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UPND urges its structures to go flat out and counter ‘misinformation’ on why fuel prices are going up


United Party for National Development ( UPND ) has said that, to control what they described as the continued misinformation on the now rising fuel pump prices, its structures need to go flat out to explain to the general public the external factors triggering the increase in the commodity.

UPND Presidential campaign team manager, on the Copperbelt , Charles Kaputula says a number of citizens are being mis-informed that the new dawn administration is governing contrary to its campaign promises of lowering the fuel pump prices when in fact not.

Indirectly pointing to the ongoing Ukraine – Russia war as being the major contributor to increased fuel pump prices, Mr Kaputula said this has unfortunately increased the cost of living which his party’s structures are mandated to explain.

Mr Kaputula said yesterday in Ndola that ordinary Zambians may not be in a position to understand the adverse effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine on the global economies, including Zambia, hence the need to explain to them.

“Some economic challenges that we are having are natural and it is extremely important for us as a party especially at various levels, to go down in communities and explain to the people than sitting in the comfort zone.

“We are the only ones that can tell our people the truth because we have established structures which can be used to interact with everyone,” he said.

Mr. Kaputula said the party structures have a significant role to play in ensuring that people are fed with the right information because it’s hard for them to understand the cause of the fuel increment as long as basic commodities remain high on shelves.

He said the eight months that government has been in office has underscored tangible development in many sectors of the economy that party structures should go on the ground to explain.

The Russia – Ukraine conflict is a major blow to the global economy that will hurt growth and raise prices. Beyond the suffering and humanitarian crisis from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the entire global economy will feel the effects of slower growth and faster inflation.

And Ndola District Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( NDCCI ) has advised Zambians to resist the urge to finger-pointing but rather team up to find solutions to the economic challenges the country is faced with.

Ndola Chamber president, Paul Chisunka says as patriotic citizens, Zambians should focus on designing ‘well thought out’ appropriate solutions to the economic hardships the country is grappling with.

Due to high fuel prices and the dislocation of global trade, Zambia like any other country in the world is experiencing an unusually high cost of living and doing business but that it’s not to finger point, said Mr Chisunka.


  1. Party cadres aren’t in government to be given the responsibility to explain governance issues. This is how political parties lose it. The reaction by the UPND official to a reasonable on the Black Mountain by Her Worship the Mayor of Kitwe is a typical example of what we should expect from the UPND. Are they different from the PF? NO! My advice to Batuke Imenda is that he keeps party official from governance issues. It’s timely advice

  2. We need Bally to explain that theory on how to reduce the price of fuel. All Zambians are ready for the lecture again. What are your ignorant cadres going to tell us?

  3. So the UPND wants to deny that fuel prices go up? Bally, you are losing the plot! I’m sure that if the August 12 elections would be redone today, PF would win!

  4. You started increasing the cost of fuel even before UKRAIN war started. Why did you not reduce immediately you got in power.? What are they going to explain?

  5. What are they going to explain? The HH economic theory on how to reduced the fuel price? Or the Nalumango thesis that says ” THINGS HAVE TO UP TO COME DOWN”?

  6. We just want to listen to Professor Bally………He just needs to repeat his lecture to the Nation on how reduce the cost of fuel. I am sure his notes are still somewhere in the community house study room.

  7. Whether you like it or not, the issue of the increasing cost of fuel, high cost of doing business and living is what will sink the UPND government. UPND in opposition promised reduced fuel prices, a reduced cost of living and doing business in Zambia. But what have we been seeing? The cost of fuel was being increased by the UPND in government before even the Russia-Ukraine war. Even after the war broke out, the cost of fuel has continued to go up and UPND is now trying to hoodwink people into believing that the price of fuel is going up because of the war when it could not use the same argument for an increase in the price of fuel before the war. There is a problem with the UPND government’s messaging. Fact is the increase in fuel is actually fueling inflation. The cost of living is…

  8. … skyrocketing as prices of goods continue to go up. Given the all important role that fuel plays in the production of, trade in, and transportation of goods, the cost of doing business is also going through the roof. There is no respite for the average Zambians. We await to see how the UPND government will be able to coherently justify to Zambians the continued increase in the price of fuel before and during the Russia-Ukraine war, the high cost of doing business and the increasing cost of living. An alert Zambian opposition can use the confusion in the UPND camp in terms of its inability to connect with Zambians on this to gain political mileage from the current situation.

  9. Ba feecolour are we children who can’t decide on our own on what’s going on? We don’t need the opposition or you ba feecolour to to know that things are bad. So only Zambia is in Ukraine among the countries in our region? Ukuteke ng’ombe doesn’t give one exclusive wisdom.

  10. He should have said…..I am sworn in at 10hrs…….by 14hours the price of fuel would have increased.

  11. How. Many times has the New Dawn govt increase fuel in the 6 months they have been in power?
    The first time they increased, our vice president Her Honour Ms. Nalumango told us prices have to rise before they fall. It seems they must reach the blue moon before descending.
    The war in Ukraine, as external factor has been on for only 1½ or (42 days).

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