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“Who is the strange cadre escorting HH on the guard of honor and trying to get instruments of power?”


BY Raphael Mangani NAKACINDA Former Water Development Minister.

We have a very strong observation during yesterday’s SWEARING IN CEREMONY where we saw state security taking a very minimal role in yesterday’s function. We discovered that the President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema was surrounded by his party cadres as his security who have not swore to any oath of the nation and cannot be accountable to anyone.

When President HH went for the guard of honor, there was a cadre who escorted him. He instead chose to have a cadre escort him during his guard of honor, instead of his ADC from Zambia police who was clad in ceremonial gear.

The swearing ceremony custom and its swearing-in party have been established in the laws of Zambia and what type of procedure is prescribed to be followed.

Secondly, the vehicle the President used must be explained. The GLOBE including foreign dignitaries who attended yesterday’s inauguration are amused by the embarrassing situation where President Hakainde refused to use state vehicles, instead, he chose to use his private vehicle and he asked the American security from the American embassy here to scrutinize that vehicle.

Why has he chosen America over and above his own people and institutions that he so desired to preside over? What message is he sending to our security agencies and our defence force, when he cannot trust them?

How can a President refuse to jump on Zambia’s state vehicles as prescribed? He is exposing the nation badly with his fainted paranoia. We must differentiate between institutional and personal things.

On this, we are demanding an explanation from the Secretary to Cabinet to give us a full report of what transpired there regarding the person who escorted the President on the guard of honor, the vehicle the President used, and 75 percent of the cadres who were surrounding the President.

This also should be explained by the Commissioner State House, the Inspector General together with Zambia State Intelligence Service. We want to know his service number in the Zambia Police Service.

Everyone who works in security institutions including Statehouse or indeed on state functions were employed to serve the state and swore to protect the constitution and not political parties, so let us not BEGIN A PURGE and VICTIMISATION of innocent people, these are innocent people, these people swore allegiance to serve the Zambian people without fear or favor.

Even in 1991 when there was a change of govt at the time there was a ONE PARTY DICTATORSHIP when State Security and intelligence were so complicated and sophisticated, but the one who was elected Dr. CHILUBA had to comply to constitutional requirements. Everyone who has come after that have followed suit, because it’s not about your wish but about the requirements.

We don’t want to set the wrong precedence where State institutions are disregarded which are established by law with impunity. HH is no longer a private citizen, he is now a state asset and everything about him has now got to be checked and accounted for. It’s not the first time we are changing govt, Zambia as a country has got laid down procedures on how state functions are performed to fulfill the requirements as prescribed by law. In 1991 we had a change of govt and in 2011 we had a similar process, but what we witnessed yesterday WE HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

President Hakainde Hichilema taking the oath of office as the 7th Zambian President before Justice Micheal Musonda during the Inauguration ceremony at heroes Stadium yesterday. Tuesday, August 24, 2021

We don’t want people to be sneaked into the system without following procedures or indeed formally, this will jeopardize and compromise the security’s integrity of our country to which Hakainde swore to uphold and safeguard.

We don’t want to see individual houses being gazetted to become State House. Zambia has established state places where State functions and state institutions are established. This is a 7th President and all the other six have followed laid down procedures and customs.

We hope this avoidance to observe state procedures as established by law with impunity, does not become a norm, otherwise, state institutions run the risk of being run over by partisan operatives at the expense of the nation. We want to warn state institutions especially the State House and ZSIS to move in, don’t be afraid to do the right thing, this is about the nation and not an individual’s feelings.
The media must take a keen interest in these anomalies and what is yet to come. Let us not dignify indecency and illegalities.

Kindly take note, that I will be having a SPECIAL PRESS BRIEFING tomorrow morning to address numerous PERTINENT matters of national interest at a venue to be announced later.


  1. You need properly trained security personnel to hold that position. Someone who has been to a military school, someone with firearms training.

    Anyway, he is president, he can do whatever he wants.

  2. EVEN nonentities want to peep out their heads…ati “…we are demanding an explanation from the Secretary to Cabinet to give us a full report of what transpired there regarding the person who escorted the President …”, who are you?
    How does a Water Development Minister, know about all these things he mentioned above, in fact its him revealing State Secret, which could end him in trouble.
    Why is it that the people from MMD are the ones screming? Nevers Mumba is talking about boooing, now this chap is talking about security, what is wrong with these people?



