Friday, March 1, 2024

UPND Candidate Andrew Tayengwa wins the Kabwata-By elections


The UPND has retained the Kabwata parliamentary seat after its candidate Andrew Tayengwa got 13, 574 votes to win the by-election.

PF candidate Clement Tembo was second in the race with 11,192 votes.

Mr. Tayengwa was declared the winner by the returning Officer Hellen Mubita after he obtained 13,574 votes against his closest rival Clement Tembo from PF who polled 11,192 votes.

Socialist Party’s Tripher Ngandu came a distant third  after he polled 1,549 votes followed by Chilufya Tayali’s Economic Equity Party who polled 420.

People’s Alliance for Change candidate Sydney Zyambo polled 222, Democartic Party candidate Fred Mubanga obtained 124 votes.

Engiwe Mzyece of the United Independence Party got 63 votes, New Heritage Party’s Kennedy Muyowa obtained 46 votes while Henry Muleya of Patriots for Econonic Progress-PeP only got 30 votes.

Speaking after being declared winner, Mr. Tayengwa said he is committed to ensuring that development is taken to the people of Kabwata with Kamulanga as the first priority.

And UPND Chairman for Elections Garry Nkombo said Kabwata has sent a signal that an election can be won without engaging in violence.

Kabwata Constituency has a total number of 108,729 registered voters.


  1. Congratulations UPND! Power needs to reside with leaders who respect the owners of power…..WE THE PEOPLE.

    Criminal enterprise, just remain there as an opposition for checks & balance chapwa!

  2. Zambians hate liars… Upnd is a full of lie. When hichilema was in opposition he opposed the opening of the lower Zambezi mining activity, today he u turns and support what he opposed is extremely shameful..I know some fools will say the courts of law judgement was in favor of the mining company, The head of state has the power to cancel the all thing.. Extremely disappointed will’s lie after lie, Where is the truth in you…..!

  3. Awe tachipwile iyo. PF needs to be obliterated from the face of the earth. They are criminals. Nifipompwe, ifi ma murderers na ma panga, nenfuti. Fyaleibila ama council indalama, nabene ba ma mini bus. Bushe naba voter bene, how do you put a cross on PF? Kwena abantu. Ninsala ayini?

  4. Congratulations to Andrew Teyengwa! Glad PF lost …… a bunch of wrong people for the country, especially the younger generation in Zambia.

  5. You were lucky most of us did not vote due to business commitments outside Lusaka.I wanted to join SP but will stick with PF seen that we are still popular as ever. VIVA PF- Powerful Force

  6. How many times have we told these political commentators called opposition leaders to transform and start organizing their parties. Most of them don’t even have a section chairman or councilor anywhere in the country and want to win Kabwata. Congratulations UPND

  7. This will be the trend of all bye elections in the country, PF should not even say we did well, the bottom line is that they lost. Period

  8. I think the last swing must have been made because of CK. That man is not good for PF. He represents lies coupled with a bad history of hate speech based on tribal lines. I think Clement may have clinched it had he been an independent candidate.

  9. Opposition please leave social media commentary, go on the ground and start organizing your parties, we want a strong opposition, but you are all over just issuing statements every day, as for PF Amos Chanda correctly advised that you cant just be issuing statements and moving around lifting weights called binoculases and thinking you will win elections. Hamududu who even produced an MP is constantly trying to organize his party more. Repent

  10. Beginning of a life party or one party state in Zambia. But the only difference this time is that the One party state is entirely designed & implemented by the voters. Ooops! Disagree with me but let’s wait and see.

  11. Congratulations to Andrew Tayengwa and
    UPND.But they need to reflect what made
    Zambians to give PF so many votes.Bally
    And your team sit down and see why Zambians have decided to vote in this way?
    Is it fuel prices or cost of living?

