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Action Aid Zambia is disappointed with ACC’s deal with Faith Musonda


Action Aid Zambia is disappointed with the move taken by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to allow the case involving journalist Faith Musonda who was found in possession of K65 million and US$57,000 and a house in Lusaka’s new Kasama area which have since recovered to go without further investigations after a seizure agreement was entered into.

Section 80 of the anti-corruption act no 3 of 2012 allows the state to grant amnesty to accused persons on condition that they admit wrongdoing and return what they acquired through corrupt practices.

But Action Aid Zambia country director Nalucha Ziba argues that this legal amnesty will not help fight corruption in any way, as the case was supposed to be followed to its latter in order to serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders.

Mrs. Ziba feels this move only weakens the country’s fight against corruption adding that the desire of Zambians is to see a government that will come up with mechanisms to help curb corruption.

She has since called on the government to strengthen institutions that work against corruption especially in dealing with financial crimes.


  1. There’s no way we’re going to fight corruption, injustice and economic reforms with UPND administration, UPND administration is not principled, to many alliances.

    “To bend over backwards is to work extra hard to make something happen, particularly to help someone or to make them happy. If your smart friend bends over backwards to help you pass your math test, you owe her a huge thanks.”

  2. You can not fight corruption with the same systems that helped the selfsame big fish like Dr Chilufya get away…the whole system is contaminated…Faith Musonda has to do at least 3 to 5 years. How can someone who steals a chicken be doing 5 years yet someone who is in possession of proceeds of crime walk away,,,and this is taxpayers money that was meant for front line services like hospitals.

  3. I fully agree with Action Aid. Faith Musonda should just go to JAIL. It basically means that corruption goes UNPUNISHED: you say sorry and return everything that you stole, without any penalty. I think I will go and do that tomorrow! Edgar China Lungu and his cronies are surely laughing all the way to the bank!

  4. What people should asking is the source of that money not pronouncing this woman guilty. As long as they don’t tell us where she got the money from it will be impossible for anyone to decide her status. I know some people wanted this money to be traced to the PF but unfortunately what you want may not be a reality. Right now there people with massive amounts of money and if they offend someone along the line they too will be exposed.

  5. #5 At one copperbelt council an employee always asks for money in order to approve building plans. The same person when you find him at Pigalle Bar is always accusing the former government of being corrupt. So what does Oxford English dictionary define Corruption?

  6. Faith should be arrested and keys thrown away. My brothers and sisters in zambia get locked up for stealing chicken or merely falling in love with a fellow male man. Very backward country. You would rather arrest a gay man than arrest thieves who are stealing national resources. That is why I can never live in zambia again. Uncivilised

  7. This is not what the Zambian people voted for. I can’t believe that UPND has developed amnesia so quickly and don’t recall why the Zambian people put them in office, namely to arrest and hold the looters of the national assets accountable. UPND is doing the exact opposite of what they were voted for by the Zambian people. Letting Faith Musonda go scot-free, and keep Zambians in the dark concerning the investigation, smacks of PF shenanigans. The fight against corruption should be completely transparent. Zambians deserve to know who stole their assets and want to see them punished to full extent of the law. Faith Musonda is just as criminal as the people who gave her the stolen money. She’s part of the crime syndicate. You can bargain with her for a lesser sentence in exchange for…

  8. Let’s be realistic. It’s difficult to convict for corruption especially in her case, how do you prove she stole? She didn’t. She got it from someone else. The best you can do is give her a deal and use her while you continue investigating. This case was going to be lost. We’re all upset but let’s be realistic.

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