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Micho Ready to Face the Music at FAZ


Coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic has admitted that his fate as Zambia coach is in the hands of FAZ after his team’s early embarrassing exit from the 2021 COSAFA Cup in South Africa.

For the first time in COSAFA Cup history, Zambia will not be playing in the knockout round of the regional competition they have won five times after failing to qualify to the semifinals.

On the way home, Chipolopolo suffered successive Group A defeats to Lesotho 2-1 on July 8 and Eswatini 1-0 on July 10 before beating Botswana 2-1 and forcing a goalless draw against South Africa in their last pool match.

After the draw against South Africa, Micho said he has done his best as Zambia coach in the 18 months he has been in charge.

“I am very proud of each moment I have spent as Zambia coach. I am present, whether I will be a coach it will be purely on the people that are in charge,” Micho said.

“Supporters very often look at the game in a very emotional way. However, administrators are the one to decide whether it is enough or it is not enough.”

“I am pushing myself to the limits and telling myself that my conscience is clean. I have given my best,” the Serb said.

Chipolopolo exited the COSAFA Cup second from bottom in Group A on 4 points, three points less than second placed Eswatini and six points adrift of unbeaten Bafana.

Eswatini and South Africa are through to the semifinals.


  1. “I am pushing myself to the limits and telling myself that my conscience is clean. I have given my best,” the Serb said.
    What he is saying is that “it is not his fault that we have plumbers for footballers!”

  2. I think apportioning the blame for our recent poor performance on the coach alone is being unfair. As country we have just found ourselves in a situation where everything is falling apart. Which sector of Zambia is doing fine? Point one. This Serbian football mercenary should be given enough time to build a team that will last for five to ten years not this chipantepante at FAZ where players are changed like pants. It has become fashionable to have new faces for each game and recalling old hands like Mweene. FAZ needs to put its house in order if they don’t want attacks from the likes of Bowman Lusambo. The game of soccer drivees people to act emotionally. Some people even bet and lose huge sums of money and don’t think that they like seeing their team “CHIPOLOPOLO ” lose to the…

  3. We just don’t have players at the moment. Can you improve on your selection criteria otherwise we are doomed as a Nation. Qatar forget it for now.

  4. I think coach should go. I also bliv that the players are ok. They need management and motivation. Our West African friends have that inbuilt motivation and patriotism. Our players have an attitude problem. They are too casual. You can see it by how cheaply they lose possession and miss clear cut opportunities. How do you miss the way Brian Mwila missed? A bad attitude is like flat tyre, can’t take you anywhere. This kids need military training from Chris Katongo. Ba David N muli na hate speech.

  5. I don’t understand why Zambians like miracles like Jesus was born there,what did you expect to happen at Cosafa when you are failing to qualify to Afcon when Caf has even increased the number of teams to qualify and Zambia can’t even qualify and you want them to win Cosafa,your football is going down the drain when other teams with soccer brains administrators are improving,when you are watching soccer it is easy to point at some playing’s mistakes,but once you are inside you start watching when your friends are playing,i remember we used to call it ASANGA BALETEYA,that is whats happening to Kamanga

  6. If you drop Micho , this government and its party are busy with elections campaign. When are going to recruit a new coach , in 2024 ?

  7. At least he is admitting that he has failed. Hope you faced the tunes of some fans cos FAZ got no beats.

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