  12. When we talk of PF strongholds in Zambia, we talking of Northern & Lusaka provinces, when we talk of PF strongholds in Lusaka, we first & foremost talking of (before anything else,Kabwata. This is the home of there current president(it’s like HH losing an election in Monze). I guess you all understand what I’m trying to say. How then will given lubinda & his pf win a ward in choma? Remember in Kabwata they walked there, whereas in Choma, they ll need to drive there including b&b.

  13. Kabwata is done. We need effective MPs, For us in Lusaka in PHI it is now one week without water and Lusaka water is not telling us anything. Our MP should come to our rescue please

  14. @ Moto
    I personally think people voted for the candidate and not the party. Clement was a better suited candidate for Kabwata but the party he stood on was just too bitter for some to swallow.

  15. upnd’s police, Billiam Wanda and M’bvious Owaliteta put kabwata and ECZ under siege. Couple that with premarked ballots. The results speak for themselves. Very reliable source.
    I can’t congratulate this lie.

  16. So that guy in ECZ reflector wanted upnd to win. This election falls below pa. Dishonesty detected and what’s hidden in the dark will be exposed one day. There is no way upnd could win that election.

    Finally P.F passed away in Kabwata after a long illness. We can now see the end of mad rants from the likes of B1noculars Nak@t0mba, L.t Troll, Bowman & the likes. Watch the tics finally drop off the P.F carcass, as these seasoned crooks stop pouring their illicitly gain cash into flogging a dead horse, whilst they begin defecting one by one, & die like UNIP in oblivion.

    UK0SE MUNE, burial arrangements & gathering for the Late P.F is currently taking place @ General Banyala za yello’s residence & you are welcome to attend.
    Opposition for life izavuta, especially that you tu P.F became so DELUDED & believed your Panga Fraternity will be in power forever!

  19. #14  Thorn in the Flesh 
    February 4, 2022 At 8:43 am

    “upnd’s police, Billiam Wanda and M’bvious Owaliteta put kabwata and ECZ under siege. Couple that with premarked ballots. The results speak for themselves. Very reliable source.
    I can’t congratulate this lie…”


    We told you and kapaya………..

    Stock up on BP and depression medications………

    10 years is a long time to be getting hits like this……….

    When we said PF can not win anything without violence and bribes, you will soon know what we meant………



    UK0SE MUNE, burial @rrangements & g@thering for the Late P.F is currently taking place @ General Banyala za yello’s residence & you are welcome to attend.
    Opposition for Life izavuta maningi, B.P, especially that y0u tu P.F became s0 DELUD3D & believed your Pang@ Fraternity will be in p0wer f0rever!

  21. No DMMU Hampers,………No Win
    No Kasaka ka Ndalama….No Win
    No jomba jomba…………….No Win
    No Rebranding………………Ku Wire

    It’s that simple & clear.
    Ka Post Mortem 2.0 ….. Loading..!!
    2026 bouncing back….TheLiz No

  22. HAS TR1BAL (flip flopping) BIG MKOSHI FAINTED YET?
    Dull big lufumo, always appears to back the wrong horse these days. Maybe he should join bet 12X

  23. Yes a vote for Upnd is express permission for 1. IMF conditions, 2.incessantly travelling president (vasco dagaming), 3. corruption in Government, 4. a biased fight again corruption, 5. hooliganism on the streets, 6.threats from the upnd youths, 7. delayed employment of 30 thousand civil servants 8. cipante pante statements and operation, 9.Ministers wifes in key public institutions, 10.flip flop fuel pricing, abuse (misapplication and misappropriation) of public funds by a president going to launch a friend’s book. 11.Media threatsand harassment of journalists. 12.Cadre policing. 13.Coercing judges. Talk about lies, lies and lies. This are real issues you already know. You voted upnd, we…

  24. The party of yesterday lost because they have not changed tactics: hate speech, divisiveness, malice and lies. Zambians are smart people and don’t like these things. Mature and objective checks and balances is what is required to build credibility in the eyes of the citizenery.

