Friday, February 23, 2024

The HH Administration’s Refusal to Answer Questions of Public Interest is unethical and Despotic


By Kapya Kaoma

The culture of not responding to accusations of public interest in the HH administration confirms my characterization as a New Dark Regime. By not answering questions, the HH Presidency has chosen to insult us by refusing accountability. When we asked HH and his administration to respond to the KBN audio in which the President was directly implicated in corrupting our democracy, the regime has refused to speak. Now is the issue of torture and the torture chambers being leveled against the dark regime; no comment. This lugubrious foolishness must come to an end. As Zambians we deserve to know; is it true or not that our fellow citizens are being tortured in our name? Kajoba and his staff should accept or deny this solemn accusation.

The refusal to answer questions of public interest is not only authoritarian, but despotic. Democratic governance demands accountability and transparency–the two values the UPND government lacks. HH and his minions forget that democratic power is illusional; you can only have it for a while. Unless they all commit suicide once the cult leader is gone, Kajoba and his fellow criminals will surely end up in similar situations. And it may be in 2026; Kabwata seems to suggest.

I am surprised that columnists didn’t explain to the god of Zambia that the Kabwata election showed that Bally worshipers are not as enthusiastic as they were in August 2021. Moreover, they are also dwindling. That the UPND candidate won shouldn’t dismiss the truth that the majority of the people of Kabwata voted for the opposition as opposed to the UPND. If we put all opposition candidates together, the UPND lost that election. This is the opposite of what we saw in August. Moreover, given that the UPND has the national purse and the President employed his office, resources and corruption in that election, the Opposition has reason to hope. Bally won’t fix it anymore; over 50% of Kabwata residents said. Does Kabwata speak to what is to come once more and more Bally worshipers see the light? Will his vampires face the truth in shame, or choose to fight it out? And will those who have seen the light continue to be misrepresented as among the 2.8 million who sold their souls to the devil?

I feel pity for HH. He is a disheveled President of his self-created terrorist network. Ballyterrorists know HH as a Liar in Chief; thus when he orders them to obey the laws, his worshipers respond by praising the very acts that landed those thugs in police hands. As was the case in Kabwata, Kasama and Mansa, they are proud to disrupt communities, police stations and courts dressed in the UPND attire in peremptory solidarity with thugs as opposed to HH. Moreover, they are proud to release public statements of solidarity with thugs in direct contrast to what Baal just said. One truth they all know, when it comes to truth, Baal won’t bring fire down; his threats against his own vampires are appeasements to donors. In darkness, however, Baal courts their supplications. Hence these vampires are at liberty to insult and threaten police officers. Such demeaning harassment and intimidation of officers, these thugs are proud to post on social media to impress their god.

I am not surprised at the thinking of worshipers of Baal. How can one count HH’s lies one by one and remain unchanged? If you add lies from his cronies, darkness is the light of UPND politicians! A single ray of light over this regime would send them into panicking out of shame for having undressed themselves of the truth. In an effort to deflect from his own corruption, HH is breathing fire like “the devil looking for someone to devour.” Who else is the right victim but PF officials. Continue announcing new arrests and raids to keep the tag of “fighting corruption” alive in the memories of donors, winning cases is not the goal. In short, trial by the court of public opinion. In so doing, his EGOMANIAC pride is appeased

The biblical book of Judges speaks today as it did then: “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” So is the UPND. The Kajoba headed Ballypolice knows nothing but imbecile and childish loyalty. Like dogs, their raids are acts of worship of the sacred Master. Bally worshipers know this; hence, the Police they insult, as HH and Kajoba watch. After all, they know that HH and his inner circle are making it big–they are accumulating millions in allowances from his endless trips. But they also know that retribution, as opposed to justice, is the Kajoba evil agenda. When HH says arrest cadres and ensure they are treated well, Kajoba raises his tail. When Baal demands the blood of his opponents, this shameless man tortures innocent persons as libations to Baal. Yet torture of suspects is a crime under international law.

Kajoba will surely pay, but will HH be held to account? I can only pray so.


