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There was rampant misuse and misdirection of Covid-19 resources-Auditor General

General News There was rampant misuse and misdirection of Covid-19 resources-Auditor General

The Audited Report on utilization of Covid Resources as compiled by the Office of the Auditor General has revealed glaring misuse and misdirection of public resources.

Auditor General Dick Sichembe says the report is not impressive as rampant misuse and misdirection of Covid resources have arisen.

Dr. Sichembe is saddened that those who were supposed to rise to the occasion to utilize resources and save lives of people affected by Covid-19, took advantage of the situation and helped themselves to Covid resources.

He says his office has finished the process of auditing the last part of the utilization of Covid-19 funds and will likely release it around December 15th.

Dr. Sichembe was speaking in an exclusive interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

The Auditor-General said the findings of the report will be shared with the nation as the procedure will be followed of sharing it with the President and Parliament for debate.

Dr. Sichembe said the public will be well enlightened on the extent of the misuse of Covid resources when the report is released.


  1. By his very comments Dick Sichembe has already released the report to the public yet the Law says it should be first to the President then the President to Parliament. I don’t know what he’s so excited about. May be he didn’t expect to AG? I recommend to Bally to appoint Sean Tembo to that office and I can assure you that he’ll do his job very diligently.

  2. iwe Sichembe stop making noise the country had no implementation plan for Covid-19/pandemic, how then do you account for the unplanned donated funds? enlighten us on how ZRA collected billions in revenues are misappropriated!

  3. Why was it not auditing on a daily basis? FIRE!!!!
    Even women who sell chikanda do daily audit. They check how many slices left compared to money tiide to chitenge.
    Delete Auditor General.

  4. Useless incompetent under 5s. Violence is up in thr country . Innocent people shot at in Kamwala..under upnd the country is descending into a lawless state. They are now using cheap judges to even nullify pf members like my brother lusambo. Hh is an angry tribal man. The upnd are very evil. They have even killed their own mp

  5. We want action not just talk.Investigative
    Wings have No wings to fly.Zambians will
    Continue listening to such statements.
    We can’t see fight against corruption.

  6. AG as a holder of a public office is accountable to the people of Zambia . The Dr is simply doing his job. Plus people need to be interested to know what is going on.

  7. Audits must begin to make sense. We cannot just read these things without having some form of action impacted on those who misuse funds and office authority.

  8. Is there someone who can assist me to get a job at the AG department. They seem to do work which does not say much and nothing comes out of their reports meaning they actually do not do any work. So I would also like to get paid for doing nothing.

  9. @Deja vu
    My thoughts too…this guy knows his days are numbered now trying hard to hang on to his position……funny it’s now that he’s realized that there was rampant theft….he should be ashamed of himself

  10. When 9/11 happened in America, all the security agencies were reorganised and brought under one Homeland Security with sweeping powers. This is what is needed in the war against kolapshion. DEC should be split up and the money laundering unit taken to FIC. ACC should just be a sensitising and education institution. It should have no investigating or prosecuting powers. FIC should investigate and prosecute independently of the DPP and Police. FIC report should be evidentiary and not informative. The Courts and not the President and Cabinet should be the destination.

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