Friday, May 31, 2024

Beneficiaries of youth empowerment praise govt


Over 200 youths in Chililabombwe have this year been empowered with poultry farming stocks and agriculture farming inputs.

Speaking to ZANIS today, Chililabombwe District Administrative Officer Chipawa Chipawa said the youths were empowered through 19 cooperatives and given day-old chicks, feeders, drinkers and stock feed while others were given inputs that included maize seed and fertilizer.

Mr Chipawa said the intention for the empowerment was to enable youths to take advantage of the ready markets at Kasumbalesa boarder.

He said government realized that such initiatives will help improve the general economy of the district as the youths start to engage in economic activities.

And Mr. Chipawa described the empowerment programme as successful owing to the good yields from the investments.

He attributed the success to the efforts made by the district administration to monitor the skill and infrastructure capacity of the beneficiaries and provision of the necessary capacity building for those that needed help.

“The problem in the past was that youths were just given empowerment funds or logistics for projects they had no idea of or capacity to run but this time we ensured that those inadequacies were addressed, for example those that engaged in poultry were trained and were also given a supervisor from the Ministry of Agriculture and livestock to monitor and supervise them so that they do not make mistakes in managing the chicks,” he said.

And the youths have commended government for the empowerment which they said have enabled them to have a source of income.

Benson Chalwe, one of the beneficiaries from Kakoso South Youths Cooperative said his cooperative received chicks and managed to have money that met their financial obligations.

“The empowerment has really saved us from abject poverty, we appeal to government to continue empowering other youths in this manner as this is a sure way of eradicating poverty among youths who have no formal employment,” Mr. Chalwe said.

Government through the Ministry of Youth Sport and Child Development is currently running empowerment programmes aimed at eradicating poverty among youths by providing them with financial resources, farming inputs and day- old chicks among other logistics.


  1. For being empowered in their tenth year of their rule, and in an election year, and some people think it’s genuine empowerment. And all the past years, they never thought about this

  2. The translation of “empowerment” is of course “BRIBE”. And being the most corrupt government this country has ever had, Edgar China Lungu knows EVERYTHING of CORRUPTION!

  3. Praise government for what, they are just giving you back the money which your relatives are paying through tax, and you are praising them. And obviously, they are just giving you because of elections, that’s all

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