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We have delivered in improved working conditions for prison officers – President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu says his administration has delivered on its promise of improved working conditions of prison officers. President Lungu cited among the promises that government has fulfilled the harmonisation of salaries and construction of housing units for officers.

The Head of State said this during the official opening of the new Mwembeshi remand correctional centre. He also hinted that government has gone further by procuring uniforms and vehicles so as to ease transport challenges faced by the prisons.

“My government has also delivered its promise through, harmonisation of salaries, procurement of vehicles to ease transport challenges, uniforms, construction of better housing units, ” he said.

President Lungu revealed during his keynote address that 246 housing units have been constructed at Mukobeko correctional camp in Kabwe and 67 housing units at Kamfinsa correctional facility in Kitwe.

Others are 170 housing units at Mwembeshi correctional facility in Chilanga district and 30 housing units at Kitumba open air correctional farm in Mumbwa.

Additionally, government has constructed 70 housing units at Monze correctional centre and 28 housing units at Mumbwa correctional centre.

In addition government has constructed 62 housing units at Mkushi correctional centre and 49 housing units at Serenje correctional centre, among others.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu says the operationalization of the two remand and correctional facilities at Mwembeshi will help decongest correctional facilities overcrowded by 200 percent in the country.

President Lungu notes that most correctional facilities in the country were built in the 1950s stating that they have a limited bed capacity and are no-longer habitable in line with the Mandela rules.

“For instance the Mukobeko Maximum correctional facility holds over 3,000 inmates yet it has a capacity of only 400. This is unacceptable,” he said.

President Lungu said that government continues to explore other valuable options of improving the lives of inmates.

“One of the interventions we continue to use is the presidential pardon. Using my powers, I have pardoned over 10, 000 inmates from the time I took office, ” He said.

The Head of State said this when he commissioned the two facilities at Mwembeshi remand and correctional centre that government initiated the construction of the correctional facilities to improve the welfare of inmates and decongest the facilities in the country.

He pointed out that the ultra-modern facilities have a total bed capacity of 3,300.

” There are also state of the art holding cells, ablution blocks, towers and a health facility, among others,” he said.

The country’s bed capacity among correctional facilities is 9,150 but are currently holding over 23, 000 inmates.

And Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Masiye Banda commended government for changing the status of prisons to reformatory facilities which he said has improved the welfare of inmates.

Mr Banda said that President Lungu has proven that he has a heart for the most vulnerable in society by considering welfare of inmates from providing punitive services to that of reforming them.

He said the construction of the correction centre has changed the landscape the correctional facilities to reform inmates and integrate them into society.

Mr Banda said the Ministry of Home Affairs has benefitted from government development programmes saying the construction of housing units for the men and women in uniform, the construction of police stations and improvement of staffing levels.

And Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner Chisela Chileshe commended President Lungu for responding positively to the demands of modern correctional management which calls for the respect of inmate’s human rights as enshrined in the international and regional human rights conventions which Zambia is a party.


  1. What a terrible show. The mattresses that were showed last night on ZNBC news were only on loan from Tradekings and were on their way back to Lusaka five minutes after Edgar China Lungu left Mwembeshi! Improved conditions? Nonsense!

  2. Well Done PF , If and when Justice does prevail over our beloved Zambia,you Edgar Chagwa Lungu should occupy one of those prison beds.
    You took over a country in a fairly stable Economic State,and through Corruption & Economic Vandalism you’ve taken Zambia into one Economic Disaster.
    One knows a Country is ROTTEN when the New emerging Millionaires are Not Entrepreneurs,Businessmen,Farmers & Professionals,BUT Government Ministers ,Officials and Cadres.
    That’s Zambia Today,ROTTEN

  3. It is not just prison officers sir. You have improved lives of every Zambian. It has been like never before.

  4. Working conditions matter the most. It is the primary duty of the employer to provide good working conditions to employees. The government has done exactly the same. Thank you sir.

