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Zambia Police Should Engage UPND Youth leader to understand his threats to attack anyone insulting the President-Justice Minister


Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe has said that the Zambia Police should consider engaging United Party for National Development (UPND) National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso to understand his recent sentiments where he allegedly threatened to attack anyone insulting the Head of State.

Mr. Haimbe said that no one is above the law and that Mr. Liswaniso should explain what he meant in his statement issued at a media briefing early this week to avoid misinterpretation by citizens.

Speaking on the Hot seat programme this morning, Mr. Haimbe said Mr. Liswaniso used strong language which might need to be put into the right context.

Early this week, Mr. Liswaniso warned that the UPND youths would not sit back with hands folded and watch members of the opposition wage unjustifiable attacks on President Hichilema.

Addressing the Press at the UPND National Youth Command Center in Lusaka, Mr. Liswaniso stressed that he has noted with regret how named opposition political parties have taken to unfairly and unjustifiably defame the name of the President for political expediency.

Mr. Liswaniso, who emphasized that President Hichilema was aware of the numerous economic challenges that the youths in the party and the country were facing, stressed that there was no need for Zambians to stress as the Head of State had only done about a quarter of available appointments in the civil service.

Mr. Liswaniso also warned members of his party to desist from attacking the party and Government in public.

“As party members, we should guard against attacking the party in any way. If you’re a genuine member of the party, you should guard against attacking the party and its leadership. If you attack your own political party, tell us…we will give it to you. It is our responsibility to rectify things when they go wrong. We are aware of the high expectations from the youths who turned out in large numbers to vote for change. From the time we formed Government, as the National Youth Chairperson, we have been going around the country to assure the youths that the promises that President Hichilema made would come to pass,” he said.

Mr. Liswaniso warned of stern action against those who were in the habit of issuing unwarranted attacks against the party, Government, and civil servants.
He says those who will be attacking President Hichilema as an individual would be dealt with in their individual capacity. He also warned members of opposition political parties to desist from fanning confusion and violence in the 3rd February Kabwata Parliamentary by-elections to stay away.


  1. I used to think PF and UPND were Siamese Twins in relation to violence, Oh man! I was emphatically wrong. At the end of 5 year reign of BMW, PF will be remembered to be a more tolerant party. UPND youths balinwa umulopa wabantu and they qualify to vampires.

  2. Quote from Zambian Observer: LUNGU WAS SCARED OF CADRES…we glorified corruption, cadres held us to ransom- Binwell Mpundu. There you have it from one of PF’s own

  3. Mr Haimbe you are being too soft on id1ot.
    You heard him, you heard what he said why do you want the police to translate it for you. He was clear in what he said. Maybe you are afraid he may spill some beans?

  4. Truly shocking, & unacceptable, that a party operative can stand up and issue threats at citizens. Is law & order dead in Zambia these days?

    #plant a tree please!

  5. The minister is saying that if Liswaniso’ threats are against the law arrest him. They are strong threats. It’s time we do away with such threats and people who like giving ultimatums. It has been a normal thing to issue threats of violence, we had Ama Americans, Bulldozer/Diehard, you name it.

  6. It amazes me how some pf sycophants can not appreciate the statements from the Justice Minister. I never heard such from the previous government.. We saw how the justice Minister was hammerde by cadres. Toda you heard it from one of the cliques that LUNGU WAS SCARED OF CADRES…we glorified corruption, cadres held us to ransom- Binwell Mpundu.
    New Deal Government will not have any sacred cows.

  7. A ruthless jump from a cold pan under PF into a frying pan into the thicket of fire.
    Really Minister really?
    That was really dumb!
    Where are other upnd youths, b flow, Maiko and pilato??????????

  8. A clear case of street cadre – liswaniso (dirty) having more power than a white collar cadre- haimbe(washed).
    It is a Government for cadres – entirely.
    Street has more mayhem than office.

  9. #10 Red Square…we are not talking about Lungu and the past here. We are talking about the current reality. Why do you want to call a lake a river.

  10. Were is the police command.NGOCC,The civil society the sleeping NGO, the church mother body.All these groups are afraid nibakuwe be strong and bold.

  11. Engage is not the right verb. Police need not to persuade criminals. A criminal should be dealt with not engaged. Liswaniso is a threat to our peace. He is inciting youths to rise against citizens who are critical of HH. He needs to be caged.

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