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Nevers Mumba Joins UPND Campaign teams in Kabwata and hails the peaceful atmosphere


New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy President, Dr. Nevers Mumba says his experience in Kabwata during yesterday’s door-to-door campaigns spelled a new era of a peaceful Zambia in which every political party Is able to campaign freely.

President Dr. Nevers Mumba this afternoon joined the Kabwata by-election campaign to support UPND parliamentary candidate Andrew Tayengwa in the forthcoming by-elections slated for February 3rd.

Dr. Mumba in the company of his entire National executive committee addressed the media after a tour of kabwata constituency at Chilenje community Hall where he declared his intention to support Andrew Tayengwa who he referred to, as his son who grew up in his Ministry ‘Zambia shall be saved’.

Dr Mumba in his speech said that today’s gesture was an affirmation that the MMD has resolved to support the UPND during the on-going Kabwata parliamentary by-elections campaigns and its governance.

He appealed to MMD members across Kabwata Constituency to vote for the UPND Parliametary candidate, Andrew Tayengwa for continued peace and development.

“My presence here is a clear indication that the MMD stands in support with the UPND. We are here to push for the aspirations that the people of Zambia carry in their hearts-of integrity, peace, love and unity. For the first time now, we have new politics of love and unity that have been brought by President Hichilema,”

He charged that today’s experience where members of the ruling and opposition political parties could campaign side by side without any reprisals and violent clashes was a clear indication that President Hichilema was committed to creating a conducive peaceful political environment for all political players.

He said it was gratifying that at long last, the people of differing political affiliation and ideologies were able to co-exist in Zambia, adding that the campaign promises by the UPND of an entrenched democracy by President Hichilema were being fulfilled.

“What we experienced this morning while we were talking to the people of Kabwata is a clear sign that the people of Kabwata have already decided to vote for UPND. They indicated to us that this election is already won. Even when the PF were in the area where we were campaigning, no single stone was thrown and no panga was used. No insult was used and blood was spilled.
Therefore, I decided that it would be selfish for Nevers Mumba not to join UPND campaigns in Kabwata,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion, UPND Kabwata parliamentary candidate Andrew Tayengwa, in the forthcoming Kabwata parliamentary by-elections says he will endeavour to continue with the vision of President Hakainde Hichilema of taking development and resources closer to the people of Kabwata.

Mr Tayengwa, who has deep roots in Kabwata, says he will ensure that the people of Kabwata benefits from the bulk of the K25.7 million CDF allocation in a transparent and accountable manner.

He said he was proud to contest under UPND because his President Hichilema has demonstrated his love for the people and his vision of making life better for the people of Zambia.

And UPND SG, Batuke Imenda thanked the New Hope MMD-for partnering with the ruling party in order to deliver Kabwata to the ruling party.

“I want to thank our political partners from the New Hope MMD for backing us to save Zambia from total collapse. It is the democracy that the MMD brought that has enabled us to stand here freely without any political repression,” he said.
Other members of the MMD that joined the campaign team are two Vice President Reuben Sambo, Winnie Zaloumis vice president administration, Secretary General Elizabeth Chitika, felistus Chulu treasurer, Information chairperson Caphus Mukuka, chairperson for lands Joseph kaunda, national youths chairperson Joshua Mulenga and chairperson elections Malama Sokoni.
A number of senior UPND officials and members as well as from MDC all attended the briefing at Chilenje Community Hall


  1. Kikikikikiki. Iyo kwena ba Nevers Mumba nabapelelwa. Ati inkalamo nga yapelelwa, ilalya ne chani. Even if you are desperate for an appointment, pastor Mumba, this is just too much. You would do well to just go back to the pulpit.

  2. What hunger can do…so this man is no longer in opposition now kikikikiki….Politics of the belly so he has technically abandoned his own party MMD just the way he abandoned his church this makaka….this is corruption because now he’s getting brown envelopes

  3. Him and his party are free to support any other party or candidate they choose……..

    It is there right…………

    Just like those other small party leaders like Dan pule who were being used by lungu to take people to court also supported PF………..