  25. UPND must rethink… the fact that Zambians gave the party of thieves, PF so many votes could be an indication of the voters’ frustration with slow recovery of stolen money & policy inconsistencies by UPND

  26. A slight difference of 2300 votes shows just how much pf are still in contention… so upnd should becareful and not be swayed into believing that things are ok…
    Congrats for retaining the seat.

  27. Deja Vu – the non Zambian has won…I told you that xenophobia will take you nowhere my brother, that type of divisive politics was left with Lazy Lungu and PF. The PF managed these votes because of the malpractices of the last elections where they were bribing people with cash very soon the likes of Tayali will be beating them.

  28. The battle of the fittest, it was home home no away team that is why it was tight. HH’s home ground and Given’s home ground, this shows that UPND is now in charge. Ba Kambwili why do you still have hope in a dead carcass? Stand on your own.

  29. PF Keep it up. It is not always about winning but gauging your potential. You are still needed by many people and tou are better than other parties. Start organising the partys structures please ba Lubinda. Comparing Monze home of HH to Kabwata as home of GL is foolish.

  30. There is this out spoken opposition Presidential candidate who keeps on getting zeroes, as his name is also Zero Something. What did his Candidate get, yet he is always busy criticizing our Bally and our GRZ.

  31. Deep down he knows he didn’t win. Police intimidation of opposition including police surrounding brother lubindas personal home grounds. Elections are no longer free and fair in zambia. If this boy has a conscious he will resign those results, failing which karma will visit him like the last mp.

  32. It is a victory and, for the victor, the margin matters. I notice how MPs in the UK always have their margins displayed at certain points when they are being featured. This reminds one of what the sleight looked like and what action to take. I believe this new MP must now win over those who did not vote for him. Congratulations, UPND.

  33. @ zambia no corruption those are the same shivers upnd used to give pf when they were in power…now that the opposite is happening upnd should try and do things right

  34. 75% of the people of Kabwata did not vote. This is a good result for PF. In by-elections, it is well known that only die hard party supporters vote while the rest who are indifferent stay at home. These indifferent are the undecided voters that will turn around an election when the crunch comes. PF can now work hard for 2026 and pray for the UPND to fail. Unfortunately in politics, if a government fails, you inherit ruins and it becomes difficult for you to turn things around. PF inherited fat coffers and they squandered the loot in loose and prodigal living.

  35. Tayali another K30 000 down the drain..if this boy was married to a Zambian she wouldn’t tolerate such nonsense he is lucky he is married to a teen Ethiopian girl

  36. IS THIS A NARROW WIN? KABWATA-Lusaka Andrew Tayengwa……………….,,13 574 votes. Clement Tembo……………………….11 194 votes. Tripher Ng’andu……………,,,,,,….,..1 549 votes. Chilufya Tayal,………………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…420 votes. Sydney Zyambo….,…………………………222 votes. Fred Mubanga…..,……………………………134 votes. Engine Mzyece..,,……,………….,…………64 votes. Kennedy Muyowa…………,…,……………,46 votes. Henry Muleya…………………………………….40 votes. Dissatisfied (abstained)………..,.,???? Votes. Does the dissatisfied signify they are not happy…………..?

  37. Mourners sulking with bitterness now wailing on this forum. We warned you KZ, Thorn in the flesh etal. Bitterness compounded with jealousy will not shorten the tenure of UPND and HH in power. Kabwata election result is a signal of things to come. 5 years ‘Patali’. Mukose, continue providing checks and balance but thieves will wish earth can swallow them, in this environment they are unwelcome.

  38. Kaili timvela ati…Noo, they have rescheduled the elections because their candidate is un-saleable. No, he is Zimbabwean, be nangu a kuti akalongosi ba pa mupando a HH – no message but tu ma-selfies chabe…. e nangu a tukwana ati a sogoleli aike matako pansi……..Kaya mwandi aba ba chipani cha makofi..

