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President Hichilema’s request to Saudi Arabia to convert Zambia’s loan into a grant timely


The United Party for National Development (UPND) Youth Wing has described as timely President Hakainde Hichilema’s request that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considers converting Zambia’s loan facility into a grant as the country restructures its debt.

Speaking when he met special envoy of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia Ahmed Kattan, and Ambassador to Zambia, Osamah Krenshi at State House this week, President Hichilema has also stressed the need to relook at issues surrounding fuel and fertilizer deals between the two countries, so that Zambia can access the two commodities from Saudi Arabia in view of the ongoing political tension between Russia and Ukraine.

The Head of State said Zambia and Saudi Arabia enjoy warm relations and already cooperate in areas of health, disaster management, agriculture, fertiliser and energy.

UPND Deputy National Youth Information and Publicity Secretary David Chikwanda has described President Hichilema’s request that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considers converting Zambia’s loan facility into a grant as appropriate and wise.

Mr. Chikwanda said Zambia needs a proactive and pragmatic leadership like that of President Hichilema amid economic challenges that have negatively affected the entire global.

He said President Hichilema has proved that he has a vision and a heart for the people of Zambia by engaging Saudi Arabia in the quest to deal with the rising fuel prices.

Mr. Chikwanda said the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is likely to slow down the growth of most world economies and push prices of food up hence the need for countries like Zambia to be proactive.

“We applaud the president’s efforts in forging strategic ties with Saudi Arabia. The entire world is definitely feeling the impact of the conflict in Ukraine which is likely to slow down the growth of most world economies and push prices of food and commodities upwards. Developing countries like Zambia are likely to be affected the most. In times like these, any country needs a proactive and pragmatic leadership like President Hichilema has exhibited so far. The call by President Hichilema to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to convert Zambia’s loan facility into a grant is timely and we support the President. It will be extremely difficult for a developing country like Zambia to deal with a debt burden amidst the global challenges resulting from the war in Ukraine,” Mr. Chikwanda stated.

“President Hichilema has proved that he has a vision and a heart for the people by engaging Saudi Arabia in the quest to deal with the rising fuel prices. The world is going through a tough time and this too shall pass but we thank God for the mature, responsible and visionary leadership exhibited by President Hichilema,” he said.

Mr. Chikwanda said the New Dawn Government was on the right path to make Zambia more prosperous.

“With the planned recruitment of 11,200 Health workers, recruitment of 30,000 teachers and ongoing payments to retirees, we definitely expect our political opponents to frustrate this goodwill shown by the government through propaganda, deceit and lies. We appeal to the people of Zambia not to be deceived by jealous political opportunists. We have no doubt that the UPND-led Government will endeavor to fulfill every promise made to the Zambians even under difficult circumstances,” Mr. Chikwanda said.

Mr. Chikwanda further saluted President Hichilema for showing leadership by visiting the Ministry of Health and ensuring that the concerns of the public are addressed on the shortage of medical drugs.

“In conclusion, As UPND youth leadership we sincerely thank President Hichilema for showing leadership by visiting the Ministry of Health and ensuring that the concerns of the public are addressed. It is our prayer that it should not always take the president to resolve issues that can be sorted out by those charged with the authority to do so. Loyalty is very important and those who are not willing to work with the current government must be excused because we are desperate for positive changes in our country. God bless Zambia,” Mr. Chikwanda said.


  1. That’s very good for praise team to praise hh for debt restructuring.. Ecl arquired debt for the good cause.. We have infrastructure and we still need more.. HH will work hard to pay the loans.. Another Govt that will come will get more loans for infrastructure again another after this will pay the loans.. This is the cycle of life..


  3. Why cant we buy crude oil from Angola,what is the hustle of not buying fuel from Angola.If i recall my mind it was promised that crude oil will be bought from neighboring country Angola but has gone wrong. MMMMM kkkk kkk kk kkkkkkk

  4. @ Redo: am sure everyone can clearly see your typical PF corrupt mindset, If your forefathers were thinking like that, you wudnt even be able to own that imported smart phone of yours, No wonder you bastaards un-did all the gains Mwanawasa made, Rupiah Banda came and un-Did alittle and people were like he is corrupt, but now you mules landed and immediately applied your mentality and even Rupiah himself died a hero cos u managed to bypass his corruptness . No one even mentions of the master-dribler “Chiluba” cos you guys beat his corrupt records too. We need to start doing now is start eliminating minds like yours from society-Cos you ll contaminate society.

  5. @Since : Excuse you? when did HH say we will buy oil from Angola? THat was lies from your thief – Lungu. Secondly, even he succeeded to buy oil from Angola, and besides u jst said it “Crude Oil” which means its not yet ready for use, now, who will refine that oil here in Zambia? do you ve the machinery to refine oil iwe kaponya iwe? and at what cost?

  6. A begging millionaire Zambian president. He has no shame. Did he mean begging when he said he will make opportunity for zambians? This is embarrassing..

  7. Look at the UK based Impostor talking about begging culture …when Lazy Lungu took the whole cabinet to Bejing to go and beg for money..that’s the thing with being an impostor you can not keep track of your comments and you have no history you stand for nothing.

  8. Someone has just hannded you a free hospital and you are still begging for more…UPND govt need to pull up their socks!!

  9. Redo – ECL acquired debt for good cause? Really laughable you have no clue about finances I feel sorry for your family if you have one at what you do with your salary. We have this huge debt on our heads because of Lazy Lungu’s reckless borrowing …you talk of infrastructure forgetting that it was overpriced ..roads that last one season and cost $1million per kilometre….your children are now paying for that debt and Lazy Lungu is living rent free without shame.

  10. H2 exhibiting typical sub saharan mentality.. this reminds of ECL when he asked recep tayyip erdogan of turkey to assist zambia pay its huge foreign debt.. manje ninshi ba nzatu ma problem balibe?? Just yesterday yemen hit saudis oil refinery plant in jedda and zambia is piling up more problems on them i don’t think saudi will be willing in the meantime…

  11. @Tarino, the whole PF cabinet went to beg in China to come and share(steal) all the money disguising as money meant for developing Zambia. This is the more reasons arresting many national plunder thieves should be encouraged till Zambians recover what is theirs.

  12. Failures will always find an excuse when confronted. We are under upnd rule and yet one would think pf are still in power by the way f00Iish upnd cadres are still blaming pf for their failures. Just accept that your messiah hh has failed and that there is nothing special about him. Under pf we never begged to have debts written off or forgiven because we had pride and confidence that our investment in infrastructure would stimulate economic growth thereby facilitating income growth to pay off debts. Look how f00lish the upnd comments above look. Pf this pf that.

  13. When you are struggling over what to praise your leader you come up with pedestrian adjectives such as “timely”

  14. Muna Dekhane – The sad part about is that the same thieves want amnesty from arrest …look Bonanza buying a helicopter for $700,000 not one but two and there is something on the thread here squealing about PF no longer being in power this is the same moron who called us names when we said PF borrowing was unsustainable. If they are so rich why can’t they fund the PF convention to elect a President…they wont because that gravy train is gone no more overpriced GRZ contracts.

  15. Truth be told , Edgar Kachasu Lungu was a bigger beggar than anyone else.But it “wasn’t embarrassing” back then yet some upuba cows now see it that way.

  16. Begging is the circle of life. Borrow pay debts, barrow pay debts etc… Ecl borrowed from the east HH is borrowing from West. Borrow from West to pay the east. The east build infrustracture so that west companies might invest. Then go back to the west to ge loans to pay the east.. Ati 21st century thinkers kikikiki… Every country borrows….

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