Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mumfunda Calls For Unity in Football


Football administrator Ricky Chisenga Mamfunda has called for co-existence among administrators in a bid to take the Zambian game forward.

Mamfunda said he has noted divisions among administrators as they fight for positions.

The former Power Dynamos General Secretary said one does not need a position to contribute to the well being of the sport.

“I think the time has come for football administrators to stop treating each other as competitors. Our role is to simply facilitate the smooth running of football, not to compete among ourselves,” Mamfunda said.

“Our role is to simply help manage the affairs of the game for the owners of the game and in this case the owners of the game are the players. I believe that those of us that have had the opportunities to serve at various levels of football administration should give way to others once the time comes so that we can overcome and help to take the game forward.”

Mamfunda added:”Of late, I have observed the tendency to start competing against one another when someone has left a particular organization, the other one that takes over wants to outdo or to completely destroy what the other one had done.”

Mamfunda was one of the unsuccessful presidential aspirants prior to the 2021 FAZ elections.

“It does not mean that as a football administrator for you to contribute to Zambian football you need to hold a particular position, no. You can even contribute from an advisory role. Mind you those that have served before may come in with a lot of experience that they learnt in the past,” he said.


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