Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hundreds turn up to vote in Shibuyunji District


District Electoral Officer Boyd Mboyi says voters in shibuyunji have turned up in large numbers.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mboyi said that it is safe to say that there is no voter apathy in the District.

He says all the polling stations in the district were declared open today at exactly 06:00 hours in the morning and people lined up to cast their vote as early as 03:00 hours and 04:00 hours in the morning today.

Mr. Mboyi says of all the wards in the district, Nampundwe polling stations have experienced long queues at 12:00 hours.

The District Electoral Officer has also declared that so far the voting process was orderly and peaceful and that no violence has been recorded.

Meanwhile, Mwembezhi Primary School Polling station of Kalundu Ward Presiding Officer Charles Mwachindalo has disclosed to ZANIS that of the 577registered voters at the polling station 348 people have managed to cast their vote.

He adds that all voters adhered to the COVID-19 guidelines and that no challenges were faced.

He has further described the mood of voters at the polling station as peaceful and that there was no voter apathy.


  1. Why Has the PF CORRUPT ENTERPRISE OF A GOVERNMENT Shut down the Internet & Social at the most Critical time for Citizens to Communicate.
    This is TOTALLY UNDEMOCRATIC and clearly demonstrates the fact they are up to no good.
    They’re trying Impede the Democratic will of the people of Zambia.
    Citizens stay vigilant,they should never be allowed to steal our Votes

  2. And vigilant the people are. I have never been this proud to be Zambian.
    I am very happy that there is a record turnout at the polling stations across the nation. We desperately need change. If the incoming government underperforms we shall happily vote them out too and any other government that underperforms in future.

    Leaders are servants of the people and NOT masters of the people.

  3. Lusaka Times itself has written to comfirm the shutting of internet.Yes in the morning it was running, by afternoon it was shut down up to now Am using VPN.
    It’s wrong to shut flow of information besides internet is used for business, location etc.

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