Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Zambia Army to patrol streets before, after elections


Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General William Sikazwe says more army staff will be deployed to North Western Province to supplement the Zambia police in maintaining peace before, during and after the elections.

Lt General Sikazwe assured protection to the people in the region when he paid a courtesy call on North Western Province Permanent Secretary Willies Mangimela at his office today.

Lt General Sikazwe commended President Edgar Lungu for reinforcing more security personnel in order to maintain peace during the election period.

He maintained that the army will be deployed to protect citizen according to their mandate.

And Mr Mangimela noted that having the army patrol in the street will guarantee safety for the citizens.

He thanked President Lungu and the Army Commander for prioritizing the safety of the nation.

“We will continue to sensitize the community on the deployment of the army in their various communities,” Mr Mangimela said


  1. People are fond of taking the law in their hands and farther demean the authority of the police.
    The army will do a good, impartial job to quell violence and maintain peace. Only wilful law breakers will complain about the army. Believe me, this year there shall be excellent voter turn out owing to the peaceful streets around.

  2. A clear vote of no confidence on Kakoma Kanganja by the head of State. If Kanganja was a normal person and in a normal and civilised country, he would have resigned. The government spent millions equipping his police and allowed him to recruit thousands more boots to deal with law and order in the country, but Kanganja has been nothing but a flop. His police is the best equipped in Zambia’s history but all the others managed to maintain law and order during elections with very few incidents. Kanganja, your time is up.

  3. How will that happen when the will be a new commader in chief? Wishful thinking and bwana you just fired yourself….. wait for 14 August

  4. We all the outcome…HH will soon be history….we need new faces in the opposition….UPND will cry again too much kusabaila

  5. …a scared little man trying to use the military to steal the vote… it won’t work! Your time’s up!

  6. Army on all streets? There are many more cadres than soldiers! Even more steets than soldiers! It will be a BLOODBATH!

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