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We have embarked on legislative reforms to support businesses, HH tells US-Zambia Business Forum

Economy We have embarked on legislative reforms to support businesses, HH tells...

President Hakainde Hichilema has said that the government has embarked on legislative reforms aimed at bolstering a private sector and investor-friendly operating environment, coupled with policy consistency.

President Hichilema said that the move is part of demonstrating his administration’s commitment to delivering to citizens and that the government has in this vain created ministerial portfolios that are relevant to supporting business, innovation, and the green economy in line with global challenges and opportunities.

Gracing the US-Zambia Business and Investment Forum virtually, President Hichilema said the US is a leading global economy with dominance in various sectors, can realize the potential for synergies and investment in Zambia’s well-placed opportunities sectors.

He stated that the said sectors are key drivers of Zambia’s industrialization and diversification agenda.

Mr Hichilema expressed confidence that the engagements at the forum will lead to productive exchanges and the creation of lasting business and investment partnerships.

He added that the forum will further consolidate and strengthen the warm bilateral relations that exist between Zambia and the US, as the two countries open up more opportunities for enhanced trade and investment flows.

President Hichilema further urged US investors to set up and partner with the Zambian business community to maximize prospects for successful market entry and investing in attractive sectors.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to maintaining a conducive business environment and continue undertake business reforms to enhance the investment climate within a strong policy framework.

The President noted that Zambia has developed the national industrial policy which aims at transforming the country from a producer and exporter of primary products into a net exporter of value-added goods.


  1. Always givin speeches. He is an attention seeker like a desperate lonely wlfe who is not given any attention by the husband. Do some work hh.

  2. What investors? This country has been very attractive and seen lots of investors flocking to take advantage of the opportunities.
    Take a look at the Fuel industry? It is flooded with investors. Fuel stations are mushrooming everywhere in the country.

  3. Can you imagine? If the above statement read this administration is committed to mobilizing its citizens the echo that it would’ve made.

    wonder the Finance Minister Dissolves ZRA.

    What you need to work on is to stop brain drain. The western world knows
    How to polish diamonds, In a process called brillianteering any Zambian You throw away Or dismiss.

  4. There is need to increase Zambia’s Inward Foreign Direct Investments in this Case the Need to increase the share of economic participations with US companies of value across all sectors in the Global Value Chains This could be a direct investments promotion and creation of opportunism in manufacturing biotech and AD manufacturing There are many economic Zones and Global companies that are looking for participation and Investments into Zambia’s Economic Zones One area is in the vaccines in which Africa locations of value can potentially participate including mining education and agro Zambia will need a focused Investments and Trade promotions with a US to increase its presence…

  5. Kikikikiki reporting to his pay masters…..he has no idea how the mood of Zambians is right now….well bent on pleasing foreigners and common Zambians are being punished…DON’T YOU MISS LUNGU YET….the devil you know is better than an Angel you don’t know……

    Enjoy his useless speeches and unnecessary foreign trips

  6. Notice all his resident bloggers on Lusaka Times are now slowly losing hope….Tarino Orange is very disappointed…..Spaka also is having some difficulties defending HH….just from his comments you can tell

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