  1. If we’re not careful we may end up losing the peace that we cherish so much. If people committed crimes let’s just investigate and prosecute. Information obtained through torture usually is not genuine because the victim normally will say anything just to get out of the pain being inflicted on them. They may even implicate innocent people according to what the torture wants. In end you will end up injuring so many Innocents. The police are trained to investigate and not to torture.

  2. I thought the KK interview labeling BMW as divisive and dangerous to peace was hoax. Now I believe it was authentic, we headed towards hell.

  3. Black lives matter!
    Chilekwa and Chanda’s lives matter!
    Bemba lives matter! Bembas we’re stereotyped; we’re not safe.
    Zambian lives matter!
    Just a passing glance, while in opposition didn’t upnd abduct and beat a policeman in Muchinga? Weren’t the Hatembos abducted?
    “Icikwanka bacimwena kuma mpalanya”. Maybe Kajoba was the head of the militia group baal commissioned while in opposition. We laid bear all these atrocities and facts. We called Zambians to be careful with an angel they didn’t know. We cautioned. But hell no, you wanted a fixer! Oooh isn’t he fixing the hell out’a you with fuming vengeance?

  4. Let Bally fix them good. Toll fees to increase by 100%. But don’t worry he’s a new Moses.
    Kalumbila to Lusaka for a car you shall pay K280. Not bad. Looking for funds to recruit your cousin teachers and your sister nurses together with their Doctor boyfriends.

  5. We can clearly see your hatred for the Republican President, and where were you when the PF was busy victimizing everyone, from markets to bus stops, to offices, people being retired in National interest. Where were you when there was break down of rule of law, beating of Political opponents in the PF. Why do you appear to be an Angel now. Are you an Angel of light r an Angel of Darkness. Shame upon you. Where were you when opposition members were being shot at and killed in cold blood, why didn’t you voice out, if indeed you are speaking for the voice less. Could it mean that you profited from the last regime, and now you are bitter that you have been ousted out of power by the Zambian people.

  6. @7 CHIKONKO – Why have you chosen to attack the writer and NOT looking at the WRONGS being CURRENTLY COMMITTED by this new regime le by the Hyped Hypocrite (HH)?

  7. @This Thorn in the Flesh. Well said BUT I think you are conflating a lot of things. Chanda na Chilekwa may not be as innocent as you would want them to be. It is becoming evident they were involved in some murder case. Perhaps what we want to see is that they are brought before the courts of law to answer those charges so that conspiracy theories are lessened.

  8. @7 CHIKONKO – TELL US WHAT IS HAPPENING TO FUNDS FROM FUEL SUBSIDIES. We should have been having targeted social assistance by now for the vulnerable and the poor following the strong political will to remove the subsidies. There isn’t a well-designed public campaign to demonstrate the merits of this reform and a full transparency in the use of resources. Without this important reform there is risk of reversal.

  9. The hh administration is made up of f00Iish arrogant liars, just like their president. As for me I don’t recognise hh as president. My president remains ECL. My office only has a pic of ECL not ugly hh.
    By the way, to the f00I that sprinkled whlte powder outside my gate, I am still alive. Your wltch craft is weak. I will travel to malawi soon to revenge. You will die

  10. There is no hatred when discussing points on political matters no one should even be insulted when debating issues, it is only those who run short of points who want to hide in derogatory words as they fail to drive appoint on the podium.

  11. Zambians, don’t worst your SATURDAY time reading such hatred speech. DEDICATE your time to your FAMILIES and all your LOVED ones.
    HAVE a GREAT SATURDAY everyone !!!!

  12. Very sad. Now we are left in suspense regarding the torture issues. I think the same also connects to the kalingalinga public defamations and nude video shows.
    What makes the group so special that they can deliberately defame citizens in public? Do they have title deeds for Zambia? Are all the other citizens enchroachers? Who must answer these questions? Who gave the terror gang the right to display citizens nude in public and to announce on loud speakers? Who authorized them to gang rape women? How do can the attacks be stopped? Are the public defamations part of the torture issues and some special people considered to be more Zambian than others are allowed to circulate others nude in public and to announce defamations on loud speakers? Are we still a democracy, or is it that we are…

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