Thursday, June 20, 2024

Lusaka central counts 10 out of 116 polling stations


Counting of ballot papers following yesterday’s August 12, general elections has continued in Lusaka District.

Lusaka Central Constituency Returning officer Sandra Manyangwe has so far announced results from 10 out of 116 polling stations.

In the Presidential race, Ms Manyangwe announced that of the 16 presidential candidates, five contenders which includes Fred M’membe of the socialist party got 6 votes, Chishala Kateka of Heritage part scored 11 and Democratic Party Harry Kalaba got 21 votes.

She disclosed that the Movement for Multiparty Democracy’s Nevers Mumba got 22, while Patriotic Front’s Edgar Lungu got 1,854 making the UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema to lead with 3,185 votes.

Ms Manyangwe also announced results at parliamentary level from 11 of the 116 polling stations.

She disclosed that MMD’s Makwakwa Phosie scored 36 votes, Mtandu Mashindi of DP got 38, Mwila Simon of Socialist party scored 97, while Mlewa Msaiwale an independent got 212 and Margaret Mwanakatwe of PF got 1,946 making Haimbe Mulambo of UPND to score 3,113 votes.

Meanwhile results at Mayoral level from 10 polling stations out of 116 indicate that Chilufya Tayali of Economic and Equity party got 323 votes, Chombela Clergy of the DP scored 47 votes while Musonda Rabbeca of the Socialist party got 34 votes and Chitangala Chilando of PF got 1,895 making Nyasulu Victor of the UPND to lead with 2,759 votes.


  1. The American style democracy we adopted does not permit anyone to rule past 10 years (two terms). It is time for a new mandate.

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