we have a lost gullible society taken advantage by politicians.

  3. The church in Zambia is lost as it has set aside God’s commandments. They are welcoming politicians and conducting all manner of filthy in churches instead of saving lost souls.

    Everything including land belongs to God, God can not be cheated by your promises of gold or silver.

  4. Thanks Madam Kapata, for highlighting the importance of the Lands Policy. Truely the God we serve is the almighty God. I am hopeful, even those with hurt will see the achivements and the beneft that the Land Policy is bringing to citizens. ECL 2021 !!! We hope those in opposition can be stating what they will do than just saying vote for us…..

  5. Mayo Bana Rosewood do you mean the land you’ve been clearing for the past few years whose rabbles you sell to Chinese?. Sometimes you should simplify things for the reader, CHURCH is an umbrella term specify which Church or building please. Nayakayele yafwilemo.

  6. In short the church needs not to borrow as the word clearly states”blessed be the lender and not the borrower” whoever’s is swayed by the fact that land will give them power to access the loans does not understand what they are doing.

  7. I have never understood exemption of taxes by religious institutions. Also, I refuse to accept explanations I have been give thus far. Now you also want to allow them to get land easily — by the way, who is the Church exactly? Enough said.

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