Thursday, February 29, 2024

Maize at FRA depot go to waste


Over hundred by 50 kilogrammes bags of maize purchased by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) might waste away due to the damaged grain bags that are tearing up.

ZANIS reports that more than hundred bags stored at Chaulu depot in Mpulungu District could go to waste due to damaged grain bags that have opened up and letting the maize out.

An inspection by Northern Province Minister Leonard Mbao revealed that bags of maize secured with tarpaulins are tearing up and the grain is pouring out.

And Mr Mbao has questioned the criteria used to certify the quality of grain bags by the FRA.

Mr Mbao, who is also Mpulungu area Member of Parliament, described the situation is unacceptable and a drain on government resources.

He said a thorough investigation needs to be conducted to establish how the FRA could be supplied with substandard grain bags.

The Minister said despite the crop marketing exercise having being hampered by a shortage of empty grain bags it is saddening that the quality is also compromised.

Mr Mbao toured selected satellite depots to check on resumption of the sale of maize which was already delivered by farmers to the buying points.


  1. Minister of Agriculture should explain this in parliament, there are also too many PF appointees still in the system who if not removed quickly will continue sabotaging UPND programmes. Look at how bitter people like Given Lubinda are not even explaining what they will do differently or revamp plan, their agenda is every day attacking the much loved HH by Zambians

  2. Can’t common sense be used to repackage the maize? Can they take a tonga there to sort out that mess. It seems only hh can solve pf created problems

  3. Surely failing secure just a few bags can be such a hustle? I have always said it’s not always government’s fault but our attitude.

  4. @Tarino. Can you share information about the mess only a Tonga has sorted that people from any other tribes have not? The way you talk is very divisive and a recipe for hatred. You’re clearly and intentionally spitting on all the Lozi’s, Luvales’s, Bemba’s, Kaonde’s, Ngonies, etc, all of who voted for HH. No people from one tribe are 100% perfect. If other tribes retariate and isolate Tongas, is that going to make you happy? Think before you type.

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