  4. Eshhhhh , this nakachinda is desperate for attention……

    from refusing to stand down at MMD to ripping MMD apart , he still seeks relevance ????

    Bowman lusambo comes to mind…..

  5. This nakachinda is practising the bowman lusambo politics of who makes most noise…..

    Nakachinda , seek relevance by showing us what good work you have done in public service instead of this noise …….

  6. Ba Raphael, you are very petty. Your assertions are like asking what was in the instruments of power, when you are politically exposed.

    Go back and look at Anderson ” Mwana Mubotu Kambela” Mazoka’s old photos, that man has always been the body guard.

    It was lack of communication, between the outgoing regime to the new dawn regime. If you noticed the President made a few gaffes, but now the intelligence are doing their job.

    If your memory serves you well, even Chiko Bwalya almost entered Mwanawasa’s car as a body guard.

    What is even wrong with his beautiful car? And please don’t mess with the Americans, you can’t even do a back flip.

    It is like you saying why is he still staying at his beautiful mansion, which looks like state already.

    You must retire buddy, you…

  7. Mr.Nakachinda, you do that when you don’t trust the person you is handing over power to you.

    HH or anyone doesn’t need to explain himself …

  8. As if you would trust anyone from OP and ZP after you have jailed 15 times on flimsy grounds especially that ZP is infested with cadres!!

  9. Raphael Mangani NAKACINDA is the moron who was nominated as an MP by Lazy Lungu simply to destroy MMD…this moron would jump at any position in the new govt to ridicule PF….he is a rat with no integrity.

  10. That is totally nonsensical because as it stands those are the same institutions that harassed HH and the UPND since Lungu began his reign as president of Zambia. How on earth would he trust them immediately, they need to prove that they will abide by the law and worth the job of protecting the very person they persecuted and jailed several times. I want to see many people from these institutions transferred to other places and regions. The entire police service and security wings are infiltrated with cadres alike. Nachinda can simply suck it up or try something else!

  11. Well said, Rafa. How can you ask American security to check the presidential vehicle?? Did you see those upnd thugs in suits trying to intimidate Simon Mwewa TV??

  12. There is no way HH can trust state security after what they did to him at his house, he and his family were beaten by the same state security, bundled him in a kennel full of faeces and prison was his second home. Today you want him to just jump into their vehicle as if nothing happened in the past. He is the only person who was brutalised, equated to a dog and spat at before becoming a president, so forget about those constitutional requirements of yours.

  13. This Nakachinda needs relax. He’s in such a frenzy he doesn’t even know where he will be tomorrow morning. Just breath, it’s not that hard.

    And LT you’ve got to do better than report such things as “news”. No one wants to hear a silly man still in denial blow his top over nothing. Rather do these people a favor and keep them from embarrassing themselves. At least tell them to count to ten and think first. Also isn’t there any real news to report at a time like this?

  14. Maybe HH new plan is to sell off all these gov’t cars and make ministers and the like use there own like first world countries do. they only have a few state owned cars like the one the president or PM use , not every minister , PS, and their garden boys

  15. Ba UPND, if you don’t pivot very quickly from opposition party mentality to the Party in power, and you keep supporting this n0nsense3 HH’s will rub off sooner than you think. Please know that there is a reason why Presidential Security officers go through extensive vetting, both physically and psychologically. Not to mention exhaustion security background checks. HH is no longer just another political party leader, he is the President of the country. A position with far reaching consequences in terms of his security. This is no place to bring in your personal security guards from God knows where. This is no time to be cavalier about his security and the security of State secrets. You don’t bring people who have NEVER sworn any oath upon which they can be held accountable if things…

  16. go wrong…..and believe me, things can go south pretty quick. Don’t make the job of People charged with the responsibility of your security unnecessarily difficult for nothing. Presidential
    security officers (OP) have done their job brilliantly since the Kaunda days, don’t let unfounded paranoia cloud your judgement on matters of your security as President of our republic. Take this issue very seriously!

