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It’s sad that Chilanga has a bad road network and a challenge in accessing clean water in this day and age-UPND


THE UPND Chilanga aspiring Member of Parliament (MP), Sipho Hlazo, has lamented that there is no way Chilanga can be facing a bad road network and a challenge in accessing clean water in this day and age.

And Sipho Hlazo has promised to rein-in on land encroachment and land grabbing in Chilanga district.

Speaking when he featured on The Race To Manda Hill debate on ZNBC TV monitored by the UPND Media Team, Sipho Hlazo lamented that it was embarrassing for Chilanga which is a farming, construction and mining district to have bad roads in this day and age when the district is close to Lusaka, adding that even the problems of access to clean and safe water in places like Parklands, Estates and Longridge areas would have been sorted out through the Kafue water bulk pipeline which passes in the area.

He said the government and the leadership in Chilanga should have taken advantage of the ministries which are very close to Chilanga and the ZNS to sort out the issues of bad roads.

Mr Hlazo has since promised the people of Chilanga constituency a regular engagement through the introduction of town hall meetings so that he and the constituents can adopt what he termed ‘do it ourselves’ approach to challenges facing Chilanga.

He said his number one priority is to sort out water challenges for Chilanga by connecting places near the Kafue water bulk pipeline and drill boreholes in other wards like Mondengwa, Mwembeshi and Nakachenje among other wards which are still sharing water with animals.

He also added that he is going to ensure that a resource center is set up for the women and youths to be trained and get empowered.

And Sipho Hlazo who is also a UPND Chilanga district youth chairperson assured Chilanga constituents that he is going to improve the security situation which he said has deteriorated in the area.

He further added that he is going to thump out carderism which has seen a lot of land encroachments and land grabbing.


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