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President Hichilema resolved on FIC,DEC,ACC autonomy


President Hichilema has pledged to not interfere in the operations of investigative wings and government institutions.

This is according to a press statement released by Special Assistant to the President on Press and Public relations Anthony Bwalya.

Mr. Bwalya said State house has reaffirmed President Hichilema’s unflinching resolve not to interfere in operations of statutory bodies such as the Financial Intelligence Centre(FIC),Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

The President will not interfere in the operations of the investigative wings and other governance institutions ,therefore remains committed to ensuring that they will continue to execute their statutory obligations autonomously.

The statement continued to say the New Dawn Administration under the leadership pf President Hichilema will continue to support these institutions in its drive to bring new efficiencies in the manner they serve the public interest ,particularly in the fight against corruption at the heart of government.

This statement comes under the heels of the backlash faced by the UPND government for placing the newly created Anti Financial and Economics Crimes Commission and Office of the Public Protector under the office of the President.


  1. A f00Iish man once said ” I will be in charge of these organisations but not in control”.

    Total madness and confusion under the new k0lwe government

  2. It’s like saying I am the president of the country but not the leader of it. This corrupt little boy hh thinks some of us were born yesterday.

  3. This is ridiculous, how can a rat promise not to eat groundnuts placed in its box overnight, or a man swear that he won’t touch an attractive woman that shares a bed with him overnight? Corruption occurs in the corridors of power, that’s why these investigative wings are set up independent of political and government influence. This move is scandalous at best and shows the hypocrisy of the donor community and CSOs in the country for keeping quiet. How are these people expected to investigate themselves? We should just believe that they’ll do the right thing? This is the highest form of corruption yet.

  4. I am now off to my office and will leave you upnd diasporans to comment below and continue singing praises to your tribal demigod

  5. The so called corruption watchdogs, Transparency International, CISCA, Elias munshya, Laura Miti and Kasonde from Chapter One, the British and American Ambassadors and toothless LAZ are all quiet about this monumental scandal against checks and balances after barking about corruption all this time.

    Autonomy : meaning. freedom from external control or influence; independence.
    “the courts enjoy a considerable degree of autonomy”

  6. This man has proved to be a liar! He says and does opposites. He thinks Zed is stupid. And the gullible tribal ethnicity will defend him….God forbid!!

  7. #6 Are you surprised? The local critics can’t act against this government while it’s still filling vacancies left after firing PF appointees….they are hoping to fill those. As for the international Community they can’t act against someone sponsored by them…. it’s important to note that the British government imperialism is normally carried out by multinationals and rich people like Cecil Rhodes… the trend is still active even now where now even Africans like Obasanjo are sponsoring individuals who they can manipulate. This is a proxy war against Chinese influence in Africa.

  8. The ACC had some semblance of autonomy where it was.

    But Mr. President, under your roof? No, theliz no.

  9. What is needed is to set up Internal control Department and reconstructions, not persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.

  10. Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Gosh, PF Vuvuzelas shooting aimlessly in the air and hoping one bullet catches HH. Take it easy fellaz, I know you are still reeling from your loss. Some didn’t even read the article.
    The man has effectively denied the rumour going rounds that he will control the ACC and DEC. This is official assurance and I’m relieved.
    However I do agree that in its current form the ACC is unable to serve it’s constitutional mandate and it needs to be supported and rebrandished (just not under the President’s wing as earlier reported).

  11. Yes President HH , we agree that those oversight institutions or investigative wings should be autonomous.
    However, the current situation is that the ACC, DEC,NPA and the Police are contaminated with PF cadres who turned a blind eye when criminality was taking place.Furthermore, you have PF cadres in the judiciary who preside over cases in the magistrate courts, high courts, ConCourt(most rotten) and Supreme Court.
    Mr President , you wont win the fight against corruption with these PF cadres or sympathizers in your midst.

  12. Well time has a way of shaming people.
    It will all be revealed whether like KZ you have nothing to show or say except to hide behind tribal lines.
    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
    We are watching whether abuse will prevail like under ECL regime.

  13. In Zambia independent/ autonomous public institutions should not be shielded from scrutiny on their performance. Why don’t we have parliamentary committees such as the Public Accounts Committee to hold hearings from ACC, FIC and DEC if and when these independent or autonomous institutions fail to perform to expectations of the public? Parliament should establish effective mechanisms to hold these autonomous institutions to account on their performance. Being autonomous should not mean being free to under perform without oversight. Establish effective parliamentary oversight committees for so called independent institutions on corruption. I urge Parliament to consider establishing such oversight committees which can call such public institutions and hold them to account on their…

  14. Under lungu those institutions were said to be independent and not overseen by his office yet we had the worst corruption and looting of tax payers money in the history of zambia………..

    It’s time to try another track , If it means putting those institutions under the oversight of the president’s office, let it be…..

    When HEHH is sacking heads of institutions, the PF rats are crying , ……….

    So now HEHH is saying , I will not sack you , work on merit , but we will be watching you………

  15. Zambia is not ready for independent autonomous institutions like DEC, ACC, FIC etc for the simple reason that these are PF bastions, all management positions were appointed by Edgar China Lungu who will be rolling on the ground with laughter – he and his thieving friends are safe!

  16. What are you complaining about KZ? This is a godsend for you and your thieving corrupt PF friends? I bet Edgar China Lungu was shaking in his boots when he lost the election, but now he can just continue stealing bribing as never before!

  17. This could be the bigining of self destruction. just yous cough can bring fear into the workers and what more reporting to you? besides as things are the whore country is under your office now why bring unnecessary criticism on yourself?

  18. Sorry but a pledge is not legally binding. We should have separation of powers to allow these institutions to do their work. How do you appoint someone and tell them you will not interfere with their work but when it comes to dealing with you, you have the powers to dismiss them? A bit like telling someone as long as it’s not me, I will not interfere in your work. Good idea but we need this done properly so that the shu shu shu can work without fear.

  19. UPND is doing exactly what the PF did to have these institutions under the control of the President. It was wrong for PF but it is now right in UPND. That is why CSOs and donors are quiet. Things will remain the same. Politicians are the same.

  20. If these institutions did not perform well when they were standing in the ”independent mode”, how would you expect new results in this same old model?. You can not expect new results using a failed models, so you have to change and try something else. It may work or it may fail, but it is always better to try something else. Learning from the past, many Zambian institutions did RELATIVELY well under KK because he supported them to do their work.

  21. @ Spaka, what if the corrupt acts involve the a President himself and his inner circle as it did Chiluba and the Zamtrop account? These institutions have now lost all credibility in the eyes of justice and fairness. Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done. If these wings go for anyone in opposition who will believe that it’s not a political hack job. As it is there are unfinished allegations of impropriety during the privatization exercise, how will these wings pursue those allegations if at all since the president himself was mentioned as a person of interest? Let’s get serious.

  22. Tell Bally that in governance public perception matters. By placing the ACC under his office, everything that the ACC will do will be taken as under instruction from Bally. So where is the commitment to their independence? Some of have been around longer and are smarter than the chaps holding higher offices, so don’t us for granted. Nipano tuli

  23. Preparing to manage all corruption investigations from plot 1 is a direct way of interfering with the work of these organizations.

  24. it is simply the beginning of dictatorship. Look at the history on dictators and check out the first things they do to pave way for their antics.

  25. Northern Rhodesia was a colonial prison, we looked to the future Zambians ( born from 1960 onwards) to create a Shangri-la called Zambia, what did we get? Throwbacks!! ” Icalo ubune!!! Icakushiila ba kolwe naba kwiindi”. State institutions in someone’s pocket?

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