  5. Not just working conditions, you have improved their earnings too. That matters the most. With good working conditions and improved financial conditions, the workers give their 100% for the country.

  6. Wow! 246 housing units constructed at Mukobeko correctional camp in Kabwe and 67 housing units at Kamfinsa correctional facility in Kitwe is fantastic news! Thank you for caring for the employees sir!

  7. Pardoning 10,000 inmates is not a small decision. There is always possibility of reforming the inmates after some time in prison. We, as a civilised and peace loving society, must give them second chance to prove that they too, are good citizens.

  8. Two facilities at Mwembeshi remand and correctional centre to improve the welfare of inmates and decongest the facilities in the country is the most welcome step. The ultra modern facility with capacity of 3300 is just superb!

  9. That is the reason, majority of Zambians want to repeat you. We have to see many more changes and development in the country over the next five years.

  10. Once you come back to State House, please take legal action against Hakainde Hichilema. He and his blood thirsty men are on killing spree. They are intimidating innocent people of Zambia.

  11. There is nothing to boast about because there are reforms in most countries which embraces rule of law. This is new to Zambia because nobody bothered to improve prison conditions now that every one especially those in power have realized that they are equally potential clients hence their speedy implementation of prison reforms. The funds to construct various infrastructure and procurement of vehicles and uniforms for inmates and officers is from the treasury not personal pockets. Every country unless its a banana one has long term development plans to implement for its well being and we have to change to fit into modern times.

  12. Excellent performance. Vote ECL for better Zambia today and tomorrow. Congressman Menendez can have HH, we do not need him.

  13. I have to realize that a lot of people follow some political parties blindly and they are taught to object any good or bad that comes the ruling party.
    Thank you Mr President for what you have done in the last 10 years.
    Even those who don’t appreciate are also benefiting from your works.
    We are yet to see more as you return back into state house with your hard working team.

  14. Here is the summary of President Lungu’s record of success.
    – Fire tenders.
    – Tall gate scandal.
    – 48 houses.
    – load shedding
    – Gassing.
    – Corrupt Ministers.
    – Mukula Tree.
    – Expired drug and condoms.
    -2016 Election rigging.
    -Interference with court process.
    – PF cadre violence.
    – Condoning the violence.
    – Killing of innocent citizen.
    – Not firing the S.G
    – Appointment of 2 losing parliamentary candidates as minister Luo & Magarete 2016.
    – Soweto Market burning.
    -Tribal Cabinet.
    -Rwanda rebel funding
    -Condoning Presidential advicer’s behaviour KZ
    -Presidential jet.
    -Ritual killings & Ruth Mbangu’s scandal cover up.
    – Mukobeko Prison death cover up.
    – Association with Findlay.
    – Gold scandal.
    – Money printing at BOZ.
    -Reckless Chinese borrowing.
    – HH Treason…

  15. -Pension house purchase scandal.
    – COVID-19 funds scandal.
    – Load shedding
    – undemocratic PF convention.
    -ilegal filling of nomination.
    – Unfair registration of Voters process.
    -Suspension of students meal allowance.
    – High cost of living & essential commodities.
    – High exchange rate.
    – Building in gazettes forest no. 27
    – non payment of mine workers redundancy.
    – Sale of key assets Zesco, Mines
    -Dubious Road contracts.
    -Appointments of unqualified con. court judges
    -Default on loan repayments.
    – Ilegal third term bid.
    – Threats of arrest to key -workers Residential doctors.
    – blocking HH. and political opponents from freely campaigning.


  16. Superb Facilities at OVERPRICED COSTS.
    Overcrowded Prisons because Citizens resorted Crime due Economic Hardships.Citizens resorted to Lawlessness due Hyper Unemployment,No Jobs ,No Opportunities.
    It’s the Economy Stupid,the Economy.
    Fix the Economy & there’ll no need for bigger prisons.


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