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Police arrests Iris for alleged indecent dressing

General News Feature General Police arrests Iris for alleged indecent dressing

Police  have arrested Iris Kaingu and charged her for indecent dressing with intent to corrupt morals of the members of the public contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Ms Kaingu is detained at Kabwata Police station and will appear in court soon.

Particulars of the offence are that Kaingu, a Lusaka resident, on May 26, 2022 in Lusaka while attending the launch of Fenty Beauty in Lusaka did, with intent to corrupt morals, dress indecently with clothes that were unreasonably revealing.

She has since been charged and detained in police custody.
In 2012, Kaingu was arrested and convicted for an offence of featuring in a pornographic video that went viral on the internet.

She was released after paying a fine of K10, 000.


  1. Leave her alone. People are stealing Zesco cables and water pipes and so far you have not arrested anyone. It’s her body. If you don’t want an e…. don’t look at her.

  2. Those prudish, squeamish Zambians – incredible. Catholic priests getting their hands and more on underaged girls – we leave them alone. Iris surely wasn’t naked, that’s for sure!

  3. Politically motivated arrests. Remember that she is a pf supporter who has huge following and backing. This is a way for ugly upnd members to silence her. We are with you iris. We will ensure justice prevails . Abash upnd abash

  4. Finally ….
    They should lock her up with Mutale Mwanza in same cell… Hopefully they impregnate each other.

  5. Would she likely to be slapped with a blasphemous charge in light of having recently declared her intention to serve as a Christian?

  6. Slag………utterly disgusting , dressing like that in public.

    Zambian culture does not allow such nakedness in public……

  7. What culture? The dress code is Western, the Arabs have their own, the Indians etc have their own. Show me yours. Yours is imibinde.

  8. Oh dear, its really happening! Truly laughable! Things have to be in context – was this lady walking about naked in Kabwata, or was she indoors at a Fenty Beauty function? I hope people realise Fenty is owned by Rihanna – who recently – whilst fully pregnant, wore a revealing outfit at a public function. I suppose, Iris was just emulating Rihanna! The only trouble is, we are in Zambia not West; there is a limit to what people deem acceptable wear.

    #plant a tree

  9. Meanwhile thieves like Faith Musonda dont even see the inside of the Police cell and corrupt Judges just get a warn and caution…this is just waste of police resources

  10. Absolutely unnecessary to waste time on such. ”Intent to corrupt morals”. Did she urge people to dress like her?. This is a gender issue. What about those weight lifters (men) who dress in a similar manner?.

  11. Reagan Katunga…. you may be right I am crazy but I also fed up with pretence…. some of these hooligans spend hours watching blue movies.

  12. i am reporting all men to the police who look at women or prostitutes causing young people learn corrupt morals. how is dressing in underwear or see through at a fashion show a crime? should i report anyone i see at the pool in a swin suit or young women playing vollyball in sexy pants? arrest the person with corrupt mind who might rape or touch aa women without permission is the one to be concerned about not the dress maker. bushmen days are over its 2022

  13. Yes this is a very politically motivated move, surely ba gay rights homosexu.ality and ba lesbianism had a workshop for three days not even a single person was arrested! What a useless and shameless government we have…To the useful f.ools called police go and arrest first the homo.sexuals then come and arrest if not please leave her alone…you fo.ols

  14. Don’t worry guys. Iris is safe under the new dawn. She fits into the “+” category of LGBTQ+. Too bad you won’t get to sample the “+” though.

  15. What is nakedness? And what is our culture? The muzungu found us wearing scanty clothing because that was in tune with our climate. There was nothing wrong with our dress.That was our culture but he atase told us to cover up and now we want to claim it as our culture? Atase! Nakedness must be defined by our own modern laws not colonial ones. In a democracy kaingu can’t be arrested for corrupting morals. Go do your homework.