  17. To you yappers who are on here spouting off r@bbish on such serious issues should just crawl back to your curves you crawled from. HH is now the commander in chief of all our armed forces and the intelligence apparatus of our country. Very highly sensitive and classified intelligence will be passing through his desk everyday, the last thing you need around him is characters whose backgrounds no one knows or can attest to. People around the President go through the ringer (in terms of vetting) before they are allowed even within an inch of the President. So for anyone to take this as a “NO-BIG-DEAL” issue is really silly, to say the least.

  18. …day one in opposition my friend…it’s going to be a long road for you and KZ. You will have to tighten your belts the way you made the Zambian people do for all the years you fattened yourselves on stolen money. HH is free to have a bodyguard he trusts. He is a man of sound judgement–look at his choice of VP for example compared to who Lungu chose? No, this is not time for bitterness. Congratulations to his excellency, HH and her honor Mrs Nalumango.

  19. …and for the record, this man is not just a bodyguard but a true and loyal friend who was willing to follow HH even into Mukobeko itself. I hope Rafael Nakacinda can be such a friend to ECL. I doubt though given how he jumped ship from MMD, but we will see.

  20. @ Yambayamba
    Ask yourself this question…first of all HH looks like he’s really hungry for power…do you think HH would be able to hand over power peacefully if he loses in 2026…..I think they will be some serious skirmishes and his UPND supporters i think would encourage him to stay in power especially those from 3 Provinces…no offense but that’s the truth… you saw how the humble wife was dressed….kikikikikikikiki….Power is sweet

  21. Whoooooops! Is he our president or still upndead president exclusively?
    Don’t worry, he was taking baby steps at every level of the guard at the ceremony.
    Tell me that he has a lot to learn, hasn’t he. Does and don’ts.
    Job on training. Kikikikikikijukija. JOT.
    The Government will be by trial and error. Extremely dangerous state of affairs.
    But if he continues to be stubborn leave him alone, let’s see what happens.

  22. There is time for everything. Even Chiluba could not shake KK;s hand, he chose to hold him around the wrist, WHY?. HH was only elected last week and I;m sure vetting is still going because there are still some in the Police and intellegency who personally pay allegiance to ECL, that is jus human. Soon things will get back to normal and satisfy Kachinda’s expectations

  23. What is Nakacinda’s interest in all this? Does he want to dictate President HH’s Personal Security Arrangements? In what capacity? These are State Secrets which Civilians like Nakacinda should not know about. President HH’s Personal Security cannot be entrusted to the heavily PF Cadre ZPS. Nakacinda should find another way to vent his anger over the PF Election loss. Nakacinda has no business discussing President HH’s Personal Security in the Public Domain. Period.

  24. I’ve @Musa, don’t be silly. HH’s security is no longer about him alone. Get that through you thick skull, you hear? HH is now a State Asset, so his security is now in the hands of the State, Zambia. And Zambia have officers who have undergone extensive training and vetting to provide Presidential Security. What makes these people, allover of sudden, PF cadres when they have performed these same duties for all past Presidents with distinction? The Presidence has changed parties twice before and none of those Presidents ever thought of bringing their UNTRAINED security guards into the office of the President with them. So why are you encouraging this n0nsense3 here?

  25. Raphael Nakachinda is spot on when he says “We must differentiate between institutional and personal things.” Only people who do not understand how the administration of matters of the state is done cannot see anything wrong with what HH has started doing. Yesterday, on BBC website was a picture of HH inspecting a guard of honour in white gloves and an inscription making fun of HH. When HH was receiving the instrument of power from ECL he had white gloves on. After he finished with that he was again seen changing those gloves and wearing a new pair. It is very clear HH is a very suspicious man. He thought anyone including the outgoing President was out to poison him. The failure to use a vehicle provided to him by the state is also another indication of an insecure man. Even that guy…

  26. …around him does not come across as a body guard. He looks more like some traditional medicine man who has been kept since the time of Mazoka. There were very strange things that happened at Heroes stadium when HH and his party security team was being stopped by the state security team so the latter could do their job. The state security team was psychologically being intimidated by a member of HH’s party security team who unzipped his trousers and exposed his genitals to them. We now have a man in state house who believes in dark forces. Is it any surprise therefore that HH could not mention in his inaugural speech about maintaining Zambia as a Christian Nation?

  27. Just come to terms with the fact that you ain’t relevant no more. We won’t be needing this kind of nonsense.

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