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The National Biosafety Authority GMO foods seized from Shoprite

General News The National Biosafety Authority GMO foods seized from Shoprite

The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has destroyed various food products containing Genetically Modified Organisms which were seized from Shoprite outlets worth over K16,000.

NBA Communications Officer Sandra Lombe explains that while the products that may have contained genetically modified organisms were seized from Shoprite stores and Melisa Supermarket in Lusaka, only those products seized from Shoprite were destroyed.

Ms. Lombe says the products were placed on the market without prior authorization from the authority.

She says during the spot and compliance checks the authority discovered that the two stores were trading in some products which may contain GMOs that were not assessed for their safety prior to being placed on the market, thereby contravening the Biosafety Act.

Ms. Lombe says the authority, at Shoprite Cosmopolitan Mall, seized various soup products and snacks that may contain GMOs.


  1. Shoprite has been importing and selling GMOs for a long time now. Most corn flakes contain GMOs. So what was the reason for seizure and destruction? Is it because they didn’t have a permit or the goods were not fit for human consumption? What do those that bought and consumed these products take from this report? The report doesn’t make sense. Many supermarkets stock GMOs from RSA especially this coming festive season. Shoprite has many outlets across Zambia and all them are well stocked with similar products. So what you seized at the Cosmopolitan outlet are freely selling in others. This is mockery of regulation. You are sleeping just like many Zambian oversight institutions

  2. So ninshi wene PF anatudyetsa vi ujeni ka? I fear what we have been exposed to in the last inept era of the former equally inept government leadership. Time to recover.

  3. Let hh and his minions eat this food.

    Useless incompetent under 5s. Violence is up in thr country . Innocent people shot at in Kamwala..under upnd the country is descending into a lawless state. They are now using cheap judges to even nullify pf members like my brother lusambo. Hh is an angry tribal man.

  4. Why has Zambia allowed GMO foods in the shops? A lot of people are running away from Western countries to Africa because of GMO foods that cause so many diseases. Just google “diseases caused by GMO foods” and see for yourself. Zambia should completely ban the sale of GMO foods. Organic food is always the best. Ban GMO foods.

  5. If you have been eating IWISA maize meal, check the label. GMO, how are these products getting in the country in the first place? Don’t these people check when the products arrive in the country?

  6. It’s just a fraction of what they have destroyed.There is alot which is still there.
    National biosafety wants to be seen to be
    Working.These are routine checkups which
    Have to be there.

  7. Zambia’s niche export market and comparative advantage on maize and other agricultural produce is based on the non GMO label. There is stronger competition in GMOs produce because of higher subsidies or tax incentives or greater efficiency by stronger economies in the region. Folks don’t compromise on your comparative advantage.

  8. This matter is a bit confusing. Zambians visit countries such as the USA where genetically modified foods are widely available and they eat them. It’s genetically modified seed that should be banned and not food meant for consumption.

  9. LT reporting is completely atrocious, wonder where the media monitoring bodies are. This makes me paint the whole media fraternity with the same brush. Totally below par.

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