Wednesday, June 19, 2024

What the Raiding of Stopilla Sunzu Reveals About the HH Administration


By Kapya Kaoma.

The raiding of Stopilla Sunzu and his household proves one thing; the HH administration lacks ubuntu. How else can Bally supporters explain such an embarrassing incident? Can wise Bally worshipers defend such actions? To make matters worse, you even term him Congolese. It is Bally’s Zambia!

When I first saw the headline, I thought this happened in France–so I concluded, it is racist. But upon reading it, I couldn’t come to terms–it happened in Zambia, the country he has proudly represented at the highest levels of soccer. After so many years of wearing Zambian colors, the UPND Dark Regime rewards him with social insults and humiliation. Is this what Bally worshipers meant when they shouted, “Bally will Fix it”?

It seems that President Hichilema’s Cabinet Ministers are out to prove who can beat a preschooler’s judgment. Like Patrick, stooge-like decisions make one wonder whether they are living in the Pineapple House under the sea, always waiting to hear what SpongeBob has to say next before they can embarrass themselves and the President. Why should the President fly to the DRC, meet its president, boast of the economic benefits of that visit to Zambians, and then claim one of your own national heroes is Congolese? Didn’t anyone in that Cabinet think this is bad PR? Or didn’t the Minister of Home Affairs, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, independently see the impact of such an action on the reputation of the President in the nation, and the world? It betrays all logic but not in the Bally country–it is the way of fixing it.

But the raiding of Sunzu borders on the violation of human rights. As Zambians, we have gotten used to law enforcement agencies abusing human rights. Our homes are private property which cannot be broken in without due process under the National Constitution. I am saddened that Human Rights organizations have not educated people of their rights on this issue. Unless under a State of Emergency or Warrant, as a Zambian, Sunzu was entitled to such rights. If the Court had granted a warrant for the raid, one would wonder why Sunzu was not given the dignity to hand himself in out of human decency. If the warrant was not issued, the raid was just illegal. Regardless, Sunzu has served Zambia all his life. Let’s say he is Congolese. He qualifies to be granted Zambian citizenship out of his service to the nation on humanitarian grounds. Which country on Earth would forget its greatest hero in the time of need? By undressing Sunzu, we have surely undressed ourselves!

It is appalling that Sunzu’s raid came during the Presidency of HH, the man who suffered similar situations during his time as opposition leader. One would have hoped that President Hichilema would be the first to ensure that such inhumane abuses are buried in the nation. If Sunzu can be said to be a foreigner, how many innocent Zambians have suffered the same fate under the corrupt immigration system? Xenophobia only bleeds violence, while immigration officials and the Police make millions from foreigners.

President HH must not forget that he vowed to protect all Zambians–not just UPND cadres. But one wonders how this could happen without proper investigations. Sunzu has been in Zambia for years. So why is the government claiming he is a foreigner now? Is this what we should expect from the HH administration? I am afraid I will be next–after all I am proud to be from Luapula where we proudly drink water from the Luapula river.

In the real world, the President would be firing the Minister of Home Affairs for this embarrassing incident. Immigration officials who were also involved in this incident must be fired–they are not above the law. Knowing how Zambia works, Sunzu was raided because he refused to bribe someone or he supported an opposition politician. Besides, under no circumstances would junior officers go to such a high profile personality like Sunzu without permission from above. So President HH must give us the explanation as to how, and why this incident occurred. Sunzu deserves an apology from the New Dark Regime!

As a nation, we need to stand up to this darkness that seems to cover our common humanity. We are losing ubuntu so fast and the Dark Regime is making us forget that we are not Zambians by belonging to the UPND, but to the beautiful nation which Sunzu made proud when he scored that winning penalty to lift the Africa Cup.

I mourned for Zambia when KK was declared stateless by the insecure FTJ Chiluba Regime. Today, I am ashamed to see Sunzu being called a Congolese by another insecure President! As for CAF and FIFA sanctions should he be declared Congolese by disgraced BallyCourts, only time will tell.

A New Dark Regime indeed!


  1. The real target here is Lungu. They’re trying to find ways to put him in jail. But it’s sad that an innocent hero can be tortured in the game of politics in which he has position to play.

    • As usual PF trying to blame the President who has nothing to do with what law enforcement agencis are doing, Typical of them trying to paint the President black.y advice to law enforcement agencies is that continue doing what you are doing, just remain professional, fair and respect the law during these very necessary arrests which were swept under the carpet then, a crime will remain a crime, and should not be shut because government has changed

  2. It’s unfortunate and unforgivable stupidity to label that heroic patriot a Congolese after all he has done for the country.

  3. Another insecure president indeed.
    Kapya we, ndoshi ni we.
    You are/were just a disgruntled upnd sympathizer; has h² lived up to your expectation?

    We warned you h² would make a below pa president. Alas you campaigned your a** out.
    We only had two probable opportunists to state house before August 2021 polls.
    The two outright individuals in ECL and h². Unfortunately the belly of that August 12 election gave us h² the guy most of us predicted would make a dictator of a president. Is it right for us to start reading stuff from you, a traitor?
    Are you sure your write ups can change the fact that h² is very much president and an extremely bad one for that matter?
    I just wonder what you saw in him. You helped prepare that bed. Just lay in it.
    Indeed we shall continue to see cruel…

  4. I do not think this is HH’s doing. This is just some overzealous and incompetent immigration officer’s who think they are above the law. What HH should do, this being politics is:

    MR. PRESIDENT, if you read this, then please do the above and explain to the Zambians in SIMPLE ENGLISH.

