Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Harry Kalaba expelled from the Democratic Party


The Democratic Party (DP) Executive Committee has expelled its President Harry Kalaba. DP Vice President Judith Kabemba said that this decision was arrived at after concerns that Mr. Kalaba has been bringing former PF members into the party without approval from the Central Committee.

Mrs. Kabemba alleges that Mr. Kalaba is not even a registered member of the party but was only invited to contest as 2021 Presidential candidate after he left the PF.

She has told Journalists that the DP is a party that believes in transparent leadership that does not segregate.

Meanwhile, DP National Treasurer Justin Nkonge said that the party still remains united because its members agree with the decision made by the Central committee.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr. Kalaba proved futile as his phone went unanswered by broadcast time.


  1. Too many jokers in Zambian politics. Can this party just join upnd and stop wasting our time or get themselves a leader who is tonga and competent to handle hh.

  2. He left the PF, now he has been kicked out of the DP – I know something: Edith Nawakwi will be very happy with him, after all she knows everything about defectors.

  3. Zambian Politicians never learn this issue of expelling and then putting inunctions to block the decision just makes your party weaker …just look where it got MMD and NDC. PF will not be able to fill the void of opposition as they are contaminated and dont want to bring in ne blood at the top. These smaller parties like DP can fill that space only if they dont start getting thieves from PF.

  4. Yaba African politics…too much hunger and Politics is now big business just like churches…different from Kaunda era politics

  5. Such issue would have said PF is sponsoring divisions in the parties.but now PF is not in power , who is? It proves it has never been PF

  6. Harry Kalaba looks smart but he doesn’t think properly. He hijacked somebody’s Party and began to masquerade as its owner and leader but now time has caught up with him. If he’s a man enough let him register his own Party and undergo the security scrutiny. Most of these chaps that talk too much are just time wasters.

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