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I did not go to Prison 15 times to come into office and promote the interests of a small number of Zambians

Headlines I did not go to Prison 15 times to come into office...

President Hakainde Hichilema has urged senior government officials across the country to serve the Zambian people better.

President Hichilema said the citizens have suffered for a long time and that it is now time to redeem the country and serve the public interests.

The Head of State said this after swearing in senior government officials at State House today.

He urged the Controlling officers to respect public resources by growing them and not to deplete them.

“As you chair the tender committees, you need to protect the public resources and ensure they benefit all the citizens,” he said.

The President explained that from the meeting for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries, government has established where the problem was and have since sealed the leakages.

He said government has full control of the treasury and therefore will ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of all activities.

President Hakainde noted that many things came out from the meeting among them highlighting the linkage between bad leadership and a decline in the growth of the economy.

He said the growth curve for the economy dropped but that the current government is working tirelessly to stabilize it so that it never drops again.

The Head of State further encouraged the newly sworn in officials to work as a team and grow the country’s economy.

He said his government will always strive to do the right thing no matter what.

“We will not get tired of talking and doing the right thing. Over the past seven years, the country was promoting wrong things and that saw many officers affected for doing the correct thing because they were used to doing the wrong things,” he said.

He urged them to ensure benefits go to the people who appointed them to serve.

“I did not go to Prison 15 times to come into office and promote the interests of a small number but all Zambians. We must protect public interests at all costs,” he added.

He said his government will turnaround the economy and make the country better again.

President Hichilema further explained that the 100 days in office indicates the re-alignment that his government has made so far and urged the citizens that they will soon appreciate once they see the results.

He said the country was grappling with debt, corruption and high public expenditure.

Among the officials sworn in include, Siazongo Siakalenga as Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Finance, Norman Chipakupaku as Permanent Secretary Ministry of Defense, Patrick Mucheleka Permanent Secretary Special Duties Cabinet Office, Mainga Kabika Permanent Secretary Gender Division Cabinet Office.

Others include, Mwamba Peni PS Remuneration Division Cabinet Office, Kusobilo Kamwandi PS Management Development Division Cabinet Office, Maambo Hamaundu PS Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Evans Muhanga PS Tourism and Gabriel Pollen DMMU National Coordinator under the office of the Vice President.


  1. Good Stance and Message, Mr. President. Let these Public workers know that under your leadership, it is not business as Usual. We want to safeguard taxpayers’ money so that improve lives of Zambians. We are a rich country and can do better.

  2. “I did not go to Prison 15 times to come into office and promote the interests of a small number but all Zambians. We must protect public interests at all costs,” he added.” LT

    PF why Did you arrest HH? now look at this, we can’t even challenge this administration without putting in consideration what happened to him.
    GRZ I hope this is a lesson learned with GRZ overreaching government.

  3. MT President Give up you dont have to explain yourself

  4. Mr President you went to prison because that is how you chose to campaign, you were doing illegal things so that you could go to prison and we can see it happening to someone very shortly who will behave in the same way you were behaving I don’t know if he will not go to prison as you remain as the head of state.
    Who didn’t know your tricks you were seeking sympathy by doing things which would land you in prison, I don’t know how it will be when someone will bump into your presidential motorcade.

  5. Bloated government with duplicated roles, full of hot garbage, no action. All they know is talking and blaming pf
    Before you know,it will be elections again and these clowns would have still accomplished nothing. Employing people with masters, phds etc is not an accomplishment. The Zambian people need to see development on the ground. Keep giving your fellow educated people jobs and see what the majority of Zambians will do to you at next general election

  6. Tikki can you compare the number of positions in pf vs under upnd. I have access to govt records and can assure you that upnd has surpassed pf even before they have finished their appointments. Upnd has a director and advisor for literally anything and everything. I am sure by next week, hh will have a toilet advisor

  7. ” …….highlighting the linkage between bad lead.er.ship and a decline in the growth of the economy….”

    Really , I can’t understand how simigly educated people supported ECL……….

    The people who supported him as president really need their heads examined……..

  8. I still can not understand, for the life of me………

    How a normal person would support the presidency of ECL……..

  9. All talk no action..come 5 years it will be blah blah blah blah nothing to show…he will be boasting about going to Jail 15 times…this is massive Government leaning on Southern,Western and North Western Provinces

  10. Keep preaching that message HH, even Nelson Mandela ,Jomo Kenyatta and others went to prison fighting for their people.

  11. Kaizar Zero and Saulosi please stfu nonsense and let HH the wisest man to lead Zambia to gloryland.He suffered greatly for our land.

  12. Only a thug or person who some how engaged in thuggish behavior go to prison. Found wanting? Jail. The small minority hereto is attributed to upnd thugs, thanks for acknowledging.

  13. Mmmmm….ndipo people have been given jobs. We now await their performance. The only Presidents who never suffered for those seats are Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu. They were accidental Presidents

  14. If you went to prison for misconduct why would he link it to helping the majority Zambians. That lesson is not for Zambians it is for you and your Family period.

  15. He is just telling fellow UPND members that he went alone to jail. Reminding them that Some of them never even supported him while he was in jail

  16. Iwe mwaiche Kaizar Zulu, leka musalula. When your thuggish friend, Lungu, was in power, nobody dared insult him like you’re doing to our beloved honorable President HH. You should be thanking him for allowing you to exercise your freedom of speech. How is your friend doing by the way. Is he back in Chawama drinking kachasu? We should’ve caged you two for a hundred years each, for all the misery you perpetrated on the Zambian people. Bapompwe imwe.

  17. MR president you need to be firm on your small UPND members these people will derail your progress the biggest number that voted you are non partisan so be carefull with cadres who are making noise simply forget them and concentrate on the non partisan people who are interested in your progress you have the full backing for descent people not cadres

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