  39. Mind you that The UPND won because of HH. I don’t think this Tayengwa Zimbabwe would ve stood a chance against Tembo. This election was abt people and not parties, two pipo, in particular – Tembo and HH.

  40. There is need to promote rule of law democracy and remove any form of comflict of interests amongst parties Elections must reflect the value of the candidates that should be offered to citizens without being coerced because it’s only then that the livingstandards of our people in the country and it’s fortunes will be realised and in this case kabwata The social economics situations in kabwata have detoriated and the youth eldersly unemployment and social status have fallen Cadres must also be educated by individual parties to see beyond songs and dances and act civilised form all parties and support governance

  41. Tarino ni dalama zaneeyoko? It’s not our fault if you are struggling there abroad. Here we are doing well. What is 30,000?? You are suffering from poverty even as far as UK. Come back we keep you here in zambia

  42. It’s a wake up call to UPND for the Kabwata bye election. The youths that voted for UPND just six months ago didn’t turn up to vote, meaning they feel disgruntled, disconnected and cheated because of unfulfilled promises by BMW. The gap is just too narrow between the ruling and major opposition party. If I recall in 2011 when the mighty PF came into power they used to sweep bye elections with landslide victory. I envision Bally and New Dark Regime to be a one term govt. 2026 we need the third force to emerge on the scene and wrestle power from Bally.

  43. The turn out was pathetic! 25,677 voters turned against registered 108,729 giving us 25.45%. The New Dark Regime is under siege and time is ticking for 2026 general elections. NIPANO TULI!!!

  44. PF going into oblivion and never rise again. Sean Tembo PEP got less than the 5000 votes you predicted so are you going to follow up on your promise and leave politics?

  45. Systems not for a 5 year terms but longterm To promote good governance like the establishment in the UK electro system all electro complaints pre at and post Elections must be reported actional taken and sanctions met infact the establised electro incidences must be reduced to law and enforcement pre known This is destroying democracy Cadres !ust somehow be educated and people of value not simply ichiwowo aimlessly without due understanding of why elections are happening

  46. KABWATA Elections-VOTERS PROTEST Total registered voters…….108 729. Voters turned up….,,,25 677. Andrew Tayengwa……13 574. Clement Tembo………….11 192. Tripher Ng’andu……………1549. Chilufya Tayali…………………420. Sydney Zyambo………………222. Fred Mubanga………………….124. Engine Mzyece…………………..63. Kennedy Muyowa……………..46. Henry Mubanga………………….30. Did not vote(dissatisfied)…83 052. Voters protest vote………..,,,,83 052

  47. Muna Dekhane – Just ignore the silly impostor/troll..he is here in the UK still typing about things he didnt witness …really laughable PF lost again I would rather Sean Tembo or Tayali or even Mmebe win a seat than the ruthess crooks in PF! hahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  48. KABWATA BY-ELECTION. REGISTERED VOTERS..,,108 739. VOTERS TURNED UP…25 677 Andrew Tayengwa……13 574 votes. Clement Tembo………11 193 votes. Tripher Ng’andu……..,,,1 549votes Chilufya Tayali……420 votes. Sydney Zyambo..,,222 votes. Fred Mubanga…….124 votes Engine Mzyece…..64 votes. Kennedy Muyowa……46 votes. Henry Mulenga……..30 votes. Didn’t vote (dissatisfied)…83 053votes. Voters protest votes……83 053 votes

  49. That a fraction of the total registered voters turned up to vote should not surprise anyone for that is the trend with all byelections! People turn out in numbers for general elections to make a statement on the performance of the party that had run national affairs after 5 years in governing. The statement to be made affects the ensuing 5 years either with a retained administration or ushering in new leadership! People just don’t consider byelections in the same light as the general election! Labelling Tayengwa as Zimbabwean sets me thinking what surface when a Goba from Chiyaba (Chiawa) in Lower Zambezi will seek to reside in Plot 1!

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