  16. No wonder you see our High Court Officers wearing white wigs when we’re supposed to have our own uniform.

  17. Only in backward hypocritical Zambia. What a country!
    How are they going to prove “intent” by the way?

  18. Only in backward hypocritical Zambia. What a country!
    How are they going to prove “intent” by the way?

  19. #7.1 Zedian # 8 Dejavu……….

    Zambian culture does accept walking in public naked………..

    Would you allow your wife to walk naked like that ???????

  20. #7.1 Zedian # 8 Dejavu………

    If you allow your wife or daughter to display like that……….

    Let us know where to come and watch……..

  21. @11 – I’m all for freedom of expression, and think arrest is rather extreme in this instance. However, as her dress has obviously offended people, perhaps freedom of expression should be considerate and tempered by where you live. No good insisting on doing what suits you, if it upsets the majority of people you live with. If Iris lived where I live, no one would have frowned on her choice of clothing – and she certainly wouldn’t have been arrested!

    #plant trees please.

  22. She is the female version of tayali the court jester only there for entertainment of the masses not to be taken seriously and to be ignored. Just leave her alone.

  23. I see a lot of ladies in swimming costume pants at swimming pools, so what is the difference with this one which Iris had. Is it because she was not by the swimming pool. . And who is the witness or victim who got aroused by her transparent dress . I am just asking

  24. @Spaka 25
    what a hypocrite you are! Shameless for that matter. You are against Kaingu’s dress style but you are asking for her supporter, Zedian’s address so you can go there and watch! You enjoy watching what you condemn! Take note Zambians, from people like Spaka comes our present day leadership. You see why we are a rotten society?

  25. My personal observations:
    1. The arrest was very unnecessary.
    2. Iris was not naked. Of course the dressing was scanty.
    3. At swimming pools people dress like that.
    4. I do not support her dressing.
    5. The problem of decent dressing should be addressed using other avenues eg church, counselling, good home upbringing etc.
    6. Even at law, this case will be thrown out by the court. “WITH INTENT TO CORRUPT MORALs…” How will you prove that her intention was to corrupt people’s morals?
    7. You are embarrassing us to the outside world by arresting citizens on very flimsy issues. Lest we get labeled by the west. Rihanna is world icon and whatever is happening around her somehow gets to the rest of the world.

  26. Iris Kaingu would be best as a citizen of eSwatini where they dance semi-naked ….and take morally corrupt KZ along with her.

  27. @Enka semi-naked yakuti?. Do you understand Swati culture? No you dont! But you make all efforts to understand European cultures in the effort to look intelligent. And you are using these cultures to term an African style as semi-naked. Who defined for you what is fully naked? and the semi-naked you are mentioning here rather blindly? As far as the proud Eswatini people are concerned they are fully dressed at their ceremonies. Keep your carbon copied prejudices to yourself.

  28. Is there a law against indecent dressing in Zambia? If so what is defined as decent dressing?

  29. Malabish! then they should ban and arrest all those chintanko people traditional ceremonies if they felt offended by this ladies bare breasts. The only mistake she made was not to cover her nipples in my view otherwise people must get a life. They are happy to join in when Muswati or Zuma celebrate additions to their many wives. Is that not your tradition?

  30. Thank goodness she is teaching young girls to think that is normal. But it’s not normal it’s sin ? That is prostitution thank goodness she should even go to jail . And all of you who condone that will go to hell together with her

  31. There’s lots of hypocrisy among Zambians in all walks of life, Wise adages abound n the Zambian broad ethnic diversity as “It takes a whole village to raise a child” and many will attest to wisdom of this saying but then the “pervets” would rather choose to be in denial of ethnic cultural norms or morality! Only Malawi had an imposed dress code and were ridiculed for backwardness and Zambia is drooling over slay queens!

  32. Bo namalyanga bamushwela muna licolocolo mbonyi ya siloko, they want all girls to be aesthetically as repulsive as Prof Zinjanthropus Luo-nyokolile.

  33. Those who support Kaingu, may their children inherit her dressing. Hope it will be well with you!

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