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Blacklisting is not strategy to unjustifiably victimize Zambian-owned businesses


Minister of Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development has said that there will be a reason for everyone that will be blacklisted.

In a statement to the media, the Minister said that it is not true that the blacklisting is a strategy to unjustifiably victimize Zambian-owned businesses.

Mr. Milupi said that following President Hakainde Hichilema’s announcement that all contractors and suppliers who engaged in fraudulent dealings with the government will be blacklisted, is not punishment and punishment of Zambian businesses is not the rationale behind this decisive action by your government.

“Everyone who will be blacklisted, there will be a reason why. People that would have done something that is obviously wrong, they got money and didn’t undertake the work or work that was substandard, are the ones who will be blacklisted.

“We have a lot of roads where the work was so poor and the people who are suffering for that are the citizens.

“We are, therefore, through this blacklisting, protecting the citizens and the communities from future wrongs being done by these same people. This is why we are serious with the three parameters; right price, right quality, and specified time-frame. People who have failed to do that, they have lost the country a lot of money.

“People don’t realize that the money you were seeing was thrown all over, it was coming from these contracts. Because money went into their pockets, work was not done at all. How come now that we are in office, the people with money to throw around, all of a sudden have disappeared, ” concluded the statement


  1. We told you pf cadres to chill and reprimand your superiors and u all never listened and instd joined the band wagon. But now where is it? You are all going to suffer the same way u punished other people outside the GRZ network. This is a lesson, those tactics of divisions do work,yes. But maybe in other countries, but definitely not in Zambia. I for one, I expected this. It would been worse if Kalaba won or Fred Mmembe, each one of these have a public domain beef against PF. U are luck HH is professional. Others wud ve come to your door step the following day after winning and bundle u into a police van with no conviction & straight into prison. Just like Lungu spoke of HH before the election.

  2. Target the individuals involved because chaps like Warren Mwambazi would form other companies and swindle the government again. In Zambia money speaks louder than words

  3. Blacklist the companies then. Directors form another company and repeat the same behaviour.
    I second the idea of following the people behind such companies. Conduct due diligence on shareholders and focus on them.
    Otherwise this is an exercise in futility.

  4. Some of these ideas sound good on paper but when it comes to enforcement Charles Milupi will face difficulties because those companies or individuals will fight back especially that they haven’t been convicted of any crime and the Courts will agree with them. Find a smart way of doing things. Allow them to participate in the tenders but don’t award them any because if you we’ll classify you and all officers involved as accomplices

  5. @Ayatollah, I forgot to factor in the fact that you cannot blacklist a company that hasn’t been found to have committed an offence, (unless it’s sanctioned by the US for whatever reason).
    Even your suggestion of refusal to grant a tender may not work, suppose it’s an open tender opened in the public and the company provides the best price and they are to be awarded?
    You cannot then refuse to grant the tender in the absence of a court judgment finding fault with the company or directors. Innocent until proven guilty applies here.
    Let the government secure convictions than start making threats. This is similar to warnings of return stolen money or we shall lock you up, 7 months down the line, tulelolela.
    Anyways, ndiyo za nthwilo cook on cook on, ndiyo za nyemba cook on cook on,…

  6. Mwanawasa banned Tomorrow investments successfully. Milupi said those who were awarded contracts got paid and abandoned work or never showed up on site. Pretty straight forward. Companies do that and no one takes such companies to court? Why do we look for flimsiest of reasons to glorify criminals. Pompwes bamunshibila nsala. Poor people spend years in prison for stealing a chicken or goat out of hunger

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