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Nevers Mumba challenges the New Dawn Government to do more on the fight against corruption


Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Mumba has challenged the New Dawn Government to do more on the fight against corruption.

Commenting on the first four months of the United Party for National Development (UPND) in Government, Dr. Mumba said corruption cases must be followed up with speed and justice.

He said the Government must ensure that the fight against corruption is not selective.

“We commend that the fight against corruption has started in earnest but we also think that there must be a little bit of great force in moving this process at a faster speed with results that Zambians are going to celebrate. Zambians want to see those people that have implicated themselves, that have stolen from them to be apprehended and made accountable and stand before the courts of law and they really want to see convictions so that they can see justice served and move forward as a nation,” Dr. Mumba stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mumba has saluted the UPND Government for restoring order and the rule of law in the country.

Dr. Mumba observed that there was lawlessness under the previous Patriotic Front regime.

“First of all we need to applaud the administration for their insistence in ensuring that the rule of law prevails. Rule of law we are talking about creating order in the nation. We have said over and over that the reason why most African countries are lagging behind in almost everything is because we are allergic to the rule of law and allergic to order to the extent that when someone tries to bring law and order they become the enemy of so-called survival,” he said.

“There is no serious progress that a country can make if they do not create a pass for the rule of law and order. That is why we applaud our colleagues in the UPND that the first thing that they did was to first of all deal with the confusion that existed in the market places, to deal with the confusion that existed at the bus stops. We think that was a great achievement and we applaud them for that because that was precisely what we had promised to do had God given us an opportunity to run the affairs of this country,” Dr. Mumba said.

He said the New Dawn Government is striving to promote justice and respect for suspects.

“We also notice that under the rule of law, for the first time especially those of us in the Movement for Multi Party Democracy that were subjected to the brutality of the last regime, we notice that when our colleagues or anyone who is implicated in corruption is arrested in this current scenario they are given the respect of the law that they go to the police station and there they are formally charged and they are arrested,” Dr. Mumba said.

“Given an opportunity to pay their bond and be released and if it is a case that needs to go to court they allow them to go to court and they get bail and wait to appear in court. That is all we were asking for in the last administration. That shows that there is a political will to create a system in which we can all feel that justice can be available to us. It is not perfect but I think that it is a good place to start from.”

Dr. Mumba further implored the UPND Government to improve the manner in which it communicates with citizens.

He said there is a need for the Government to thoroughly explain decisions it is making after coming into power last August.

Dr. Mumba also commended the Government for creating an enabling environment in which the media is operating freely.

“The other issue concerns relaxed democracy, to the extent that members of the press are able to ask questions and we are able to appear on many television and radio stations including ZNBC. A lot of Zambians remember that not only were some of us disallowed from using ZNBC to talk about our efforts and our plans for the people of Zambia, you remember that some of us were arrested for simply stepping foot on the grounds of ZNBC charged with what they called ‘criminal trespassing’ but today we have an opportunity where these doors for democracy are opened again,” Dr. Mumba said.


  1. Nevers Mumba although your message is valid …I doubt I can not listen to you on matters of malpractice given what I heard at your Lusaka court case on the abuse of funds at the embassy you were in-charge of.

    • Though the fortunes of Nevers Mumba becoming head of state are extremely slim, he is becoming a very rational leader. But as usual, his accurate statement will be met by mud slinging from the PF cadres who have been in the vulgar trade for years. There was no conviction of Nevers Mumba in any court but people will say anything, any way the bottom line is that PF was a disaster in office, which even President Biden told the UN

  2. Looking for a job in UPND Government not a solution for an opposition leader. At present, there is a rule of Man which need to be crushed. We pray for the rule of law.

  3. Pleas expediate efforts to nab lungu……..

    We understand ACC are paying lusambo a newyears visit in chisamba ……….

  4. Which rule of law has been restored ba Nevers when upnd cadres are all over the show beating up people in kabwata?
    If you are looking for a job, just approach the boss. Not ifyakupanga meaningless statements.

  5. Go back to your church where you belong, and don’t interfere with state matters – you no nothing of that!

  6. Thanks Dr Mumba for your correct observation. The new dawn government is indeed a breath of fresh air, just imagining another five years of PF in power was going to result into a failed state, but the beauty is that we have a God who does not sleep. Please ignore posts from the bitter widely rejected PF cadres posting hollow comments here

  7. Thank you Dr. Mumba for that observation. You’re right on point. Indeed we want to see the criminals who stole the Zambian people’s assets get thrown in prison. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

  8. Nevers Mumba is right…. This New Dawn government is treating looting defeated PF thugs & criminals with kid- gloves?

    Anyone who served under Lungu was a thief… from state house …. All thieves… they all need to have life-style audits done on all

  9. Nevers which rule of law has been restored? Be sincere man!
    I still see lawlessness and a skewed approach to tackle corruption and nevers sees a bed of roses.
    Be sincere and do not testify or be wrong witness. You’re supposed to be in jail the last time I checked.
    Your relevance in Zambian politics keep dwindling as you turn bootlicker politician.
    Your political miscalculations have dumped the MMD because you are miss Nevers. Be useful for once.

  10. More atrocious acts under upnd for the 1st 120 days after assuming office. The waste performance for a new Government as cipante pante becomes the order of the day with missed ACC performance. Victimization of citizens with dozens of upnd cadres beating up and these militias acting like police and you see sanity? Wrong detention of Chama and victimization of Nakachinda, meeting with judges to skew court decisions is a course in the right direction for this Former ambassador with a good name.


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