  4. Nevers Mumba is not normal. This is what happens when all you think about is your belly. He abandoned the Church for worldly pleasures. He is now turning into a political lunatic. No wonder, he is supporting political prosecution of the opposition. he wants a position in UPND.Kuwayawayafye batata aba. Another itole mu ma politics!!!

  5. Nevers is now a s@t@n1st, look at the symbol he is displaying.

    He has joined s@t@n1zm. Insala ibi sana. Where is Nevers ugly w1fi.

  6. He has failed to raise K15000 and find a suitable candidate for Kabwata and now he has become a parot…….ku ku ku ku ku singing praises for HH seeking employment…Zambians have rejected this Nevers Mumba embassy furniture Bandit

  7. Because he has not insulted anyone, it is possible to disagree with what he is saying without the necessity to insult or demean the man. Being civil and respectful to each other even when you differ is the bedrock of democracy.

  8. Never is not wrong to support Bally.All he is
    Doing is walk with government of the day
    Voted by 2.8million Zambians.He knows he
    Will waste time and money if MMD took part
    In kabwata elections.So Mr Mumba just join
    UPND officially.

  9. And that’s how this crafty pastor swiftly sneaked back in a ‘sebana wikute’ style into the alliance he left. He has seen that tapali ichakwe politically. Ba Nevers, you talked too much when Chakwera won elections in Malawi and tried to cajole us to emulate the Malawian voters. I’m sure you are aware of what is obtaining there. The BMW team you have joined may face the same situation in the next few months as you add on the lies we have been told, surely you cannot tell us the atmosphere is peaceful, or probably you are seeing the Emperor’s new clothes?

    Sata said what Nevers touches turns into dust so ba BMW beware.

  10. Nervous has the right to choose which candidate to back. PF will have to change names and people for people to forget them. They mean everything bad.

  11. I want to believe the Nevers Mumba MMD faction means well for UPND. The other MMD faction led by RB joined PF in 2015, and where are we now ..PF is completely devoured losing by 1M. Lungu himself is humble person but his leadership was the worst at all levels yielding mediocre. I forgive him he was a rehearsing president.

  12. I wonder why some Pf bloggers here are singling out Dr mumba when we had a bunch of frustrated pastors like pule and the other guy sinyangwe bootlicking all day… njala ikalibe ya nyokola wait…

  13. If you are not interested in promoting your own party MMD then better you leave and let others who might wish to support it take over.

  14. Nevers said he would never join politics because that would be like demotion. But a few months later he formed what he called Citizens Coalition and insisted that it was not a political party. Later on the CC participated in general elections and a ward somewhere in Lufwanyama. Later he managed to convince Levy Mwanawasa to appoint him VP(that time he was facing litigation by some bank). By our constitution he was not supposed to be appointed VP since he had just lost an election. But LPM capitalized on the wording of the clause with the emphasis on MAY NOT BE APPOINTED….. NOT CAN NOT BE APPOINTED. That’s the way Nevers lives…. RB appointed him ambassador to North America where he allegedly abused Government resources.

  15. Dockta Mumba, try ask some Pastosr in Emmasdale how to raise money using the Bible, unlike underrating yourself in this manner.

  16. Ba Mudala ba Mumba just accept that you are political failure. Everything you have tried in Politics has failed.
    Unfortunately even your church has failed. Not sure what next for you because for sure HH will not give you a post. May be try Farming

  17. Victory Ministry???
    Christian Coalition???
    RP?? ?
    Vice President???
    Ambasador to Canada?????
    MMD president????
    NEW HOPE MMD President????
    What have you achieved???????

  18. I want to believe the Nevers MMD faction means well for UPND. The other MMD faction led by 1R.B joined PF in 2015, and where are we now ..PF is completely devoured losing by 1M. LungU himself is humble person but his leadership was the worst at all levels yielding mediocre. I forgive him he was a rehearsing president.

  19. @ Edgar Mwibala #28 Kikikikikiki. You probably have not been to game parks or game reserves or have not watched National Geographic World. The lion does that njala nga yainyokola just like our disgraced pastor Nevers Mumba ??

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