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ZAMTEL Scoops Top Customer Service Award, Named Best Internet Service Provider


ZAMTEL has been named the Best Internet Service Provider in Zambia for its Velocity internet service at the just ended Customer Service Excellence Awards Gala Dinner.

Zamtel picked up the Customer Choice Award at the event held in Livingstone on Friday night based on a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute for Customer Management from July until October 15th 2021.

Announcing the award, the Institute stated that based on survey results, consumers in Zambia have rated Zamtel’s flagship product Velocity as the best internet service which clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer service.

And commenting on the award, Zamtel Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Keith Banda commended customers for their loyalty and support which has made Velocity the most popular internet service in Zambia since it was launched in 2019.

“We are proud to receive this recognition and we know it is as a result of hard work, dedication and focus on providing the best internet customer experience. This award is also in celebration of our customer service staff who interface with our customers for their excellent work,” Mr Banda said.

Mr Banda said Zamtel declared 2021 as the Year of the Customer as a further recognition of the role of the customer in the growth of the company.

“Even as we continue to invest heavily in technologies and the enhancement of network capacity and quality, we are aware of the critical importance of excellence in customer service and we are delighted that our efforts in this regard are being recognized by the customer and the industry alike.”

Mr Banda said, “We are inspired by the award and we will continue to seek more exciting ways of creating the best customer experience possible. While it is great to be acknowledged for our efforts, we also take this as a responsibility to sustain the efforts towards taking consumer experience to a newer level by becoming a true digital lifestyle partner.”


  1. What a hypocritical and nonsense award, for this Velocity service which is only available in LUSAKA? What about the rest of the country? How did they get these results? Only ask users in the capital? And ignore everyone else? That’s also CORRUPTION!

  2. It appears that Zamtel just BOUGHT this award. There are only four ISP’s left: Zamtel, MTN, Airtel and Liquid Telecom, and whoever pays the most gets the award! I suggest the ACC has got a look into this murky business!

  3. Next we should work on your theft of data when you expire the airtime for data bundles whether or not they are depleted. Don’t give me any strange explanations because it is feasible. This is how Netflix trounced DSTv.

  4. If that is the case, then my 92 year old father is the most handsome man on earth. Poor service each time I visit zambia.

  5. People with the least earning per day pay the most for internet! When I hear “I have no bundles”, I just lose it! How is that in other parts of the world you do not have to think about internet at anytime because you have free wifi everywhere and cheap internet at home?!? How, why, after 57 years of independence?

  6. This networks zamtel is amazing concerning data,mtn is WiFi ,airtel is WiFi and to make matter waise airtel and
    Mtn is in abourn areas only,rulal areas ni
    Kufyulu nakufimuti but zamtel it is country wide even though it is not world

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