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Lusambo instructs his lawyers to deal with the Woman accusing him of being the father of her four children


A LUSAKA woman who has accused Kabushi member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo of fathering three children with her with a fourth one on the way, has been warned of court action at her own cost if she does not give a satisfactory reply over her allegations.

This is contained in a letter addressed to the woman identified as Mercy Matongo Cowham by Mr. Lusambo’s lawyers Makebi Zulu Advocates.

In the letter, Michael Chola Kanga of the law firm, says in the video footage published on September 27, 2021 and circulated by Prime TV, Ms. Cowham made false, unfounded, and defamatory references and attacks on Mr. Lusambo.

Mr. Kanga advised Ms. Cowham that the false, unfounded, and defamatory personal references and attacks on Mr. Lusambo in the said video amount to serious libel and malicious falsehoods; and could have been ill-conceived.

He said the statements and continued publication of the same, which are far from the truth, have damaged Mr. Lusambo’s reputation and led to his being shunned by right-thinking members of society as the statements falsely alleged that the Kabushi MP has been in a sexual relationship with Ms. Cowham for the past eight years; and fathered four children with her.

He said Mr. Lusambo’s instructions are that the statements are grossly untruthful and constitute serious libel and malicious falsehoods against him and have adversely affected his good standing in society.

“Having regard to our client’s repute, our client is clearly entitled to substantial compensation for the unwarranted and malicious attack on his reputation. Our firm instructions are to demand, as we do now, that you cease and desist from issuing falsities against our client and that you do render a retraction of the aforesaid publication and statements, a written apology, and in any other form to be dictated by our client,” Mr. Kanga said.

He further warned that if the activity from Ms. Cowham continues, the law firm has strict instructions to seek injunctive relief and damages against her in the matter.

“Unless we receive a satisfactory reply by close of business today (yesterday), we belabor strict instructions to issue court process at your cost and without any further recourse to you.”


  1. Accused of impregnating someone and you resolve via lawyers – this is not how it’s done unless one is trying to hide something that is pretty much resembling truth. Simple questions – 1. Do you know this woman 2. Have you had canal knowledge with her? If both answers are yes then plausible cause of Lusambo being the father is there. Go for DNA test as that is what will exonerate you and not the lawyers. Anyway time will tell but stop threatening the poor girl and do the right thing

  2. Why are you threatening a pregnant woman? She already has enough stress. Are you saying she came from nowhere to just start accusing you? Man up and take a DNA test. Lawyers should not be used to silence people of little means. It’s abuse of law and an Injustice that will definitely bring the wrath of God on you Lusambo.

  3. This is normal when you are a handsome and successful man such as ourselves. Even I have had numerous women claiming I fathered their ugly children. This is the level of desperation pertaining under upnd. Can hh give them the jobs he promised so that they stop claiming lies for few money from upnd propagandists

  4. If Hon Lusambo is serious about his innocence, why not go for a DNA test? Resemblance alone is not sufficient to prove paternity of a child because the world is replete with examples of cases where two people resemble but they are not biologically related. The solution is a DNA test. So Hon Lusambo, prove that the Mercy’s children and her pregnancy are not yours by subjecting them to a DNA test. i am surprised that it is the woman demanding for a DNA test instead of the lawmaker. Anyway the drama continues.

  5. Only the truth shall sent you free. Are those your children or not? But then, from the look of things that lady is a gold digger. She’s a very cheap woman. She’s like many Zambian women. Doesn’t she see anything wrong with having 4 children, whom she can’t even afford to support, with a man that isn’t her husband? Shame! These gimmicks don’t work nowadays. Even in the US they tried on Trump but they failed. He just admitted that indeed he used to grab them by their ginas! Get a life! It’s common for many women to hang around married men for favours, it’s so cheap. Having children with somebody isn’t an achievement in life. Don’t be proud about it

  6. There is no smoke without fire? mwalasebana bamudala best way is to talk to your insane bitch you know her, she cannot of all people pick your hideous face you must have nailed her on several occasions

  7. PF mentality. Any and everything wrong in social norms. Please go prove that the woman’s children are not yours through a DNA not using lawyers on a poor woman. There is no way anyone can come from nowhere and start claiming such things. Why is this news. Let this Kaponya go sort his private issues. We are more interested in him explaining where he got the 1 or 2 million zmk to spend like it was nothing. Zambians need answers if public funds were used for none public activities.

  8. People of Kabushi …only god knows what they fed you in August…although this is a bit far fetched the story of those kids but looking at it from a Zambian point of view our women nowadays dont care whether their blesser is married and for Bowman like most MPs who have two houses and Parliament Motel this is not new.

  9. KZ, you seriously expect HH to give a job to Bowman? That’s the same as eating a poisonous snake! Until Bowman comes up with a negative DNA test, Zambians will believe the woman to be truthful!

  10. Why try to fight a young lady with lawyers?
    Just do a DNA and prove it to her.
    Why has she not picked anybody else?
    I know she also has weak points as she says
    She has had these relation for eight years?
    So why continue?

  11. The reason why this lady could not talk was that Lusambo MIGHT have threatened her, with the new dawn freedom, it’s helping even in the households. If Lusambo thinks he can continue to silence or intimidate this lady by hiring the most expensive lawyers then “aloba ilyauma”. Lets support this lady with financial donations for her cause to stand against this monster. If 1milion kwacha is a small change for him, how can he “make children” without supporting them? Instead of issuing threats, he shougld be running to get a DNA test chapwa, and that can easily dispel out the doubts, by using legal case threats, that indicate there is “some truth ” in the whole story. LUSAMBO, MAN-UP, and TAKE THE DNA !!

  12. Umuntu – Lawyers can not gag her if she has proof that Bowman was her partner …remember she claims to have nude pictures of this silly boy…he was too arrogant during PF regime. I know quite a lot of PF officials who even paraded their slay queens and girlfriends with the full knowledge of their wives…their wives couldnt do anything as the young girls will more than happy to take over.

  13. The lady must have been so dull to accept 4 pregnancies. Wasn’t she supposed to learn a lesson from a first pregnancy? Or at least even the 2nd if she gave him BOD on the first.
    This is unacceptable of her.

  14. BL settle this issue amicably agree to support your children we know you were weak so just kneel before her those lawyers will just finish your cash…am sure you are now sweating because the millions you had thereizno just explain and soon the law will visit you… save the money for real legal issues rather than spending to silence the woman….

  15. No corruption learn to read. I said let them give the promised jobs to desperate women like this claimer. Why would I or lusambo need a job from upnd? Our businesses and investments are flourishing. You and people like tarino who were crying for people to vote your party in, how has your life changed? Tarino is still a useless blogger who is cleaning toilets there abroad haha

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