  5. @ Turay, don’t change your language now that its HH in state house. When cadres harrass people in Zambia its the president who sent them, the $50 million fertiliser deal for information minister and her husband, HH is part of it, the arrest of Nakachonda, Davies Chama, PF cadres , HH instructed it, the unaothorised attempt to get youth funds, HH instructed it, the nullification of parliamentary seats, HH is involved and many more. This is what we kept hearing from UPND about ECL. Any attempt to say what you Turay is saying was trashed. If we change the narrative now then it will be that people had just personal hatred for ECL not that they didn’t like what was happening in his government. Please, let us maintain our political language . So according to UPND sentminents, its the…

  6. Mr Presidente your dutch-courage is amazing. we have Luapula Zambia and Luapula Congo, both yoked to our great Luapula River on which Presidente Levy Patrick Mwanawasa built the bridge called Levy Bridge. Your efforts to vilify and barrage the great people of Luba-Lunda Kingdom are well scripted. I ask well meaning Kaonde, Luvale, Lamba, Lala, Lunda,…Mbunda,.. etc together with Luapula people to stand up against this dictator. An attack on Sunzu is an attack on us all who crossed Luapula river from Mwata Yamvo.

  7. #5 Dominion…a real Political party member should be able to point out the wrongs by his leaders. If he defends even obvious wrong, then he’s not a genuine member but a mere slave.

  8. It seems abena HH doesnt forgive.Why should u punish the player for building a good house?I can tell this govt of bantustan will make you cry.No matter what they do for them it’s good as long as they are ruling.kambwili will be vindacted in just few months.

  9. No issue here, author just trying to brew a storm in a tea cup as usual, let law enforcement agencies do their work please

  10. Foreigners are foreigners, they are welcome to be Zambians and all they need is to formalize their status, so don’t wait until you are visited by immigration authorities. Once information is given to immigration , immigration will move in and will not look at a name but your immigration status lest the author mislead syou that since you are a Nsunzu you can just stay, just be law abiding and formalize

  11. Kapya Kaoma has missed the point, Bally is a shameless coward that’s going about victimizing innocent people instead of going for his target. Sunzu’s crime is being ECL’s landlord. As a midget, FTJ also tried to harass Donald Chanda for providing accommodation to KK. It’s very unfortunate that Bally has revived what Zambia went through 30yrs ago! He’s a disgrace. We don’t have to remind him that his legacy will be built not on how well he harasses his opponents but his performance. Soon he’ll find that his time is up and he’d have done nothing to point to. All those that are clapping for him now will shun him the very moment he’ll handover instruments of power. Life is such a vanity

  12. HH is fixing Edgar using Sunzu. Edgar is renting Sunzu’ mansion.

    It’s unfortunate to use sunzu for Edgar’ sins. Just deal with Edgar than using Sunzu’ mansion.

    New dark government is here to fix political opponents instead honouring campaign promises. Petrol is now 21.16 from promised K5.

  13. This is just the beginning one year has not even ended. All efforts are at confusing everyone, arresting political opponents and the rich guy who has even refused to declare his worth is smiling all the way to the safe havens. Before Zambians wake up five years will have past. We will be asking were the pit latrine built by Vasco dagama is??

  14. No, no, no!!
    Immigration officials simply apply immigration laws. Why has it got to be the President to blame. In the UK thousands of homes are raided by Im migration officials everyday. Is it the Queen to blame? Reverend Kapya you will burn for this attitude of insincerity and lying. You know full well what the law says. Citizenship is a legal issue and if the Sunzus were naturalised or born Zambians, there will be evidence for it. People are deported every day around the world regardless of what they have done for the host country. They however, can apply to be allowed to stay on the basis of that contribution. Until that happens they are illegal.

  15. We the Zambian people are to blame for this nonsense. We love to prop up leaders and make them feel invisible purely because our eyes are focused on the perks handed out once the ultimate price is won. This may not even be HH’s battle, just the same way the former president was blamed for everything that was going on in his party. Zambians are so vindictive to their own but very kind to strangers, how odd. We need to ask ourselves why we are so fixated on bringing people down instead of moving forward and creating more wealth. I guess the simple answer is laziness.

  16. FutureZed *16

    I Encourage & Cheer you to keep posting about the sentiments you have just screened. There is a lot of time & energy being wasted to destroy other people than time and energy spent on creating wealth. And frankly, some people don’t like this subject about creating wealth. They would rather entice and engage themselves on subject matters that involve destroying or bringing that next person in line down. You see it all the times on Lusakatimes bloggers, from Politicians and the so-called Civil Leaders. Without creating wealth, we cannot create jobs, support and groom talents, or create a level playing field.

  17. Don’t make this to be more that it is: an immigration raid. Since UNIP days and subsequent govts, raids have always taken place. I know of Tanzanians, Malawians, Angolans etc who came to Zambia before independence being raided and deported back to their countries only to face an early death because they’d been away from their countries for too long. When I see later arrivals from Pakistan, Lebanon, India and others getting citizenships so easily, I wonder whether we brought a curse on ourselves through the mistreatment of people who fought for independence with us. Is it time to repent?

  18. Today i believe when people said hh is so heartless, someone who is very ridiculous, evil , a demon From the world of the dead.. I don’t even know where we picked him.. someone who doesn’t care about humanity and doesn’t care about forgiveness and appreciating the good work of his friends.. we don’t have a president in ZAMBIA because a true Zambian can’t do what is doing to all his fellow stupid leaders do evil towards the other zambians.. it’s so shameful as the people of ZAMBIA ?.. but I know his worshipers will support him.. and that’s the bad things being supported when he does something rubbishly and rubbish

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